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One of its kind

Author: BettieTeese from Australia
26 November 2004

I enjoyed this movie,and after watching it,it made me wonder just how many 'Caitlin Rose's' exist in the world.How many other girls have been subjected to this sort of sexual abuse,and torment by classmates and have been too frightened to open their mouth about it? Just how threatening and cruel can teenagers be towards one another,because as this film demonstrates,who's right is not foremost important,its who is popular,and feared which manipulates the minds of youths,and influences them to allow this sort of immorality to happen.Tiffani Amber Thiessen gives a powerful performance as the rape victim,and Brian Austin Green is convincing as the guy torn between the girl he thought he loved,and his best friend.This is the kind of film that doesn't get the exposure it deserves.Remarkable,and brilliant,too good to be just a film made for TV.

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A Very Good Movie

Author: aprilw357 from United States
14 March 2005

When I saw this movie, I was amazed that it was only a TV movie. I think this movie should have been in theaters. I have seen many movies that are about rape, but this one stands out. This movie has a kind of realism that is very rarely found in movies today, let alone TV movies. It tells a story that I'm sure is very realistic to many rape victims in small towns today, and I found it to be very believable(which is something hard to find in other rape centered movies). I also thought that Tiffani Theissen and Brian Austin Green were awesome in the parts that they played. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys movies that have a bit of a harsh reality to them. I enjoyed it very much.

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A true life story, that is definitely worth the watch!

Author: Amy from Birmingham, England
9 November 2003

I really like this film... when I started to watch it I thought I would get bored pretty soon, but it surprised me... I thought it was a great film and have seen it a few times now. The characters are believable and I have to say that I fell in love with Brian Austin Green all over again (the first time being Beverly Hills 90210). I would recommend this film if you are a fan of his, but I do agree with another comment made earlier, that the ending is sort of disappointing. I would have loved it to turn out a little different! Never mind though, good gripping story.

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Good made for TV movie

Author: DunnDeeDaGreat from Woodbridge, VA
2 September 2002

She Fought Alone is a rarity of a made for TV teen movie that's really good. It stars two of my favorite actors from 90210 Brain A.Green and Tiffani Amber Thissen in roles very different from David and Valerie. I actually felt the pain Tiffani chacracter went through.

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An Interesting True Story.

Author: famousgir1 from London, England
27 September 2001

She Fought Alone is a true story starring the cool Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Brian Austin Green. Thiessen plays Caitlin, a young girl who just has been raped. When she tells people what has happened, no one believes her and they just end up treating her like dirt. One guy does help her though, Ethan played by Green.

I thought the movie was very believable and the cast including Thiessen, Green and Isabella Hofmann who plays Avon Rose all give great performances. The true story movies are all really good and they're always very interesting, including this one.

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another good one

Author: g404c
15 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I first saw this when it premiered more than ten years ago. I saw it again today and it still had a big impact on me. She Fought Alone is about a girl, Caitlin (played by Tiffani Thiessen), who is raped by Jace (played by David Lipper), a classmate who enjoys hurting girls. Caitlin is in a popular high school clique, but when she reveals she is raped the clique turns against her, led by Ethan (played by Brian Austin Green).

This movie chronicles Caitlin's struggle against an entire town, including a high school that essentially lets athletes determine the social environment, allowing them to get away with whatever they wish.

Thiessen and Green are the top performers, and there is real chemistry between the two of the them throughout the entire film. All of the actors in this film, which was inspired by actual events, did a great job. She Fought Alone really captures the essence of what it is like to be in high school (at least in 1995), and having one's self-esteem and reputation at stake. Recommended. 10/10

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Great Movie

Author: AdamBrodyKindaGrrl from Parker, Colorado
3 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Spoilers Entail*

She Fought Alone was a great movie! It's a stroy about Caitlin Rose (Thiessan) who so badly wanted to be popular and join the popular crew at school. When she hooks up with the leader of The Crew, the football team, Ethan (Austin Green), things take a turn for the worst. Caitlin believes that Ethan likes her, but is mistaken.

Another boy, Jace (Lipper), likes Caitlin a lot. He shows up at her house one night to 'talk.' She lets him in but only soon to realize that this was a mistake. Jace proceeds to rape Caitlin.

The next day, Caitlin doesn't go to school, but she is fairly messed up. When she does go back to school, there are rumors and things written all over the school. The rest of the movie is about her fight to beat the jerk who raped her. Ethan and the crew actually do some failry mean stuff to her too, but then Ethan realizes that he may like Caitlin more than he thought...

The movie ends well and all. The movie has a great deal of realism because things like this movie happen all the time. Hope you enjoy the flick!!!

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Good True Life Film

Author: Ellie from Blackpool, England
29 September 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Caitlin Rose (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) will do anything to be part of the 'Crew' the most popular group at school. When asked to join shes ecstatic because now she can get close to the 'Crew's' leader Ethan (Brian Austin Green). Her dreams are shattered when she is raped by another group member, and when she reports it no-one at school believes her even the town thinks of her as the local 'slut'. When even her mother's efforts to clear her name and restore her dignity are in vain, Caitlin takes a gamble and turns to Ethan. Will he stay with the 'Crew' or help the girl he loves?

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loved it, think u mite 2 (warning if u haven't seen this film there are spoilers in here)

Author: stormygirl from edinburgh, scotland
9 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this story is quite sad, it centres around Caitlin Rose (Tiffani Amber Thiessen), a high school student who is desperate to get into 'the crew' a group of popular kids at school, her friends are already in this group, along with the guy she has the most momentos crush on, Ethan (Brian Austin Green. they surprise her with a fake prom, and Jase is supposed to break her in, though Ethan beats him to it, which as you can probably guess Caitlin has no complaints about, though because of this Jase gets jealous and his actions bring Caitlins newly found world down around her. she is subjected to hateful bullying including cutting her hair off, nasty mentions on the toilet walls and the front of the school. this story outlines how Caitlin manages to stand up to everyone in the town she lives. This film is one that you will laugh at, cry at and show most emotions, a definite 10 out of 10

happy viewing

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A worthwhile movie

Author: drumr158 ( from San Antonio, TX
13 October 2002

This movie starring Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Brian Austin Greene is a bit cheesy, but good. It's a typical made-for-tv movie, so one shouldn't watch it expecting award-winning performances. However, the story that the movie tells is a good one. The plot is well thought out, and this movie DOES have it's suspense moments. You end up feeling a longing for the characters to get what they deserve. Watch it if it's on during a rainy weekend when nothing else is on. You probably wouldn't watch it otherwise, but you'll end up loving it after you watch it!

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