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Great movie, but....
realtybytes6 September 2005
As so often happens, once you read the book, it is hard to accept the necessity to delete the detail that must be omitted in a two-hour movie. I am 53 and read this novel ("A Lantern in Her Hand") when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. One detail I remember: When, as children, Will Deal told our heroin to not eat "love apples" (tomatoes) because they're poisonous. That was the belief in the early days of our country, and so, this brought a ring of reality to the story. Such details had to be omitted, of course. The novel stayed with me so long, that I recognized this movie immediately when I started to view it. I highly recommend it to anyone. This is not a "chick flick" but rather a timeless tribute to our pioneers, male and female, and the hardships that strengthened their bonds and their resolve. Bravo to Hollywood for a movie with true substance, and not one special effect!!!!!
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I really loved this awesome movie
rbattle8319 November 2004
Hi i saw the movie about 7 years ago before i saw it two or three days ago on Lifetime. My girlfriend and i were spending some quite time together just flipping through the channels and came across this movie, we were glued to the tube. It showed us that even in hard time you can still make it if you stay focused on your dream. That hard work in the long run will pan out. We also saw how a family is supportive of one another and share the same dream, that we too, if the desire was great enough could have a dream. Even in the mist of the storm all things will work out. It is a movie that will be forever in the mind of me and my girlfriend, it took us over eight years to see this movie again. Please tell us were we might buy this wonderful movie.
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Skip the movie, read the book.
lillym24 January 2005
When I didn't realize that one of my favorite books, A Lantern In Her Hand, was being made into a movie until I saw it on TV. This is another case of an adaptation that strays too far from the book and with a few changes could have been an original story. The movie doesn't do justice to the book at all. Nancy McKeon was the wrong choice for Abby. She's a great actress but not right for this part. Some of the decisions they faced as a family and a couple were changed, altering the dynamics between the characters.

My advice is to stay away from the movie and go read the book and the sequel, which is "A White Bird Flying."
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Great Movie!
catzscamp5 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Nancy McKeon is wonderful. I just LOVED this movie. It is a great movie for anyone that enjoys pioneer films. I am looking to see if it is on DVD. You will need a box of tissues. The costumes are top notch. The scenery is beautiful. I recommend this movie for persons over 12. There area few scenes that more than hint adultery. As a parent, that would be their call. It is a very, very good movie. I have not read the book. In the story she finds love, loses love while someone is trying to win her love while married. She gives birth almost alone. Her husband is away. The tissues are for the end. I could watch this movie many more times and I don't say that about too many films!
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She got the facts down right
bkoganbing2 June 2017
Nancy McKeon who played rebel girl Jo Polniaczek on The Facts Of Life ages from bride to wife to mother in A Mother's Gift. The film is a condensed saga of a family's struggle to make it in those pioneering days in unsettled Nebraska seen from the point of view of McKeon's portrayal as the woman of the house.

She and Adrian Pasdar meet and marry as they decide to go pioneering in Nebraska territory. She had dreams of a musical career, possibly another Adeline Patti or Jenny Lind. But as it was the case with women in those days you just didn't have it all, you had to choose between motherhood and a career and the pressure was for the former.

With not just make up but with talent McKeon ages gracefully through the years. She's quite remarkable in the part. As her husband Adrian Pasdar matches her all the way.

Watching A Mother's Gift you might think you were looking at Little House On The Prarie. There are certainly resemblances. Still A Mother's Gift more than holds its own.
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