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Give Sue Price a break!

Author: bjingle from usa
30 December 2002

I have read most of the comments on this site and while I do agree with some I feel that many are not accurate or more precisely fair. While I admit the Nemesis films are made to showcase Sue Price' incredible physique it cannot be laid at her feet when the dialogue is bad the special effects second rate or the sets poorly made. That is the responsibility of Albert Pyun who both wrote and directs these films. As for those who find Sue Price unattractive due to her muscularity I would hope that they keep in mind Sue was chosen specifically because of that muscularity. And just for clarification when she decides to relax her muscles she looks no different than most professsional athletes and when wearing a dress or just a pair of jeans and a shirt is a stunningly beautiful woman. Also while her acting is not the best Sue put everything she had into every film she did and for a rank beginner considering people are still talking about her I would say she made quite an impression. If people think back Chuck Norris' first films were almost embarrassing to watch as he was such a terrible actor. But as we all know he got better and has become quite at home in front of the camera. Sue Price worked extremely hard for a film that in my opinion was beneath her talents, but in a more ambitious film with a better budget I think she would do very well. As for many who call her "Steroid Sue" all I can say is Steroids or not, muscles or not, she is both drop-dead gorgeous and talented and when given a good script and motivation she is a good actor who deserves a chance to showcase her ability. I realize I sound prejudiced and I accept that proudly. I suffer from a chronic illness that has left me barely able to walk yet Sue Price went out of her way to send me photos of herself and a letter of encouragement that I felt was extraordinarily kind. So give her a break and take the Nemesis movies for what they are. Training for an upcoming star. Sue put her heart and soul into her work and I have no doubt if given the chance she can deliver a topnotch performance well worth seeing. Remember she didn't write them nor produce them all she did was try to the best she could with what she had. So please, give her a chance to show you what she's got. Bob Ingle

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Show her some respect!

Author: Earl Toper from United Kingdom
26 October 2001

Easily the most interesting of Pyun's Nemesis movies, Nemesis 4 at least tries to be a little different from all the other android killer movies which have gone straight to video since the success of 'The Terminator'. The film is too short & too much talking takes place, but when the action comes it's worth the wait, especially if you're a fan of female muscle. The star, pro bodybuilder Sue price spends the bulk of the film naked as she dispatches her android enemies,usually by crushing them between her impressive thighs. Maybe this is due to in the two previous movies, she didn't seem to be in the best physical shape,had to wear unflattering costumes & her hair in awful plaits which would have made even the most glamorous woman look like a guy. I feel the reviewer who commented that a man must have been used for some of Price's scenes is being extremely disrespectful to an athlete who has trained hard for years to gain the kind of muscularity most men would envy, while staying feminine (do men have breasts where this person lives?). The acting isn't very good, but it's rare you see good acting anywhere these days. In all the film looks like it was some kind of muscle showcase for Price & perhaps there was enough footage to turn it into another installment. This was obviously produced on a tiny budget (there are only two locations), but despite this, the camera work is highly professional with some stunning shots of Sue Price. It's no classic by any means, but it's enjoyably unusual & a must for female muscle fans.

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"Nemesis 1" is a masterpiece compared to this!

Author: gridoon
26 January 2002

"Nemesis 3" featured so much recycled footage from "Part 2" that the story didn't seem to progress at all, and the result was an essentially pointless and useless movie. So Albert Pyun attempted here to drive the series to a different direction entirely. Problem is that by now few viewers still had the patience to follow his "vision", that had strayed so far from the original (and, by comparison, very entertaining) "Nemesis". Anyway, when a movie includes flashbacks to earlier films and lengthy closing credits that replay many of the "best" scenes we just saw and STILL runs only about 77 minutes, you know something's wrong.

Sue Price's rippling muscles are the sole point of interest in this ultra-cheesy, badly acted production. (*1/2)

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Low-key doesn't mean dull

Author: orrinbloquy from Arizona, US
12 October 2000

I liked it. Granted, Sue Price is pretty easy on the eyes (if they ever decide to make a She-Hulk movie Sue's strong facial resemblance to Courtney Thorne-Smith would make a perfect before & after pair), but the main complaint I've heard so far is that there's too much talking and not enough violence. I thought this was what good SF was supposed to be about.

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They had a kernel of an idea but just didn't get it to sprout.

Author: Anyanwu from Los Angeles, CA
7 January 2000

I believe that the primary focus was to give Sue Price fans and other female bodybuilding fans a chance to look at a female bodybuilder in the nude. That's fine up to a point. What you'll find here are obviously long drawn out scenes of dialogue with Sue Price standing in the scene naked. And I do mean long. I think what drew any of us to this video, and the others in the series is the potential for action by a female character. That does not happen. The long dialogue is way overdone. There is one scene which is so gratuitous, yeah that's the word I'm looking for, that you almost fall asleep. In a car Sue spends time discussing killing with her partner naked. It's a cool shot but just not for that long. They discuss their relationship, her wanting to get out of the business, yada yada yada. Very little action. I am not against the nudity, in fact I wished there was more of that kind of freedom in movies like this but nudity just for the sake of letting us see Sue nude is too much. The reason you cast Sue Price is to see her use her body in an imposing way. She has the capability of killing. So let her wield some weapons and do some killing. There was one great scene in Nemesis 2 or 3 where she pulled a Charli Baltimore and sprayed bullets as she was falling backwards off a building. That is the kind of stuff that a female hero is supposed to be doing. I feel sorry that more wasn't done with Sue because I thought she could have pulled off the character a lot better given more to do.

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Quite bizarre, but not better

Author: unbrokenmetal from Hamburg, Germany
11 January 2009

Without much connection to the previous 3 parts, „Nemesis 4" takes Alex (Sue Price) to Eastern Europe, many years later. In a deserted, rotting town that seems to be inhabited only by a handful of killers, she works as a killer herself. Cyborgs and criminals are her victims, but once she eliminated the wrong guy, a high price is put on her head. She cannot trust her boss Bernardo (Andrew Divoff) anymore while she is followed by a mysterious lady in black who she believes to be an angel of death. From part 1, a solid action movie, the „Nemesis" tetralogy went a long way to part 4 which is a pseudo-mystical oddity. Andrew Divoff only appears against a black studio background, while Sue Price walks around naked on high heels most of the time for no reason. From her natural self-defense in part 2, she now seems to enjoy killings the more bizarre, the better. To the audience, she probably seemed a lot more sympathetic in her two previous movies. In the end, „Nemesis 4" was an unnecessary sequel, it hasn't got the same spirit anymore. If you want to watch an experimental, but violent flick, try some of Lucio Fulci's works instead. Running time of the longest available version is exactly 76:29 minutes PAL, by the way (which equals more than 79 minutes NTSC). Most versions on the market are heavily cut due to sex and violence issues. I watched the 4 Nemesis movies (which I watched first in the 1990s) again now in chronological order for my reviews and voted 7/7/5/5.

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Wonderful examination Sue Price's naked body

Author: rob416 (
1 December 1999

Nemesis 4 was simply made to showcase Sue Price's beautiful naked body. The film succeeds marvelously, showcasing her nude body as much as possible. This film also succeeds in showing how beautiful female bodybuilders are. My only question was why didn't they do this in the previous two sequels with our dear Sue. If you are a Sue Price as I am, you'll love this movie.

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Nemesis the Worst

Author: Jimbo-96 from Baltimore, Maryland
8 July 1999

The first 3 Nemesis films had at least some action. Sue Price has nothing to do, but talk, if the very soft speaking voice is hers or dubbed. Watch this film only if you care to see Sue Price's highly muscled body, including extensive breast implants, in the nude. The new material runs just 65 minutes with just a few sets (indoor room, outside set, brief run down a hallway). I kept hoping that Sue Price would be given something to do, besides hold a weapon. We come to expect that hard body action figures actually get to use their body to fight evil. I guess that it is hard to find believable opponents for the 115 pound, 5 foot, 1 inch, Sue Price to engage in hand to hand combat. Due to the nudity, this film can't be released to general TV. I have to assume that the scenes were shot with and without nudity. Probably added a half day to the shooting schedule and increased the budget by $10,000 (perhaps a 20% increase). This film is really bad. I give it a "1" because it was well lighted and Sue Price is nice, with or without muscles & implants. Shame on the company that released this half film. For low budget action, stay with USA-TV, Pacific Blue, WWF wrestling, etc.

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"Say ten Hail Marys and go to cyborg hell"

Author: The_Phantom_Projectionist from United States
22 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The NEMESIS series went down the pipes the moment Olivier Gruner thought better of working with director Albert Pyun for the next 18 years. Though I'm a fan of replacement protagonist Sue Price and really wanted to like the sequels she starred in, I didn't before now and this movie certainly doesn't change things. NEMESIS 4 is in some ways the most interesting of the sequels and definitely more fun than the masterpiece of recycled footage that preceded it, but it's also a really bad action movie. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even call this an action film: this is an exercise in bizarre sci-fi sexuality, playing to a crowd of select aficionados whose interests are represented here.

The story: In a dystopian future, Alex the part-human assassin (Price) kills the wrong target and is targeted by a procession of cyborg headhunters seeking revenge.

Because Price is a world-class bodybuilder in the hands of a director who takes advantage of every asset he has, the NEMESIS sequels have always catered towards muscle appreciation by amply showing off Sue's mighty form. However, while the two before this have sought to titillate, this one tries outright to get you off. Price spends at least a quarter of her screen time naked, her breasts and butt unabashedly displayed. The movie goes even further to appease musculophiles by featuring two scenes wherein a naked Alex kills cyborgs by strangling them with her legs – even causing Nicholas Guest's eyeballs to pop and ooze blue slime over everything. However, the highlights of the film are what the MPAA described as "bizarre sexuality," for which a cyborg version of vaginal intercourse is graphically displayed and Alex has spikes protrude from her nipples to impale Norbert Weisser.

I can't really say that this stuff is bad for what it is, and it does essentially supply the bulk of the film's entertainment value, but I can argue that it takes the place of what should have been action scenes. What's there in the way of action is extremely meager, limited to a tiny bit of gun-fighting for which Price never even broke a sweat. I would even be fine with that if the movie at least knew what to do with itself, but it turns out that this picture could be used as study material for Cinematic Idling 101. It starts good, with an entertainingly cryptic exchange between Alex and her handler (Andrew Divoff) that's followed by a couple of the crazier scenes, but after that, the movie becomes about Alex staying in one place and waiting for things to happen to her. Even when things do happen, so much time is given over to fruitlessly long dialogue exchanges that it's obvious director Pyun is stretching his material to reach the required runtime. Despite all the weirdness it has going for it, the movie ends up being boring, and that's the worst thing any movie can be.

I don't expect another one of these sequels to pop up, and in that regard, it's disappointing that a series which had such a killer start petered out into this. The people who enjoy what's unique about this movie will probably *really* enjoy those parts, but beyond that, I don't see this one having too many fans. Sue Price seems to be done with acting, which is a shame given the underrepresentation of female bodybuilding outside of its own specific sector, but if films like these are a representation of what a longer career may have held in store for us, then I won't feel too bad about it.

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Nemesis 4: Death Angel

Author: Phil Hubbs from UK
18 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Holy enhanced nipples! Sue Price's nipples are like chair legs! and that's about all you'll learn from this fourth movie sequel. How can Pyun even justify these errmm...movies, the last film was made almost entirely from flashback material (unused footage), but this time it appears to be all new! wow hold the phone!

The plot continuity seems to have been ejected here (?) and we are seeing what Alex is up to after her previous adventures. I am literately guessing at this point because I genuinely have no real idea, Sue Price is back as Alex sure but other than that this appears to be a fresh story of sorts. I say that but it only seems to revolve around Alex assassinating a target and killing the wrong person. Naturally she has been set up and now has a bounty on her own head, her boss played by Andrew Divoff seemingly betraying her for some reason. I'm just not really sure what is suppose to have happened here. The last two films show Alex as more sensitive, more of a heroine, here she is a killer who gets high on killing her targets whilst screwing them.

Sounds exciting no? yeah errr no, this would be half exciting if there was some actual action or thrills involved but amazingly there isn't. Believe it or not but the whole movie seems to simply show Price's firm bronzed body in the nude, in various poses and locations with tonnes of aimless dialog, and that's it. When I say the whole movie I mean the whole one hour and nineteen minutes of film...that's it, and most of this time is spend showcasing tanned nipples. I can understand why that might sound awesome but trust me this isn't a good soft porn excuse, if you wanna watch good porn its easy to find, there is no reason to watch this.

Now I will admit that Sue Price is gentle on the eyes even though her body is kinda macho, it still looks yummy. Pyun takes advantage of this by having Price kill guys in sexy ways that would indeed earn the title of a hotass futuristic femme fatale...and then there's the whole naked nipples just in case. Unfortunately Pyun forgot to include anything that resembled action because nothing happens other than talking in a few different locations interspersed with Price being naked. Oh and the locations vary from inside an old classic looking car (whilst having sex), a blacked out indoor set which is completely black and lots of scenes around what appears to be a rundown European town of sorts.

The only positive things I can think of here are the very small hands-on special effects moments which show Price's engineered body (and other android bodies) with protruding robotic parts that either kill or give sexual pleasure (typically). Price is hot no doubt and I'd have no trouble being her pet on a leash (oh yes), Divoff has a solid South African accent, there is one good car stunt...and errr that's it. No real sci-fi thrills or spills to talk of, at least the previous three movies had some neat sci-fi elements here and there, this has absolutely zero.


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