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Romantic Comedy
xkatie_pearsonx28 March 2006
I saw this film was on TV last night, and decided to check it out on IMDb. After reading the numerous negative comments, I was pretty skeptical and didn't really make an effort to get to the TV in time for it starting. What a mistake that was. My word, this was one funny film! Perhaps it's an acquired sense of humour, but in some parts I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt! It's certainly not a film that requires thought or is deep and meaningful in any way, but if you want a giggle, then Nine Months will definitely put a smile on your face. It did mine! The only downside is perhaps having such high profile stars in not very challenging roles. Aside from this, Nine Months is a light hearted comedy that really got me laughing.
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Has its Moments, Has its FLAWS
Chrysanthepop6 December 2007
'Nine Months' is another typical romantic comedy. It has its funny moments. It has its unfunny moments (especially the toilet humour). While, in my opinion, the film could have been a great comedy, some of the humour is just flat and forced into the screenplay. Generally speaking, it's not a bad film.

Chris Columbus's direction isn't exactly bad as he does manage to make 'Nine Months' a feel-good film. Hugh Grant doesn't seem like the ideal choice for the role. I just didn't find him convincing enough, even though he's known for his rom-com movies. Julianne Moore is a delight to watch even though her role is less comedic and challenging. Joan Cusack is hilarious. Tom Arnold is quite annoying but sometimes he's okay. Jeff Goldblum is adequate in a supporting role. Robin Williams's character seems forced.

While things are a little light and slow in the beginning, it's in the last half hour that the writer puts a little too many comedy, most of it falling flat on its 'face'. With a cast like this, one would have expected better. I'd still say it's far more enjoyable than the likes of 'Runaway Bride' and 'Pretty Woman'.
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A puerile mixture of melodrama and farce
ustinovquinnconnery18 January 2009
This film is as subtle a kicking a house brick with your toe, and deeply dishonest.

The comedic characters and events are from the era of the Keystone Cops; completely over the top. This film is from the genre of farce verging on melodrama, complete with music to make sure we know what we are supposed to think. It should have been honest enough not to pretend to anything more complex.

The life challenges faced by the characters are real enough but the plot is completely cliché and obvious.

The central characters are simplistic and are black & white (she all good, he all bad). The dialog is from the day dreams of a fourteen year old.

The fact that a film uses actor Hugh Grant does not make it sensitive, uplifting or funny. The fact that a film contains sex and slapstick does not make it a romantic comedy.
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It Felt Like At Least Nine Months
Randi-516 July 2002
This movie wasn't even entertaining enough to justify seeing it in the summer in order to enjoy two hours of air conditioning. It was immature and lowbrow, and relied way too much on slapstick (Tom Arnold and Hugh Grant fighting in a toy store; Julianne Moore's wheelchair plowing into a wall; etc.)

Why can't there ever be a movie where someone who doesn't want children at the beginning STILL doesn't want them at the end? Why is "I don't want to be a parent" seen as a character flaw to be overcome, rather than a personal insight to be trusted?

Lame, lame, lame.
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Starts okay, but gets embarrassingly unfunny.
Fedor Petrovic (fedor8)23 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Very formulaic comedy in which most jokes bomb, especially the visual ones. Hopelessly clichéd sentimentality and schmaltz are quite annoying and the film really falls apart in the last third, mostly because of the double-birth scene which is incredibly lame and unfunny, clumsily "written" and directed; the gags in the birth scenes are so bad it's embarrassing to watch. Williams is solid. But I think Grant's charismatic-stutterer shtick is wearing a bit thin by now.

Leonard Maltin, U.S. film critic and famous nerd, describes Julianne Moore as having "radiant beauty". What?! She's not ugly, but RADIANT BEAUTY?? The only thing that's radiant is Maltin's heavily damaged radio-active brain.
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Must Be Watched With Pain Medication.
tfrizzell7 June 2004
A child psychiatrist's (Hugh Grant) life is turned upside down when his girlfriend (Julianne Moore) becomes pregnant. Grant acts more childish than the brats he sees as his fears make him do the stupidest things. Also along for the ride are Russian doctor Robin Williams, struggling artist Jeff Goldblum and an odd married couple (Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack). The film is more of a slap-stick comedy than a cinematic creation. Grant, who was in the midst of being caught in Hollywood with a prostitute just before this film was released, ended up having the last laugh as the movie ended up being a mild box office success. That does not change the fact that the production is a pretty big mess from top to bottom. "Nine Months" goes for laughs and gets deflated very quickly. The little drama pinched in feels forced and never does become apparent. 2 stars out of 5.
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Not very entertaining...
perni17 July 2002
I had heard this flick was pretty bad from the 'real' movie critics, and it even got panned on the Simpsons, so I knew I was in for it when my grandmother saw it starting on TV and proclaimed that she MUST see it. Apparently, she heard that it was a classic. She heard wrong. Now I did not see the entire movie, but about 45 minutes of it. This may make my review invalid in some people's eyes, but trust me, Nine Months could not possibly have saved itself. When you've been watching a comedy for over half an hour and have not laughed once, then it is safe to say that chuckle won't come. The jokes were either childish or outdated, like the running mantis gag (please) or Tom Arnold scolding his kids to stop eating someone else's food while he himself is stuffing his face with crackers (har har). And, I swear, do we really need to see "Let's Get It On" in another movie sex scene? I don't know how many times I've seen this excuse for comedy lately. They even used it in Austin Powers 2, so you'd think other movies would take a hint! To conclude, Hugh Grant is a skinny, pasty Brit with bad teeth and Tom Arnold used to be married to Roseanne. Yeah, two great leading men ladies and gentlemen. And if Hugh's character doesn't want to have kids, I don't blame him. We never see any children in this thing who actually act polite or nice, except from afar. Yeah, that's a mature way to decide you want a baby. Ah, look honey, that baby fifteen feet away is making a sand castle. PLANT YOUR SEED NOW! Never mind the fact that a baby costs MONEY, and it CRIES, no no. Since I did not see the entire thing, let's just leave this review without a score. Does that make everyone happy? Okay, great.
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nothing special
rebeljenn12 February 2006
'Nine Months' is a romantic comedy film starring Hugh Grant as a boyfriend to a girl who has learned that she has just become pregnant. Hugh Grant's character must now learn how to be a grown up and how to be a good father, and he does not like this one bit. Nothing about this film really stands out among all of the other films in the genre. It's pretty forgettable, but it was fairly enjoyable when first viewed. Do not expect anything other than a typical Hugh Grant romantic comedy. In my opinion, it's pretty dull, but it does have its moments. I give it an average 5/10. It's okay but not special, and it is pretty forgettable; doesn't do anything for the genre or film history.
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Good acting, but uninteresting story ...
vram226 May 2009
Hugh Grant is pretty 'watchable' in most films he does. His on-screen presence is pretty much consists of witty lines, snappy articulation and boyish / non-threatening charm - and some element of nerves.

He's got that same appeal in this movie - and with the over-the-top acting of Tom Arnold, the film has great comedic performances. Still though, it lacks a compelling story.

The simple storyline never got interesting: an unmarried couple discovers they have a baby on the way. The soon-to-be father (Grant) seems uncomfortable with idea of becoming a responsible husband and father - leading to problems with the mother (Julianne Moore). Being in presence of a reckless family (headed by Arnold) just seems to make things worst ... and the story progresses from there.

If you're a Grant fan, you'll enjoy his part in the movie. However, get ready to also discover that it isn't enough to save this movie. It's just not that fun to watch.
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I AM a mother and I hate it!
mariondowning4 November 2006
I am a PARENT and I cringed all through this movie. This slop belongs in the early 1900s where the stereotypical woman conned a man into getting them pregnant then guilted him into marrying her.

Why do men have to love the idea of being a father and aspire toward it? Parenting is a hard job and it shouldn't be trivialised, kids change everything about your life and you aren't you anymore. You're so and so's Mum/Dad or so and so's Grandparent for the rest of your life no matter how hard you try to keep your own life. People should be ready to have kids, not have it thrust upon them and be expected to change into Superparent on demand or be shunned like a leper.

There are already too many hurt kids in this world who were born so their parents could have what they wanted, then decided they weren't what they wanted after all. Enough.
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One of the best romantic comedies I've seen
Kristine1 August 2004
Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore are a great duo in this comedy. I cannot believe that this movie is rated 5.3, I was laughing my head off. And I can name 10 people off right now that said they were dying of laughter from this film. Yes, it is a little silly at times, but if you enjoy slapstick, this is the movie for you.

Hugh Grant plays Samuel. A handsome and successful man who unexpectingly finds out that his girlfriend, Julian Moore, is having a baby. Of course he has his doubts about the baby while his girlfriend needs his support badly.

It's a great movie. The only thing I can say is that Robin needs a little work on the accent.

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Are you ready or not?
Jessica Carvalho29 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
''Nine Months'' is one of the coolest comedies I already watched in my life and even not being the best of them all, I think that ''5.2'' is a very low rate for it.

It is a surprise to me to see that this movie was directed by Chris Columbus, since I always found his movie's style to be very different from the comedy genre. And it's funny to see the small role of Kristin Davis as the Tennis Attendant in this movie, after seeing the enormous success of Sex and The city series.

Samuel has a nice and comfortable life: He has a beautiful girlfriend called Rebecca, has success in his psychiatric clinic, a beautiful red Porsche and everything he wished. But when Rebecca tells him that she is pregnant, his world drastically changes, specially because he doesn't want to have the baby and never actually thought about the idea of having kids. Many confusions will happen, specially with the annoying couple they met at the beach,Marty Dwyer and Gail Dwyer.

->aka "Nove Meses" - Brazil
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Argument For Sterilization
venom_7016 August 2003
"Nine Months" is a predictable chick flick, where a very happy, content bachelor knocks up his live-in girlfriend, thereby turning his world upside-down. Lessons learned: men who don't want to marry and have children are portrayed as immature, self-absorbed, selfish, and misguided. Carting lots of screaming kids around in a minivan is, apparently, the most fun a man can have in this lifetime. For women, having children is the ultimate achievement and fulfillment of their lives. This is an insulting fairy tale that women will love, because it shows men who don't want marriage and kids as BAD and men who do want marriage and kids as GOOD. Women are always GOOD no matter what their attitude or actions are.
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Just a poor girl movie
Philip Van der Veken8 December 2004
Thanks a lot Hollywood for making me feel like I'm not worth much. No, I'm not a father yet, but if my girlfriend would tell me that she's pregnant, my world would probably almost collapse at the first moment and apparently that's not the way you should react. This movie tries to make you believe that having a child is everybody's moral duty. We all should make a few dozen babies to find eternal happiness. I'm very sorry but that is just a bunch of ultra conservative Christian crap!!! I know, my reaction is perhaps a bit strong, but this time it all really bothered me too much.

At first the movie starts very promising. It's funny to see how he reacts when he hears the news that she's pregnant, that his perfectly organized life will be completely turned upside down, ... but as the movie progresses it gets a pedantic tone, which I really didn't like. I agree that the movie had funny parts (for instance the praying mantis part was absolutely brilliant), but it never seemed to stick to a certain genre. Sometimes it was slapstick, than drama, than comedy, than a romantic movie... What bothered me about this movie as well, is the use of so many stereotypes. Men are pigs when it comes to having children, babies are miracles, a man acts and reacts like a child...

All in all this is just a poor girl movie that confirms many of their ideas about men and children. It has some decent, but far from excellent acting in it, but doesn't know where it wants to go. I give it a 5/10.
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cute, and yes, I'll second the 'mindless fun' part
renaldo and clara7 September 2000
This is a movie that is part of a genre that you watch on cable once, think it's cute and kinda' funny, and never watch again. But somehow, this movie has stayed in my brain as being EXCEPTIONALLY funny. Although the premise sounds dreadfully cliche, Chris Columbus was REALLY on the mark with this one, on all levels.

The humor is perfect in timing. Robin Williams has a funny part, but not a big one, which is a good thing in my book. He's used just right, mainly as slapstick. Then, there's Jeff Goldblum, who I usually find to be annoying, in his pseudo-intellectual roles. In this one, he provides a lot of light humor, along with compassion for his best friend. Hugh Grant's humor is just that: Hugh Grant's humor, a kind of slapstick that can work well in this type of film. Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack are their humorous selves, but with a twist. They are both very believable as 'mom' and 'dad', with their characters seeming a bit more innocent than their previous roles(this is Chris Columbus, after all.) There is plenty of character development for Grant's char., though the best part of the movie is its humor. It's not cheesy-funny, but really hilarious.

I definitely recommend this one if you want to laugh!

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Excellent comedy that will make you laugh and feel good
Catherine_Grace_Zeh21 November 2005
NINE MONTHS, in my opinion, is an excellent comedy that will make you laugh and feel good. If you ask me, Dr. Kosevich (Robin Williams) was a little too nervous at times. However, I was surprised that Robin Williams sported his accent for this movie. In addition, whenever Sam (Hugh Grant) and Rebecca (Julianne Moore) had a fight, I felt really bad. It's hard for me to explain why. Even so, when Sam and Marty (Tom Arnold) fought Arnie the Dinosaur (Charles Martinet), I laughed really hard. If you want to know why, you'll have to see the movie. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent comedy that will make you laugh and feel good to any Hugh Grant or Julianne Moore fan who hasn't seen it. You're in for lots of laughter, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.
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beau geste 3828 April 2004
The producer should have been given nine months with no time off for good

behaviour for this most unfunny film. The Praying Mantis should have eaten Grant, adapted Woody Allen's voice,

claimed to be the father, married Moore and devoured the child factory. We would have had a funnier film. Another Grant film where the soundtrack was the only redeeming feature.
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I think nine months is the run time.
George Parker8 July 2003
"Nine Months" is a chick flick romcom about a happily unmarried couple (Moore & Grant) who gets preggo and, well, has a baby. A big step down for kid flick director Chris Columbus, this tumble from messy to sappy to corny to slapsticky wouldn't be worth the time if it weren't for the comic contributions of Arnold, Williams, Cusack, and Goldblum. Moore (Shoulda been Sophie Marceau) seems uncomfortably out of place while Grant hams it up dutifully (stiff upper lip and all that) as the film becomes increasingly in need of creative substance slogging its way toward its sentimental conclusion. No brainer fluff stuff for young female sofa spuds. (C+)
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Another Hugh film..
onceasalways6 October 2002
Ever stop and wonder about certain actors? For example, in every single movie they are in, it's always the exact same role.. For example, Hugh > arrogant englishman with an attitude towards the world.. Common theme for him.. even his parody on the Simpsons.. perhaps he's not an actor, perhaps directors just hire him to play himself.. points to ponder.. this is just one more of Hugh's movies.. if you've seen the others, you've seen this one.. from Weddings/funeral, to Bridget Jones's diary.. need I say more?
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Made-for-TV Quality
Cameron Scholtz8 May 2004
Nothing special about 9 1/2 months. I saw it on the Lifetime Channel and I'm not sure how it ever made it to the big screen. There's very little chemistry between Grant and Moore. Grant's character seems quite inept at working through his emotions about being a dad. A good child psychologist would probably have some idea about his feelings for fatherhood. And he'd have collegues he could turn to.

Oh and did I mention the jokes are forced and not all that that funny? Well, the movie isn't hillarious. I like Hugh Grant in many movies...but this isn't one them. If you like romantic comedies or moives about pregnancy you might enjoy this. Otherwise skip it.
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Not Worth Your Time
ajwebb31 August 2003
Nine months was the worst movie I have ever seen. I do not, in any way, recommend this movie to ANYONE. This movie is a disgrace to movies period. Take mine, and everyone else suggestions and STAY AWAY from this movie at all costs.
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Hugh Grant should go back to acting school. Oh, dear...
preston820 October 2002
This could be called an ideal film to turn men gay. Good grief, such an endless pile of heterosexual hogwash mixed with vaudeville pratfalls...Sorry, but I had to force myself to sit through this weak attempt at a comedy. And they even couldn't resist throwing in a line about the baby getting circumcized. Jewish fathers will love it. The rest of us, no thanks...
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Cashing in on the success of 4 weddings and a funeral
jdp-227 September 1999
I guess the producers must have thought that the success of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" would make any film with Hugh Grant a goose with golden eggs. Well duh, this film is simply a waste of pellicule. The humour makes me cringe, especially the little number Robin Williams shows us with the gyneacological table. Tom Arnold was terrible too, a typical American stereotype. Anyone who can watch the scene with the deliveries without whimpering deserves a medal of honour.

I doesn't even deserve the 1 out of 10 I gave it.
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This is my first "1"!
magskier12 May 2003
Of the 122 films I have rated thus far, Nine Months is the first film I have awarded a 1 to. Can you spell WOOF? My husband and I gamely watched the first hour, and finally could take no more. I was disappointed in Julianne Moore's performance, though she did not have much to work with given the awful script. Hugh Grant was whiney and annoying. Not even Robin Williams helped this mess. I could have cared less about Hugh Grant's character's arc; or any other of the rich, spoiled and petulant (supposedly adult) characters.
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