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Read the book instead
Monika-510 October 2000
This is a very poor adaption of one of Danielle Steel's best books, Mixed Blessings. Read it instead. Scott Baio is all wrong in the role of Charlie, and so is Alexandra Paul as Beth. On the flip side, the best performances are turned in by Gabrielle Carteris and the always wonderful Bruce Greenwood as Diana and Andy. They're just about the only good things about the movie!
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sbrnnxn7 December 2002
I've never read the book(which I'm sure is always better), but what Monika-5 said is true about the actors. Scott Baio was okay as Charlie but Alexandra Paul was definately a mismatch for him. I guess she was too tall and skinny; they just didn't look right together. It was phony chemistry with the two of them from the beginning. I sympathized with him concerning his first marriage which his wife used sex to keep his attention. The other two couples were okay but esp. Gabrielle Carteris. I always thought that she was a bit too mature for 90210 and it was nice to see a role more fitting for her.
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