Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995) Poster

Plot Keywords

key blood of christ
demon blood
siege white panties
title appears in writing movie premiere
hand rises from the earth bus
exploding building person on fire
dancing broken hand
stabbed in the eye covered in blood
thrown through a window killer child
hand through chest suicide
manipulation disembodied head
bow and arrow falling from height
machete lifted by the throat
impalement bar
attic trench
world war one veteran child in peril
foot chase sledgehammer
dripping blood arm ripped off
head blown off shot in the back
mine shaft seduction
man slaps a woman shotgun
corpse flashback
glowing eyes thief
flashlight shot to death
shot in the forehead punched in the face
knife in the head knife throwing
cut hand green blood
jumping through a window head ripped off
character repeating someone else's dialogue murder
held at gunpoint threatened with a knife
pistol loud sex
premarital sex deputy
sheriff ex convict
face slap cigarette smoking
postman church
thunder new mexico
scene during opening credits rifle
running out of gas cowboy hat
tattoo on hand car chase
comic book actor talks to audience
breaking the fourth wall film director
film within a film film set
topless female nudity bathtub
see through bra woman in bra and panties
looking at one's self in a mirror aunt niece relationship
crypt keeper stolen car
selfishness self sacrifice
relic prostitute
murder of a police officer alcohol
hand grenade explosion
cat alcoholic
cult film hand through head
good versus evil dark hero
based on comic book stabbed in the head
spit in the face shot in the head
severed head severed arm
exploding head exploding car
exploding body eaten alive
dismemberment deception
death crucifixion
child murder broken arm
blood splatter betrayal
guillotine tales from the crypt
gore shot in the eye
based on comic chosen one
decapitation demonic possession
temptation balisong
based on tv series motel
surprise ending

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