Twelve Monkeys (1995) Poster

Plot Keywords

virus monkey
future volunteer
animal mental institution
underground past
kidnapping epidemic
time travel murder
disease psychiatrist
animal rights depopulation
ecoterrorism 21st century
year 1996 1990s
20th century reference to albert einstein
tooth police surveillance
recurring dream bad breath
psychiatric care cockroach
grizzly bear spider web
newspaper headline lab animal
decontamination disguise
asylum medical research
mri man punches woman
homeless man pulling tooth
phony mustache lab rabbit
year 1917 dutch angle
wig year 1990
biblical quote reference to cassandra
reference to houdini trench warfare
sedative animal rights activist
stockholm syndrome kick in face
black pantyhose nude pantyhose
female stockinged legs pantyhose
time traveler slow motion scene
environment activism
thumb's up sign figment of imagination
haunted by the past time loop
watching tv watching a movie
virologist tv news
trapped trapped inside a pipe
tiger tied to a bed
telephone call taxi
taxi driver street life
stream stairway
spray paint speech
spacesuit snow
shooting secret
secret army science
santa claus suit revolver
recording pursuit
psycho ward prisoner
prison cell prank
police policeman
police van pillow feathers
party obscene finger gesture
nightmare mental ward
leopard lecture
laboratory jail
jail cell insane asylum
hospital hobo
hiding in a barn gun
germ fresno california
florida keys flashback within a flashback
falling down stairs elevator
elephant eating spider
drug use dream
dormitory doomsday
dinner cross
christmas chase
chains cell phone
cassandra complex cartoon on tv
bum boy
blood barn
animal noises alternate timeline
alternate reality person in a car trunk
dystopia older version of self
child's point of view psychiatric hospital
obsession mistaken identity
mental breakdown undressing
surrealism post apocalypse
flashback battle
real movie shown in fictional situation street preacher
pandemic memory
madness lazy eye
sadness animal in title
talking to self shot to death
shot in the leg shot in the back
lion gas mask
spider seedy motel
red eyes drooling
activist 1910s
public nudity nudity
male rear nudity bare butt
tango music nuevo tango
2030s psychosis
giraffe forced drug consumption
bullet beaten to death
bear neo noir
mooning paranoia
alternate history altering history
violence future noir
desolation black comedy
key plague
microbiologist cult film
rescue therapist
pardon prison
metal detector voice mail
banquet fugitive
airplane baltimore maryland
deja vu zoo
axe father son relationship
nonlinear timeline based on short film
graffiti male nudity
hearing voices pimp
insanity tooth extraction
shower remake
world war one attempted rape
biological research endless loop
movie theater airport
biological weapon eating insect
paradox death
abandoned theater vivisection
escaped animal philadelphia pennsylvania
escaped mental patient crotch grab
wheelchair auto theft
sanitarium contamination suit
flophouse psychology
subterranean hit in the crotch
skid row self dentistry
remake of french film number in title
title spoken by character surprise ending

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