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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Sheila Nevins

Sheila Nevins, arguably the most important woman in documentary filmmaking, recently decided to step down as president of HBO’s Documentary Films division. After an illustrious career marked by 35 Emmys, 42 Peabody Awards, and 26 Academy Awards – not to mention over 1000 films produced – this move came as a surprise to many. However, you can’t really blame Ms. Nevins for making a change after spending 38 consecutive years in the same position. But don’t worry — the woman responsible for “Real Sex” and “Taxicab Confessions” is far from retiring, even at 78 years old. In fact, she already

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Sheila Nevins
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I’m Calling For a Taxicab Confessions Reboot on HBO

It’s been nearly ten years since we’ve last seen any episodes of Taxicab confessions and I’m calling for the show to be revived by HBO. You’d think in this day and age of privacy invasion that some kind of show that takes an unfiltered look at patrons inside cabs at the wee hours of the morning in metros around the world would exist right now. Sadly it does not. And if we’re not going to have a Taxicab confessions then I think we should at least have an Uber or Lyft confessions type of show. Lord knows Uber could use

I’m Calling For a Taxicab Confessions Reboot on HBO
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Male Strippers Review ‘Magic Mike Xxl': ‘It Was Very Much Like a Documentary’

Male Strippers Review ‘Magic Mike Xxl': ‘It Was Very Much Like a Documentary’
The critics have weighed in on “Magic Mike Xxl,” but how realistic is the Warner Bros. sequel starring Channing Tatum as a stripper on a road trip with his crew of exotic dancers? To find out, Variety asked two male strippers to review the film: Armand Peri, the owner of the New York’s Hunk-o-Mania nightclub, and Ahmed Rhodes, who goes by the stage name “GQ” — after the magazine.

What did you think of “Magic Mike Xxl”?

Armand: I really enjoyed it.

GQ: I am a veteran in this game. The first one only touched on the upscale Broadway Chippendales shows. This time, they did it right. They hit the other genres — the underground and the big stripfests. Now, in certain states, you cannot wear a full G-string. But overall, I didn’t even know it was two hours long, because that’s how into it I was.

Armand: I
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'Walk of Shame Shuttle' tries to be a modern 'Taxicab Confessions'

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'Walk of Shame Shuttle' tries to be a modern 'Taxicab Confessions'
VH1's "Walk of Shame Shuttle" acknowledges its obvious connection to an early reality show: "Taxicab Confessions," on which passengers shared intimate details of their lives with the driver, only later learning that it was being taped. The VH1 version calls itself "a modern day" version of HBO's show "but with less drunkenness and more hang over humor." It also has fewer confessions. Two comedians and a third driver -- more about her later -- pick up people and drive them someplace. So, there's no walking; there's also virtually no shame. Not that people should be embarrassed about their one-night stands or their sexuality, but there's no hesitation to share in front of cameras. Unlike "Taxicab Confessions," the cameras and the show aren't hidden, so it's a full-on performance from the drivers and a diverse array of passengers. Many of them are very entertaining. One man talks about how excited
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The Morning After: Get Your Exclusive First Look at VH1’s ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’

The Morning After: Get Your Exclusive First Look at VH1’s ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’
We’ve all seen someone do it: Make the walk of shame home. For some it’s a moment of pride. For others, it feels exactly as its title implies.

But why walk when you can have someone pick you up?

Exclusive: VH1's 'Hindsight' Recreates John Cusack's Iconic 'Say Anything' Scene

That’s where the Walk of Shame Shuttle comes in. The brainchild car service of undergrad-turned-entrepreneur Kellyann Wargo is now the basis for VH1’s new morning after confessional series.

The new show, which features passengers candidly discussing the night before with one of three drivers -- Wargo, Jordan Pease, or Michelle Collins (yes, ETonline’s awards season special contributor) -- is a mix between Taxicab Confessions and those Sonic fast food commercials.

Watch an exclusive trailer above as Wargo explains the inspiration behind Woss and get a taste of the confessions (and brutal commentary) to come.

Walk of Shame Shuttle premieres Wednesday, Mar. 18 at
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Watch 'Devious Maids' costars Ana Ortiz and Susan Lucci swoon, a lot

Watch 'Devious Maids' costars Ana Ortiz and Susan Lucci swoon, a lot
You can learn a lot about Devious MaidsAna Ortiz and Susan Lucci when you sit them down together. For example: Ortiz still has a keepsake from her college bartending days. “Sean Penn came in, and I was so obsessed with him. I still have one of the dollars . He’s a really good tipper,” she says. And Lucci has been known to watch Taxicab Confessions. “It’s really interesting people watching,” she says, laughing. “You can learn a lot.”

We got them to reveal a few more secrets when they stopped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test.
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'Big Jaw' vs. the World: A history of Jay Leno hate

'Big Jaw' vs. the World: A history of Jay Leno hate
Fact #1: Jay Leno has been the most popular late night host in America for the majority of the past 19 years.

Fact #2: Comedians, Hollywood insiders, and laypeople alike just love hating on Leno, and have been doing so consistently for over 20 years.

Why? In their minds, the reasons are legion: Because he stole The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson’s rightful heir, David Letterman, way back in the early ’90s. Because he refused to simply retire when NBC tried to replace him with Conan O’Brien in 2009. Because his primetime Jay Leno Show tanked, sinking Conan’s Tonight Show
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Smut Glut in Movies and on TV Is a Real Turn-Off

Here’s a sentence I never wanted to write: Sex is becoming a turn-off. TV and movie sex, that is.

The sheer mention of sex seems to intrude into nearly every TV comedy or drama, at virtually any hour, leading viewers to wonder whether a wilder dalliance is a mere “Thrones” throw away.

Pay-cable drama in particular appears to have gone the way of Cinemax (“Skinemax” to the cognoscenti), and movies are certainly talking a raunchier game with the major box office success — particularly overseas — of R-rated films like “The Hangover” parts I and II (more than $1 billion worldwide combined) and “Ted” ($549 million). Miley Cyrus was simply following the zeitgeist in her routine at the MTV awards.

“The country supposedly is getting more conservative, but sex is incorporated into virtually all entertainment, and the audience isn’t exactly protesting,” observes Sheila Nevins, the savvy chief of HBO’s documentary division,
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The New Reality of TV

The New Reality of TV
For unscripted TV producers, manipulation — and even downright staging of events — is the new normal.

With the necessity to balance production budgets paired with an audience (and network) demand for louder, more entertaining content, the landscape of the unscripted space has changed over the last several years. The development of characters is key in the new reality, where boisterous personalities — be they Snooki, Honey Boo Boo or any of the bearded men from Duck Dynasty — can be plugged into structured scenarios and nail bold, funny moments — which, in the end, translates to good TV.

And although the manipulation of reality has prompted lawsuits and lots of tabloid press, viewers don’t seem to mind.

Duck Dynasty — cited by many in the TV biz as one of the most heavily produced shows of the reality bunch — broke ratings records for A&E, pulling almost 10 million viewers during its season three finale.
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Shunning Reality TV? Consider This

Too frou frou for Honey Boo Boo?

Could never fist pump to Jersey Shore?

You’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide suffer reality TV elitism, a condition you might call Shunscripted Syndrome.

Symptoms include extreme aversion to TLC, pejorative use of the word Housewives, eye rolling, dry mouth, nausea, constipation and an unrelenting urge to ask others, “What has become of television these days?”

While not yet acknowledged by the Journal of the American Medical Assn., Shunscripted Syndrome unmistakably exists, as David Craig, senior lecturer at USC’s Annenberg School recognizes.

“Sure, there’s a rhetorical strategy at play where we take a moment to look at whether these types of reality programs are contributing to a better society,” Craig remarks. “But by dismissing an entire genre of programming because of a few shows, you do dismiss the value of very well-crafted, nuanced and clever reality shows that are
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5 Best Bets on TV This Week: Jane Campion's Mystery Miniseries and Carlton Cuse's 'Psycho' Prequel Both Premiere

5 Best Bets on TV This Week: Jane Campion's Mystery Miniseries and Carlton Cuse's 'Psycho' Prequel Both Premiere
Sure, Sunday tends to be overcrowded with high-end TV, including "The Walking Dead," "Shameless," "House of Lies" and "Vikings," but what to watch the rest of the time? Every Monday, we bring you five noteworthy highlights from the other six days of the week. "American Winter": Broadcast Premiere Monday, March 18 at 9pm on HBO Directed by brothers Harry and Joe Gantz, the creators of HBO's long-running nonfiction series "Taxicab Confessions," this HBO documentary looks at eight different families living in the Portland, Or area who've sought advice from a nonprofit for help with housing, bills or other financial difficulties. The film looks at the realities of life in poverty and at the continued decline of the middle class in America. "Top of the Lake": Miniseries Premiere Monday, March 18 at 9pm on Sundance Channel Jane Campion's terrific mystery arrives on the small screen as a seven-part miniseries after
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Nude Pics, Sex Tapes And More: 25 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Leaks Of 2012

These days, you don’t know you’ve made it until someone’s shopping around a nude photo or sex tape of you — whether or not you actually made one. In 2012, we were surprised to see the sheer variety of famous people whose intimate moments and communiques were leaked, or threatened to be. Olympians, actors, princes and pop stars were all subject to exposure, much to our simultaneous horror and delight. We hope this doesn’t humiliate them anew, but we decided to recap them all here, in their many flavors:

The Leaks We Saw (and Sometimes Wish We Could Unsee):

Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape: The weird lighting, the full sushi belly, the ringtone from his daughter’s single — so much about Hulk’s tape with Heather Clem is humiliating in its own right. But when you add the fact that it was allegedly taped by Clem’s husband,
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Congrats to "Crisis Call 211," This Week's Project of the Week

Congrats to
Thanks to your votes, the financial crisis doc from the guys behind "Taxicab Confessions" “Crisis Call 211” won this weekend’s Project of the Week contest for last week! Congratulations to “Crisis Call 211" directors Joe and Harry Gantz. The filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and is now officially a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance ...
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iW's Project of the Day: "Crisis Call" from Producers of "Taxicab Confessions"

iW's Project of the Day:
Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. "Crisis Call 211" Tweetable Logline: New doc Crisis Call 211 by Taxicab Confessions producers shows impact to families as huge budget cuts threaten America’s social safety net Elevator Pitch: ...
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MTV Releases Clips from Its New Monday Night Line-Up

MTV has unveiled sneak peaks for three shows set to comprise its new Monday night line-up. Starting August 29th at 10:00, viewers will be able to bounce from hilarious viral videos to another new scripted comedy (after The Hard Times of Rj Berger, Awkward., and I Just Want My Pants Back) before ending the night with a trip to the clink.

At 10:00 will be Ridiculousness, the latest series featuring Rob Dyrdek (Rob & Big, Rob Dydrek's Fantasy Factory) that focuses on viral videos. Sort of Tosh.0 meets America's Funniest Home Videos by way of Jackass, Ridiculousness will feature multiple people providing commentary on the videos in front of an audience, videos that will make you wince as hard as you'll (inappropriately) laugh. The sneak peek, titled "Redneck Crotch Rocket", speaks for itself.

Ridiculousness - MTV Shows

Following Ridiculousness (at 10:30) will be the comedy Death Valley, a tongue-in-cheek documentary-style look
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New York lesbians featured in new reality series "Brooklyn Kinda Love"

If you're disappointed that The Real L Word, Season 2, isn't going to be shot in New York, as Chaiken originally threatened promised, fear not. Real New York lesbians will be coming to a TV near you this Saturday when Playboy TV (of all places) premieres its new reality show, Brooklyn Kinda Love.

The Playboy channel is not normally the destination for viewers on the prowl for content that reflects the lives of Lgbt people, but times are obviously changing. Created by the Emmy award-winning team behind HBO's risqué, Taxicab Confessions, Brooklyn Kinda Love puts the daily ups and downs, in and out of the bedroom, of four couples under the microscope, and promises to be "'raw, unpredictable and highly addictive," according to its publicity material.

The mélange of "quintessential" Brooklyn couples includes Bek Allen and Erin Williams, two ladies who have been together for almost three years and plan to marry this summer.
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Can Playboy TV lure female viewers with a swinger reality show? (video)

Can Playboy TV lure female viewers with a swinger reality show? (video)
As part of a brand makeover, Playboy TV made its TCA press tour debut Thursday, unveiling two reality shows that seek to draw men and women. One is Brooklyn Kinda Love, a docusoap about four couples living in New York from the producers of Taxicab Confessions. The second is Swing, a docusoap about partner-swapping couples. Making its online debut, here’s the (slightly Nsfw) Swing trailer:

Asked one critic after this screened: “I have a hard enough time finding one woman I want to be with, how do you find multiples?”

Executives at the pay-only network say their research shows
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Playboy TV Courts Women With New Slate Of Reality TV Shows

So… the Playboy channel is reportedly trying to attract a much broader audience (at least, so says the New York Times… specifically, an excerpt from a November article reads: “The channel is too tame to compete with sex-related video-on-demand services… yet too raunchy to appeal strongly to women… Never mind that plenty of titillation is available free with a click of a mouse. So Playboy spent a year conducting focus groups and other research… The outcome: in January Playboy TV will begin shifting from traditional pornography toward a higher-quality, female-friendly slate of reality shows.“)

And one of the first new series developed under this new mission is called Brooklyn Kinda Love, described as a “docu-reality” show produced by the same guys who created HBO’s Emmy-winning Taxicab Confessions. The program will, very closely, follow the sex lives of 4 real-life couples, living in Brooklyn, NYC.

It debuts January 15th. Will you be watching?
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Playboy TV To Launch New Lineup Aimed At Couples

With the Internet dominating adult content for guys, Playboy TV is looking for opportunities elsewhere. The TV channel is expected to announce tomorrow TV for 2, new adult programming slate aimed at couples, which will begin to roll out in January. The first new TV for 2 show is Brooklyn Kinda Love, a docu-reality series from producers Joe and Harry Gantz (Taxicab Confessions), which is set to premiere on January 15. It follows the intricacies of four real couples’ relationships. Other new unscripted shows for the new format include Swing, featuring monogamous as they venture into alternative lifestyles guided by a sex therapist, and Playboy’s Sextreme Makeover, featuring couples who receive intimacy advice from experts.
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