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Happy Birthday, James McAvoy! Here Are 10 Ways We're Celebrating

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Happy birthday, James McAvoy! In honor of his 36th birthday this week, here are 10 reasons we’re celebrating the life of James McAvoy. 10. James McAvoy was born in Port Glasgow, Scotland, on April 21, 1979, to a builder and a nurse. These prop photos from Wanted might be actual pictures of the actor as a little boy: 9. He made his first movie appearance 20 years ago, at age 16, in The Near Room. Watch his few scenes here: 8. ...

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James McAvoy inspired by teenage crush

James McAvoy inspired by teenage crush
James McAvoy has claimed that he was inspired to become an actor thanks to a teenage crush. The Atonement star landed his first film role in 1995's The Near Room at the age of 15. McAvoy admitted to not being very interested in pursuing a career in acting when he joined the cast, reports the Daily Star. However, after falling for co-star Alana Brady, he decided to enroll in her theatre classes. "I (more)
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McAvoy Credits Teenage Crush With Acting Career

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James McAvoy has credited a teenage crush with inspiring him to act - because he followed his dream girl to drama classes.

The Atonement actor landed his first onscreen role at the age of 15 while he was still at school, starring in The Near Room in 1995.

McAvoy admits he wasn't particularly interested in becoming an actor when he joined the cast, but after falling for one of his co-stars, Alana Brady, he signed up to her theatre classes in a bid to keep in contact.

And the Scottish star is convinced his crush led him to become a successful movie star.

He says, "I liked a girl on the set, Alana Brady, and I followed her to a drama group. From that I got a tiny bit more work and realised I could make a career out of drama."

While Brady, who now works for the National Theatre of Scotland, adds, "It's nice that he remembered. We did both like each other but we were just teenagers. It was a long time ago."

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