Outbreak (1995) Poster


Plot Keywords

virus disease
monkey army
river general
research medical research
bomb africa
serum u.s. army
infectious disease infection
colonel center for disease control
cure california
epidemic hospital
maryland lethal virus
zaire ship
freighter atlanta georgia
white house small town
quarantine doctor
capuchin monkey antidote
dart gun tv studio
newsroom santa rosa california
cargo ship restricted area
security body bag
washington d.c. curfew
angry mob theatre audience
utah cinema
autopsy laboratory
boston massachusetts san jose california
genetics witch doctor
pet dog research center
air drop physician
battle soldier
explosion subjective camera
crushed hand car set on fire
arson blood
death spasm village set on fire
body in bag driving in the wrong direction
corpse radio transmission
poison exploding car
saliva dog walker
looking at self in mirror atomic bomb
bandaged arm forest fire
seizure helicopter chase
u.s. air force machine gun
blood transfusion cookie
masked man suicide bomber
golden gate bridge cigarette smoking
barbed wire hazmat suit
betrayal scheming wife
bunk bed jumping from a helicopter
camoflage uniform korean war veteran
mother daughter relationship pistol
exploding building house on fire
boss stealing idea lesion
bare chested male finger cut
tranquilizer gun electro magnetic pulse
hit with a rifle butt driving through a wall
character says i love you casualty of war
cut arm village
smuggling saving the world
san francisco california sailor
riverbed pursuit
pet store northern california
mutation movie theatre
mercenary jungle
incubation ex husband ex wife relationship
dying cover up
chase boyfriend girlfriend relationship
bombing bomber plane
awacs 1960s
medical profession one word title
ebola virus disaster film
race against time plague
news report love
investigator foil
experiment conspiracy
carrier biological warfare
airplane suspense
microbiologist divorce
terminal illness helicopter

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