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  • Both the Voyager crew and the Maquis have to deal with the powerful alien - the Caretaker - who transported them 70,000 light-years across the galaxy, to see if he will send them back home. At the same time, a group of warrior aliens called the Kazon strive to gain control of the Caretaker's space station and become the most powerful force in the region.

  • Captain Janeway is sent on her first mission as Captain off the USS Voyager, a Starfleet Intrepid-class vessel. There mission is to find out what happened to a small maquis ship on which captain Janeway's chief of security, Lieutenant Tuvok, has infiltrated. The crew begins tracking the ship by starting at their last known location and tracking their engine emissions. This leads them into a very turbulent and unpredictable area of space known as the Bad Lands. Whilst still tracking the missing maquis ship, Voyager is pulled in to an unknown anomaly which transports them to the Delta Quadrant, 75,000 light years from home on the other side of the galaxy. As if thay weren't bad enough, many crew members are seriously injured or killed during the trip including Voyager's first officer, doctor, Nurse and Chief Engineer. After stopping a potential breach of the warp core, the entire crew of the USS Voyager is transported to a large array-like device. On board, a suitable environment is created for them to wait, however being typical Starfleet officer, Captain Janeway is unable to just sit and wait. She wants to know what exactly is going on and who has brought her and her crew to the other side of the galaxy. While poking around, Lieutenant Paris and Ensign Kim discover a strange energy signature in a barn. When the rest of the crew arrive, all pretense is dropped and the crew is subjected to a DNA test and then returned to Voyager. When they are returned, they discover that one crew member, Ensign Harry Kim, is missing. They then realize that the maquis ship that they where sent to find has been transported to the Delta Quadrant as well. When they make contact, they discover that one of their crew members, Torres, is missing as well, they both agree to launch a joint rescue mission. They then transport back to the array, the last place that they where both seen. They then encounter an old man who won't give them a straight answer; the only thing that the crew members can get out of him that there "isn't enough time left". He then transports them back to Voyager. Once there, a crew member reports that the array is acting strangely and that it has been sending out intermittent energy pulses. The crew then track these energy pulses to a nearby star system, but there is something very peculiar about the plant that is receiving them. There are no nucleogenic particles in the atmosphere, which should make the formation of an atmosphere impossible. Captain Janeway then decides to set course for the planet, as it may hold clues to what is going on and where the missing crew members are. While this is happening, the two missing crew members, Ensign Harry Kim and Torres, both wake up to find themselves in a white room and covered in strange lumps. When Torres tries to escape she is restrained. To her credit, it takes three of the aliens to subdue her. When she regains consciousness, she and Harry are taken on a tour of where they are. They are underground! As if that weren't bad enough, Harry discovers that others who have been sent there previously with the same condition have died. He also discovers that the people the Ocampa are completely reliant on another alien life form, to whom they refer to as the Caretaker. He provided them with the city and according to an ancient text he "opened a great whole in the ground which led to this great city" and has taken care of them ever since.

  • On their first mission to find out what happened to a missing federation officer lieutenant Tuvok who was working under cover on board a rebel Maquis ship. They follow the engine signature of the vessel in to an area of space called the Bad Lands there by an unknown device they are transported 75,000 light years home to the other side of the galaxy. Will Captain Janeway be able to find a way to get her crew back home?

  • Captain Kathryn Janeway is assigned to go after a rebel Maquis ship that disappeared into "The Badlands." But the Voyager is struck by the same violent force that hit the Maquis, sending it all the way to across the Galaxy. There they are confronted by a huge, mysterious craft--the Array--operated by a single, very powerful alien, "The Caretaker." Janeway, together with the Maquis rebels, tries to convince the Caretaker to return them to Federation territory. But he is preoccupied with his responsibility to protect the people of a nearby planet, the Ocampa. It turns out the Caretaker is dying and doesn't have time for Janeway's request. Instead, he asks her to destroy the Array after his death--otherwise the ruthless Kazon will use it against the helpless Ocampa. Captain Janeway is confronted with a serious dilemma: if she uses the Array to go home, it will mean certain death for the Ocampa. But if she destroys the Array, her ship and crew will be stranded--and it'll take more than 70 years to get home!

  • Pilot for the 4th Star Trek TV series. Captain Janeway and the USS Voyager are pursuing a renegade Maquis ship when both ships are carried billions of miles away to the Delta Quadrant. Teaming together for mutual survival, the two crews must deal with the alien Caretaker that brought them there, and look for a way back home.

  • While pursuing the trail of Maquis rebels, a newly commissioned Starfleet ship gets pulled to the far side of the galaxy.


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