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Dennis a real standout as Richard "Racehorse" Haynes

Author: Rod-39 from Houston, Texas
19 September 2000

This is a very well put together intricately drawn out 3 hour screen play about the legendary Texas murder trial involving T. Cullen Davis and Davis' famous Houston defense attorney, Richard "Racehorse" Haynes. Dennis Franz delivers a stellar performance as the flamboyant Haynes and is a total departure from his NYPD Blue character, Detective Andy Sipowicz (the real Haynes once made the comment, "If you ain't guilty, you can't afford me"). Peter Strauss is excellent as T. Cullen Davis. Heather Locklear is surprisingly good as Davis' estranged wife, Priscilla Davis. A very worthwhile drama to watch. Five stars all the way!!

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Dynamite performance from Strauss

Author: chrnaess from Larvik, Norway
20 June 2000

All in all I enjoyed the film very much, the trial part was great but the scenes outside the courtroom wasn`t as good or as interesting. The 3hour long film delivers well developed courtroom drama and a dynamite performance from Peter Strauss, he shined. Heather Locklear's character isn`t very well developed so that was a negative part.

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Priscilla Davis

Author: Kelli_Berezin from San Francisco, CA
18 July 2001

I was fortunate enough to meet Priscilla Davis in 1989 (I was in a pageant and she was one of the judges) she was a very warm and kind woman. She sat and talked with me about so many things and wanted to know what I liked doing. I did not grow up in Texas and didn't know who she was at the time. She was so nice and gracious and had this wonderful "warmth" about her. She had mentioned during our first conversation that she had lost a daughter around my age.

Over the years, I would run into Priscilla at various events and places around Dallas and she always had a hug for me and kind words. She had this AMAZING spirit about her and I enjoyed her company a great deal. She was quite intelligent and took an honest interest in other people and did not focus on what she had gone through. She had a fantastic laugh & sense of humor. Her eyes were very beautiful as well as her smile. I was sad to hear that when she passed away in February 2001 she was basically penniless from fighting Cullen.

I thought all the actors did a very good job with the script. Heather Locklear did a good job of portraying Priscilla and her feisty spirit and loving nature. However, Priscilla was truly one of kind! God bless you Priscilla, rest in peace.

Kelli Berezin

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Actors do well with terrible script

Author: mrsastor from United States
19 April 2007

Locklear and Strauss are badly addled with a terrible screenplay here, but they both turn in fine performances.

Given the length of the film, one would think a great deal more actual detail could have been given to the viewer. So much was left out, and so much more was just wrong. A good example is the infamous house on Mockingbird Lane. At the time this film was made (and even today) the mansion is still standing and it would seem that the actual house could have been used for exterior shots (or even architectural renderings), but instead, a completely different house was inexplicably used. The house on Mockingbird Lane was extremely modern and minimalist in design (by late 1960s standards), and the producers of this film instead used the generic tasteless quasi-European Tudor McMansion of the 1990s. Pointless stupidity.

And this script fairly reeks with similar factual missteps, and for no justifiable reason. As a native Texan who closely followed the trial at the time (you couldn't be here and NOT follow it), this sort of thing is extremely irritating. If the viewer can get past that, both Peter Strauss and Heather Locklear turn in fine performances (one of Locklear's best) and seem to have some genuine understanding of the characters they are portraying. Given the scarcity of film on the Cullen Davis trial (the only other instance I am aware of is an episode of A & E's American Justice devoted to the subject), I recommend this as the best of the very little that is offered.

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Who will you side with?

Author: Dylan Keyne from United Kingdom
23 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

On the surface, this is a tale of murders and the trials and circumstances surrounding them.

But behind that are the stories of the two principal parties. Both superbly acted, both with reasonable accounts, both with the seeds of doubt. You never know which is the side of truth.

I don't know the full true story behind this film, but the idea of Cullen's "FBI" defence and the jury's reception of such is one amazing concept... See the film and decide for yourself.

Based on the book 'Texas Justice' by Gary Cartwright, this is another of Strauss's outstanding roles. As a fan of his work, this was the first role I saw where he isn't playing the obvious hero.

His portrayal of T. Cullen Davis is an interesting departure and the transitions between the complex character's stances are subtle but very realistic. You are never sure whether to root for him or not.

I've not seen a Heather Locklear movie before, but although she's mostly depicted as innocent (in the matter of the murders, anyway) the exact same can be said of her portrayal of the equally complex Priscilla Davis. Does she deserve to win or lose?

A definite must see!!

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Author: DEEDEE101 from United States
28 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved the movie. How sad though that he got off. I was totally disgusted by our legal system in watching this movie. If even half of it is accurate, I sure hope the system has changed. I still think they need to try him for the other murder. I hope he is paying for this in his own life right now. He had millions and now doesn't. Justice?! Who knows. I feel sorry that he had so much money is his life and still obviously wasn't happy in his life. And his other wife to stand by him when he was so obviously guilty. She obviously is no prize either. The man killed a young girl and now she will never know the joys of living. i hope "texas society" who so blindly stood by this man saw what type of person he was with the second trail. Even though he was found not guilty, he showed his true colors with the lame explanation he came up with

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Cullen Davis i think just got over his head with a free spirit mother/woman.and married her...a great movie!

Author: ShaKaarii Melendez from United States
30 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As i learn in law school/courses for becoming an attorney in my bright future"i love how it is true when the Ole'saying goes,it is not at all about whether or not your guilty but,if the"state"can prove with such "Evidence"the parties are guilty,as that is why i see as i learn so many in the"system'rich poor,middle class,plead NOT GUILTY. Amazing!This guy was clearly Guilty!(or to some)but yet no one was at all going to convict him.amazing.mi amigo's think he was surely guilty. however,i have reservations on this as the "crime scene"clearly was in many ways botched,and evidence was thinly,at best,against Cullen Davis.

i have it on again now i been waiting! to watch it again on LIFETIME. Priscilla was a times lol but overall i like her sass,and her humor. i do not think it was right that he did what he did IF he really did it,i say IF because OK the video does exhibit naturally himself and the shady looking guy with the crazy mustache sleazy guy "Priscilla"friend turned "for hire"by Cullen Davis etc.

yes Cullen surely was on the tape however,do we "really know"he was paying him off to keep quiet that he did it meaning i think maybe the mustache crazy loser did it and maybe not at all Cullen,then again i do agree he is "too"guilty IF he was in any way involve with such shooting that left poor lil'Andrea dead RIP and the boyfriend of Priscilla the big football player guy.that was sad.and i as others agree ALL did a remarkable job acting wise each line said by the handsome VERY sexy Cullen portrayer Peter Strauss,was done to perfection!The way the judge the courtroom dynamics all was so good. The relevance of such evidence against the girl who was saying Cullen did this with a "long wig on"running through the house etc. sound so obtuse,Until your putting"all of the factual event'together" Of course heather locklear was fabulous,really was convincing me of her version of miss Priscilla. RIP to the real life Priscilla i know she did eventually die in real life,not sure about Mr.Cullen Davis.

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