The Star Maker (1995) Poster

Plot Keywords

sicily screen test
photographer money
love girl
film studio deception
convent nipples
breasts man with glasses
world war two working class
woman's moustache wetting pants
watching tv virgin
virgin mary urination
universalia studios of rome unfaithfulness
underwear u.s. soldier
tweezers truck
truck breakdown tow truck
thief theft
tent teenage girl
talent scout suicide attempt
stretcher stowaway
star spy
spaniard sign language
sicilian sicilian mafioso
shot through the mouth shepherd
shaving shaving woman's moustache
sex sewing seed
scardizzi italy rome italy
robbery rifle
revolutionary restaurant
rent reference to william shakespeare
reference to vittorio desica reference to shakespeare's othello
reference to rudolph valentino reference to roberto rossellini
reference to rita hayworth reference to luchino visconti
reference to garibaldi reference to franco
reference to dante reference to dante's inferno
realiza sicily prostitute
professor prince
politics police
policeman pipe dream
photograph penis
pantomime panties
palermo italy outlaw
orgasm old man
nurse nun
nudity mute
mussari murder
movie theatre movie camera
mother daughter relationship missionary
miner messina italy
mayor masturbation
martyr male nudity
male frontal nudity makeup
mafia madrid spain
luck loudspeaker
lipstick lice
knife kiss
justice jail
italian italian mafia
insanity insane asylum
infidelity husband wife relationship
horse and cart homosexual
handcuffs hairdresser
gun gun in mouth
gay gay stereotype
gay slur gas station attendant
gambling funeral
fraud food
fisherman film production
film director female frontal nudity
father son relationship farmer
fanatic family relationships
face slap eyebrows
extramarital affair escape
emigration election
drunkenness drink
drinking doctor
death deafness
dead body dead body floating in a river
criminal confession
con man cleaning lady
cinecittà cigarette smoking
christian democrat chess
chase castle
card playing cafe
bus busto arsizio italy
brother brother relationship bread
boy boyfriend girlfriend relationship
blood beating
bath band
bandleader bandit
bachelor arrest
architect applause
amphitheater adultery
actress actor
100 year old female nudity
cinema carabinieri

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