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About as bad as it gets...
harvey-platter3 August 2004
It's sad to have to say that a film is bad but this one really should have been binned. The acting is poor, with the sole exception of Diane Ladd who struggles with a script that needed a lot more editing before it got into the actors' hands.

It is, in many ways, a film that illustrates how not to do it. So many scenes are too long that I was left feeling that the director had undershot and was keeping anything that he could just to make up the footage. The photography is barely adequate and there is an air of confusion hanging over most scenes. After a while, I found myself watching the actors eyes as they desperately searched for their cues.

This film reminds me of the worst excesses of British television in the sixties. Does anyone remember the late and totally unlamented 'Doomwatch'? Well, this actually succeeds in making Doomwatch seem like good film making. Not only is the plot paper thin but half the time the director gives an amazing impression of having forgotten it.

And did I mention that most of the scenes are too long?
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Just Awful
barrymrk5 August 2007
I've just sat and watched this mess. How on earth they got away with releasing this is beyond me. The best thing about it is the funny 80's rock music. I love that stuff! Even with the corny music this film was a STRUGGLE to get through. It's your basic good versus evil flick but is so badly done it makes your jaw drop.The first hour is very much like a soap opera but less entertaining with a dollop of preaching just to really annoy you.The ending did have me in hysterics as the CGI is the same as what you would get on a playstation 2. Unbelievable!! The ladies are very attractive but it doesn't save this turkey. Save your money and go and watch paint dry instead.
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To Hell with the Devil
Matías Timm3 May 2001
I am aware I am of the proud few that think this flick rules! Maybe it is I like films that so nicely picture the coming of the Beast, at least as I'd imagine it. The Angels' and Demons' effects truly suck, but the excellent story by far makes up. I loved this movie at first sight, for its story, its cast, and especially for its soundtrack. I loved all those glam/heavy/hard rock/metal songs, and their influence in the movie, especially, Stryper's great (and an excellent choice for the end credits) "To Hell with the Devil"...
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Amazing bad 80s rock + bad acting + two fit birds = amazing movie
andy_blen21 November 2003
This movie is truly amazing, it has everything a modern day film requires. Fit women, bad 80s rock music, cheesy ballards, and bad 90s special effects.

I bought this movie for £1 as it reminded me of one of the funniest movies I have ever seen The Edge Of Hell, with Jon Mickl Thor (check it out). It turned out to be a real gem. The ending sees a rather over tanned Archangel take on the Devil in a rubbish sword fight, as well as some of the most rip off music.

Buy this movie.
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I fell asleep during it
caledoniankevin27 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of the worst films I've ever seen in terms of quality and storyline, it exceeds the word terrible. The special effects make you want to cover your eyes and laugh uncontrollably. The acting was mediocre throughout most of the film, as if they used random people off the street. If you want an overstaying guest to leave, suggest watching this film. They'll scarper quicker than lightning. It's tacky, slightly seedy, and definitely screams "low-budget". It should be banned for it's blatantly high levels of crap factor. The special effects alone are like something out of a tacky 80's cartoon. Supernatural is the wrong genre to file this atrocity under, supercrap is far more thorough and I would have given it 0 out of 10 if it was possible. Ideal if you're experiencing insomnia or other sleep related problems.
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what a stinkburger!!!
mfreid31 March 2000
Tell me... how can Sean Patrick Whatshisname act in a competent movie like "Powder", then in the same year do this loathsome heap of garbage?!?! No Plot, a weak theme, horrid acting, and my god...I just can't go on it's SO bad, it's funny. I actually laughed aloud, especially at the big battle at the end. CORN!!!!!! My god, lock this one up, and never let it be seen. I went to a party with friends, and they subjected me to this. Multiple times throughout I had to beg that they stop torturing me. I'd say that this film isn't worth parodying with a pair of robots... but Joel(Mike?) and the bots DID do Manos, so it may be okay yet.... *whine*...
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Idiotic even for an 80s film...
Angeneer27 August 1999
I saw it on TV and at first I thought it was a typical dumb 80s flick. But the quality of the picture and some CGI details showed me it was a 90s film (the effects are awful for 1995 technology but still better than 80s). The plot is of course ridiculous and so is the acting. There's one specific time near the end, probably the climax of the movie, when I bursted out laughing. It's not in the so-bad-it's-good category, but it has its moments:-) There's also good news: if you love beautiful women, you have to see it for Monet Mazur. She's one of those really, really gorgeous ladies and makes the film _almost_ watchable.
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What to type?
Nick Damian22 October 2006
How many times do I have to be preached at? I'm not a religious person and to see this is to have it thrown down my throat.

This simply has too much religion and preaching.

The story script should have been more cool for people to like it.

I have to fill in ten lines, so I'm just gonna type stuff.

Today is Monday...it's early morning and I can't sleep.

Maybe I should have played this in the VCR again.

Why did I buy this movie? Oh...because it was only a dollar - brand new.

Here is the last line.
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Golden Warfare
Warning: Spoilers
Some may include such words as stinker to this film but blind to the story which it entales. Clearly this kind of movie needs steven spielberg or john landis as so many are spoiled to CGI. Rather than judge many need to remember ...better yet to read the gospel of Christ then to appreciate the rose offered. I found this movie many years ago and to this day enjoy its story for the final battle is such victory in battle. If more people would see such victorious movies instead of so much horror showing a loss in the human spirit,they would come to know that the same God that created this world is still the same...and loves and strengthens still today.
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Great Movie period
rduplantis23 September 2006
Despite what some my call cheesy effects or graphics, this movie represents the very truth of God told in a way that seldom movies with this story line do.

Most movies involving spiritual warfare like The Exorcist, or Exorcism of Emily Rose depict believers as weak, and easily beating by Satan, or his demons....

But this movie at least takes to point that a believer as the power of God , although even in this movie Satan seems to have the upper hand while in battle with believers.

The point is very simple....Any time you stand for God it is never popular with most people...This movie shows that God ultimately prevails and that those who call upon God in times of spiritual warfare will and are victorious.

No one has to call a priest or some holy leader... If your a believer, you have the same authority as Jesus and can do all things in his name.

Luke 10:20 says "I rejoice not that demons are subject to me through Jesus, but I rejoice because my name is written in the lambs book of life" Heavy Metal rocks....Stryper still rules....and the battle belongs to the Lord..

Romans 1:16
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