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Sort of like a car accident

Author: malo218 from United States
22 June 2005

I started watching it, and couldn't stop. I don't know if I wanted it to get better, or just wanted to see where it would go next. It was funny, and still, not a good movie, or a bad one. I know when it was over, I felt like something had been stolen from me. It had some inklings of Raising Arizona, but not as funny. There were some "hidden" funny things, but you have to pay attention. That's not always easy with this movie. A few times I wanted to turn it off, but like looking at a car accident while it's happening, it's bad, but you can't look away. I would recommend it, if you have some mind candy time to kill. Or perhaps just want to turn your brain to mush while eating cheetos and drinking strawberry quik.

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A great movie, you should see it if you get the chance!

Author: madpanther115 from United States
13 February 2010

I don't know how many times I've seen this movie,but every time I see it, it still seems to amaze me.I have the luxury of having it on a DVD, so I can watch it anytime I want.Some of the lines in that movie stick around in my head for days on end,and it makes me laugh every time.It was very funny! The songs in the movie, were picked with amazing care.Its so suspenseful that you couldn't leave in the middle of it.Under the Hula Moon was one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen, and I recommend it to everyone! If you are feeling down and blue,just pick up Under the Hula Moon. It may be really weird at first, but it will all make sense in the end, I promise, in fact you will probably want to see it again! :)

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Very nice, slightly strange light but fun movie.

Author: djinh from Amsterdam
13 July 2002

Unlike another comment here, I did not at all get the idea this movie is a Pulp Fiction rip off. However, I can see that liking this movie is very much a matter of taste.

I quite liked watching it though. I caught myself being curious what the next plot twist was going to be a few times, as the development of the plot is a bit strange. I would definitely buy this if it were out on DVD.

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Quirky fun indie comedy.

Author: Veronica Lake from Sydney, Australia
25 June 1999

Let me just say that this film is not to everyone's taste but others will love it. I've seen it four times. Betty ( Lloyd, who is always fabulous, does a mean American accent here) and Buzz (Stephen Baldwin at his best) play a perfectly suited couple who live in a trailer and dream of big things. When Buzz's brother (Chris Penn) turns up things go haywire. Chris Penn gives a scarily intense performance. He is really great and gives a violent edge to this hilarious and quirky comedy. So if you like your movies unique and original. Under the Hula Moon is for you.

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Slick colorful fun romp!

Author: anonymous from LA
26 June 1999

Stephen Baldwin is so funny in this colorful comedy. Looks cool and the music was camp. See it.

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Ultra strange violent comedy.....

Author: merklekranz from United States
6 February 2008

"Under the Hula Moon" is a very uneasy mixture of violence and dark comedy. Though not totally successful, this edgy combination will no doubt satisfy those with "cult movie" interests. Chris Penn (as Turk ) provides the unpredictable explosive violence, while Stephen Baldwin (as Buzz) and Emily Lloyd provide lighter moments in their "Hawaiianized desert house trailer". The movie contains some very sharp dialog that is absolutely priceless. Turk "You can't turn a pussy into a wildcat". Buzz " Maybe not but where you're going (prison) they can turn an asshole into a pussy". This is a low budget gem just waiting to be discovered by the right audience. - MERK

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So Bad It's Hard To Believe It's Really Happening

Author: sexytail from Olympia, WA
10 July 2005

The beginning of the 90s brought many "quirky" and "off-beat" independent films, a particular sub-genre of which is the semi-spiritual desert crime movie. Others of note are "Wild at Heart", "From Dusk Til Dawn", and to a certain extent "Natural Born Killers". Good films like those spawned junk like "Highway 666", "Destiny Turns on the Radio" and this ineptly surreal anti-masterpiece "Under The Hula Moon". It's a comedy that aims for a certain emotional tone, attains it, but keeps going to the point of irritation. While the pursuit across the spirit-world of the desert and the casting of Chris Penn are good ideas, the film is not dirty enough or hard enough to be a good crime movie, and isn't focused enough on laughs to really be a comedy. I won't blow the ending, but let's just say it's bad. The film is basically a bad side effect of genre-cancer. This is the dregs of indie-mania.

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Author: anonymous
24 April 1999

Along with 2 days in the Valley, I think this is one of worst movies I've ever seen. Just another of the long line of Tarantino rip-offs that have emerged since Pulp Fiction. The atmosphere the movie creates is amusing for the first five minutes, but then the film makers make the unforgivable mistake of allowing unnecessary and grotesque violence to up the "hip" quotient. You're better off skipping this one.

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