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Well this is one right on the borderline
stamper15 May 2000
This is one of those movies that isn't good and that isn't bad.

I mean it has got a good story, good actors but somewhere something is missing. A little more tension or excitement. It is right between good and average so is my rating then

6,5 out of 10

But we only work with full grades here I hear you say, well

7 out of 10
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Inaccurate Bible Quote
kiblercofc28 August 2002
In the court scene, the defense attorney, fans through the pages of a Bible. He asks Timothy to quote Galatians 6:12 to prove his knowledge of the Bible as a serious student. Timothy instead quotes Ephesians 6:12. He also messes up on the quote of Revelation 3:2. I don't know who your Bible authority was in writing the script, but perhaps next time the Bible is referenced and quoted it would do well to follow Acts 17:11.

Otherwise, I and my wife enjoyed the movie. It is full of suspense and the cast of characters was perfect.

Sincerely, Steve Crews
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Somewhat of an improvement over the first film
Wizard-812 April 2010
I was very surprised to find out that they actually made a sequel to "Sketch Artist", because it didn't seem to be the kind of film that would demand a sequel. The first film was made in a lifeless production, and there didn't seem to be any kind of cult audience with it. Also, considering what the hero did in the first movie, it seemed very unlikely he would still be with the police force! Anyway, we got this sequel, and it is a slight improvement. There is some life here, some tension, some mystery, some curiosity as to how it will wrap up. Still, it could have been better. Fahey's character, for one thing, is almost a secondary character, when there should have been more focus on him. There are some questions, like how the crime inflicted on the blind character is kept murky when it should have been described early on, and just how the antagonist is exactly tracked down. Still, I will admit that this movie was pretty painless to sit through.
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Too many implausibilities to maintain suspense.
fgunther25 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This review will contain some **spoilers**, but I won't give away the ending.

I'd like to start by saying IMHO, Courteney Cox is a very fine actress, and one of the saving graces of this movie. But her portrayal of a woman who has been blind since age 11 is sadly lacking; too much fumbling, and acting helpless when it is not called for, and then doing something like quickly sitting in a chair pulled out for her, without brushing her hand over it to place it. This distracts the viewer, making the plotline lose some of its punch. (Maybe my experience with a blind friend is making me too critical).

Briefly, the plot is that a killer is raping, then brutally slashing young college women to death. Our blind heroine, Emmy, is raped in her bedroom at home, then spared when her husband comes home unexpectedly. Yet later in the movie, the dastardly villain unhesitatingly stabs a security guard to death, with two other people less than 20 feet away. Not someone who would be scared away by a wimpy husband's sudden return.

In between, the writers/director manage to load in a bunch of other cliches, like the cops who leak private details about the blind witness to a brutal, uncaring press. And the defense attorney who tries to convince the jury she cooperated with her rapist. Etc. I'm not sure where this movie lost its punch, but after about 15 minutes, I totally lose belief in the blind damsel in distress. The rest of the plot is typical TV Chinese menu, one from each column. When I got tired of watching Courteney trying to act her way through this mess, I simply tried to keep the yawns to less than one a minute.

I thing it was supposed to be a pilot for a series. Thank the Lord, it never happened.
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