The Prophecy (1995) Poster



Archangel Gabriel (Walken) has brought the second war of heaven to earth.
Little do they know of the apocalyptic proportions of the conflict that they find themselves in.
This film outlines the exercise of faith in a real struggle for the ultimate and most glorious of heavenly prizes.
Dagget consults the most unlikely of sources for advice.
Preist turned Detective Thomas Dagget (Koteas) befriends Katherine (Madsen) in figuring the mysterious chain of events, starting with a car accident corpse that is found with missing eyes and the most peculiar physical deformities.
Marked by Fate, Doomed by Prophecy... Time is Running Out for Mankind!
On ancient ground, at the edge of the world, an evil born in heaven is about to be unleashed on earth...
God's Army has come to earth and all Hell is about to break loose!
There is a war in heaven and hell is about to break loose.
BEWARE. Centuries ago a second coming was foretold. But what's coming is more terrifying than anyone expects.

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