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Brodie's shirt is the merged faces of three actors that tried out for the part of Brodie and didn't get it.
The studio almost replaced Jason Mewes ("Jay") with Seth Green. Kevin Smith insisted that Mewes should play Jay, but the studio made Smith take auditions for the role. Breckin Meyer also auditioned. In the end, all concerned agreed that Mewes was right for the part.
Brodie's comic book collection seen in the movie was actually director Kevin Smith's collection at the time (which has grown considerably since). The collection is what Smith was able to purchase back after selling his original collection to finance production of Clerks. (1994).
Stan Lee can be seen looking to his left or right repeatedly while talking with Brodie. This is so he can see his cue cards - not being a trained actor, memorizing lines was very difficult for him. Jeremy London, on the other hand, despite being an experienced actor, forgot his lines repeatedly.
The content of the dialogue between Quint and Brodie about whether Superman would be able to have sex and/or a baby with a non-superpowered woman is taken from a classic 1971 essay by science fiction author Larry Niven called "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex."
If you pay attention to the use of Brodie's hand after his 'stink palm' stunt on Svenning, not only does he touch Quint, Tricia, Jay, and Gil Hick's shoulders with it, he also touches comics at the flea market, his other hand as well as his face at the psychic, punches Roddy and Hamilton with it, holds the microphone with it, and also stink palms his hero, Stan Lee. Twice.
During the Batman homage as Jay and Bob escape from La Fours, the belting attached to Kevin Smith slipped. The crane refused to start (someone had shut it off), and the key could not be located, nearly resulting in a possibly lethal fall.
The Wile E. Coyote-style blueprints used by Jay and Silent Bob were drawn by producer Scott Mosier.
Shawnee Smith came in to audition for a role. According to director Kevin Smith, she was very rude and mocked the screenplay. After Shawnee Smith left, casting director Don Phillips apologized for her behavior.
Stan Lee initially did not want to be in the film as himself. He felt the dialogue weren't things he would say. Kevin Smith responded that it was just pretend to which Lee replied, "Okay Spider-Friend".
When Renee (Shannen Doherty) runs to tell Jay and Silent Bob that Brodie and T.S. are being arrested, Ethan Suplee (Willam) says, "Brenda?" - a joke reference to Doherty's character on Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990). The exchange wasn't in the script, but rather, Suplee was told to say this by Smith before the scene was shot, and so was Doherty. However, Suplee wasn't told that she would respond, so his reaction is genuine.
Orginally Stan Lee was not going to have a cameo in the movie. Kevin Smith had written a fictional Stan Lee-type character but through a connection Stan Lee was asked to be in the movie and agreed.
Seth Green was on call, ready at any moment to fly to Minnesota so he could replace Jason Mewes as Jay.
This is the second film in Kevin Smith's intricately interconnected View Askewniverse series (the others being Clerks. (1994), Chasing Amy (1997), Dogma (1999), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) and Clerks II (2006)). The movies are all linked by characters, themes and events and each contains numerous references to the others.
T.S. picks up a Clerks. (1994) hat in the flea market.
Filmed in Minnesota, down the road from Fargo (1996) which was shooting at the same time.
One of the game show contestants is named "Gill Hicks" (played by Brian O'Halloran), a reference to Dante Hicks (played by O'Halloran in many of the other View Askewniverse movies). Presumably they are brothers.
While shopping, Rene Mosier (Shannen Doherty) is seen wearing at least three different outfits. Doherty had a clause in her contract that she could keep everything her character wore, so came up with the plan that her character should wear everything she bought on her shopping trip.
According to Kevin Smith, another actor auditioned for, and eventually received, the lead role of Brodie. On the first day of shooting his scenes, the unnamed actor "broke down" and was unable to give the same performance that had earned him the role. The actor was then replaced by Jason Lee.
Studio execs required quite a bit of language to be removed or replaced with weaker language.
When Brody is trying to cut in line at the comic book store and is being yelled at, the "fan boy" says, "Tell 'em, Steve Dave!" The man named Steve Dave yelling at Brody is played by Bryan Johnson, and the fan boy is played by Walter Flanagan. This catchphrase was later used as the title of a podcast that Johnson and Flanagan both take part in.
Heather Graham auditioned for a role in this film. Reese Witherspoon had a meeting with the casting director, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, but both Smith and Mosier didn't enjoy the meeting and told the casting director not to bother to bring her in for an audition. Smith details this meeting in his book, "Silent Bob Speaks".
During production, a TV movie (Clerks. (1995)) based on Kevin Smith's film Clerks. (1994) was being filmed.
In the scene where Jay and Silent Bob are hiding in the bookstore, Bob is reading "Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema" by John Pierson. The book contains numerous interviews and writings by Kevin Smith.
In real life, the elevator that Brodie and Rene have sex in has glass doors, covered up for the film so the people outside couldn't see in.
Svenning was not originally supposed to be bald. Michael Rooker was trying to dye his hair gray for a better look, and decided that bald would work even better.
The MagicEye "sailboat" picture is actually a 4 x 3 matrix of geometric shapes consisting of a cross, a circle, a diamond, a star, 4 segmented circles and 4 cones.
Universal wanted either Mike Myers, Adam Sandler or Chris Farley for the role of Brodie Bruce and Ethan Hawke for T.S. Quint.
The book Bob is reading in the bookstore is simply a mockup, as is the display stand - the real book had not come out yet.
Eden Prairie Center, where the film was shot, worked out perfectly for the shooting. There were a lot of vacant storefronts, so the producers could set up "fake stores" for the film.
The picture that Silent Bob goes through at the end of the "Batman" scene is actually a picture of Jason Lee's then-wife Carmen Llywelyn.
The pass that Mr. Svenning wears around his neck is the logo of View Askew, the film's production company.
The US 1 Flea Market - AKA "The Dirt Mall" - was torn down in the mid-1990s. It is now the site of a multiplex cinema.
When Silent Bob is placing the tape of Shannon's sexual encounter with Tricia in the VCR, the crossed out title is "Woody Woodpecker."
The only film by Kevin Smith that he did not edit himself, although he and Scott Mosier cut the extended version that's on the Tenth Anniversary DVD.
Shannen Doherty's character can be seen wearing a Decrassi Jr. High jacket in reference to Kevin Smith's love for the show _"Degrassi High" (1987)_.
Parker Posey was considered for the role of Gwen Turner.
Steve Zahn auditioned for the role of Brodie Bruce.
Kevin Smith could not clear with the owners of "Degrassi High" to get an actual jacket logo. He took his issues with the copyright holders to the then-popular "Speaker's Corner" booth broadcast on Toronto's City-TV.
Ben Affleck's character is named "Shannon Hamilton". Shannen Doherty was briefly married to Ashley Hamilton, although she did not adopt his last name.
Originally, William Atherton was Kevin Smith's first choice to play Jared Svenning. Atherton chose not to do it because the film was aimed at a teenage audience.
Brodie wears a Henry Hudson Regional shirt. Henry Hudson Regional is the high school in Highlands, NJ, from which director Kevin Smith graduated. An audience member in the show wears the same shirt.
The original beginning of the movie tested poorly and was replaced by one that was filmed in L.A. The original beginning contained an incident at the Governor's Ball (the one mentioned by the TV execs).
The person laughing during the Gramercy title sequence is a cellist in Ira Newborn's orchestra.
The comic book that features Brandi depicts two director trademarks: (1) the fire behind her forms Jaws (1975), (2) she wears a Boston Bruins hockey jersey.
John Landis was going to make a cameo as an irate customer, but this was written out at the last minute.
When William gets startled, he says "Poopie Trim". This is a reference to an inside joke between director Kevin Smith and script supervisor Carol Banker.
Henry Thomas was a finalist for the role of T.S. Quint.
Jenny McCarthy auditioned for both roles of Rene Mosier and Brandi Svenning.
The stereo-gram which supposedly shows a boat actually depicts a set of 4x3 geometrical symbols.
Jennifer Love Hewitt tried out for the role of Tricia Jones.
Alyssa Milano auditioned for the role of Rene Mosier.
Kari Wuhrer auditioned for both roles of Rene Mosier and Brandi Svenning.
According to the blueprints, Jay and Silent Bob's two stage trashing operations are "Operation: Drive-By" and "Operation: Dark Knight".
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The name "Gwen Turner" is a reference to Go Fish (1994) writer/director Guinevere Turner.
Although Renee's surname is never mentioned on screen, the cast list gives it as Mosier, a possible reference to producer Scott Mosier, but more likely a reference to Kevin Smith's ex-girlfriend, and Mosier's sister, Kristen Mosier, whom Smith noted on the DVD commentary track was the inspiration for Rene.
Lala Sloatman was considered for the role of Brandi Svenning.

Director Trademark 

Kevin Smith:  [cousin Walter]  One of the main characters has a cousin Walter who is sexually odd. Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee)'s cousin Walter sticks cats up his ass. In Clerks. (1994), Randal (Jeff Anderson)'s cousin Walter broke his own neck trying to give himself fellatio. This cousin Walter is the same person, ergo Brodie and Randal may be cousins.
Kevin Smith:  [comic books]  Brodie is a comic book collector; there is a comic book store in the mall; comic book creator Stan Lee appears in the movie; Brodie and T.S. discuss Superman's sex life.
Kevin Smith:  [Jaws (1975)]  T.S. was going to propose to Brandi at Universal Studios "after Jaws popped out of the water". Character names Brodie, Bruce, and Quint are references to the same movie.
Kevin Smith:  [off-screen grab]  When Ivannah offers to let Brodie examine her, T.S. grabs him from off camera and pulls him out of the tent.
Kevin Smith:  [star wars]  Many visual and spoken references throughout.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

When Tricia's sex tape with Shannon is playing for the audience he asks her to first call him "Joey", and then "Donnie". This is in reference to Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg, the two most popular members from the the music group New Kids on the Block.
Silent Bob has only one line in the entire movie, consisting of: "Excitement? Adventure? A Jedi craves not these things." He had an additional line in the extended version, which was : "There was never anything good to say before."

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