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TVLine Items: Ally's Beau Boards Syfy's Ascension, a Once Return and More

TVLine Items: Ally's Beau Boards Syfy's Ascension, a Once Return and More
Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal) has claimed one of the last remaining seats on board Ascension, Syfy’s forthcoming six-hour limited series set in the far reaches of space, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Related Rescue Me Vet Andrea Roth Joins Syfy’s Deep-Space Miniseries Ascension

Cougar Town‘s Brian Van Holt stars as the captain of the titular vessel, which was launched into space by the U.S. government in 1963 to populate a new world. The series picks up 50 years into the mission, as a mysterious murder causes those on board to question the true nature of their mission.

Bellows plays the son of Abraham Enzmann,
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Sara Chase & Lauren Adams Board NBC’s ‘Tooken’; Debra Monk In ‘Feed Me’

  • Deadline TV
Sara Chase and Lauren Adams have joined NBC comedy series Tooken from 30 Rock’s Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. It centers on Kimmy (Ellie Kemper), who escapes from a doomsday cult and starts life over in New York. Chase, repped by TalentWorks and Perennial Entertainment, will play Cyndee, Kimmy’s best friend from the cult. Adams will play Gretchen, a member of the cult for the past 10 years and the only member who has been successfully brainwashed and believes everything she was told. Adams is with Cesd, Luber/Rocklin and attorney Jeffrey Hynick. Related: 2014 NBC Pilots Emmy and Tony Award winner Debra Monk has been booked on NBC’s single-camera comedy pilot Feed Me, from Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas. Written by Sally Robinson and starring Mary-Louise Parker, Feed Me centers on a dysfunctional family bound by love and the restaurant they run together. Monk, repped by Brs/Gage and Principal Entertainment La,
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Mary-Louise Parker returning to Broadway in 'The Snow Geese'

  • Pop2it
With "Weeds" over and a couple movies set for a 2013 release, Mary-Louise Parker is headed to Broadway. She's set to star in a new play from Sharr White called "The Snow Geese," CBS News reports. In 2001, Parker won a Tony Award for Best Actress for her role in a Broadway production of "Proof."

"The Snow Geese" is set during World War I. Producers describe it as being "about a family waking up from their own personal Gilded Age as the world around them changes forever."

In addition to her Tony-winning role, Parker has several other Broadway credits to her name. Her debut came in a 1990 production of "Prelude to a Kiss," which earned her a Tony nomination. She also appeared in 1996's "Bus Stop," 2004's "Reckless" and 2009's "Hedda Gabler." "The Snow Geese is set to start previews October 1, before officially opening October 24.
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Mia Farrow Must-See Photo Tweet: Rick Santorum Bores Kids

Rick Santorum puts kids to sleep Mia Farrow is a frequent Twitter tweeter. Earlier today, for instance, Farrow expressed her disgust at the Chinese and Russian governments' decision to veto United Nations sanctions against Syria, where the Bashar al-Assad regime reportedly massacred hundreds of people in the city of Homs. On the homefront, Farrow posted a picture she called "a gem" (via the website Think Progress). Regarding the picture (see above), Farrow's tweet reads: "See children's choir literally passing out from boredom during [Republican presidential candidate Rick] Santorum [Florida] speech." Despite a movie career that includes almost fifty films during the course of nearly five decades, Mia Farrow not only has never won an Oscar, she has never been even nominated for one. that's quite surprising, considering her movie credits. Among those are Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby (1968), with John Cassavetes; Peter Yates' John and Mary (1969), with Dustin Hoffman; Jack Clayton's The Great Gatsby
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Geek Girl Navigating the World-Gaming for the Non-gamer

  • Boomtron
Geek Girl Navigating the World-Gaming for the Non-gamer

I’m not a gamer. I never have been. The last gaming system that I owned (and still do, oddly enough) was the Super Nintendo. I spent a whole summer mowing lawns and saving the money to buy the Super Scope Six because Mom promised me that if I saved up the money for the scope and the games that came with it, then she would buy me the Snes. Naturally, this was long before the internet and if you wanted to have people actually play a game with you, then all of you had to be in the same room at the same time. I spent entirely too many hours blissfully using a white plastic bazooka to shoot little blue moles on “Mole Patrol” and there was another game in that Super Scope Six pack of games that involved shooting colored squares that I really liked,
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Parker To Play Hedda Gabler On Broadway

  • WENN
Parker To Play Hedda Gabler On Broadway
Actress Mary-Louise Parker is heading to Broadway in a revival of Henrik Ibsen's famous play Hedda Gabler.

The Weeds actress will start her run at the American Airlines Theater in January 2009 - her first New York stage appearance since 2004's Reckless and eight years after she won a Tony Award for her performance in Proof.

Parker is following in impressive footsteps by taking on the role of the play's eponymous heroine.

Hedda Gabler was last played in New York by Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2006.

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