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  • The 10th Anniversary Edition DVD came out in 2005, but in the Special Features Kevin Smith stated that the DVD was going to be a 5 disc set, but for some reason it was only a 2 sided 1 disc DVD.

  • The Extended Version of Mallrats was exclusively released in North America for its tenth anniversary. One has the opportunity to watch a eleven-minute-long video commentary by Kevin Smith (director and screenplay writer) and Scott Mosier (Cutter) explaining the origin of the second version in a very casual and ironical way. Basically, the Extended Version only contains extended scenes. The alternate footage / takes are usually longer and some comedy have been added. Lots of the extended or alternate scenes are referring to the prolog of the Extended Version , they wouldn't make any sense at all in the Theatrical Version. The entire footage has probably been removed from the Theatrical Version to reach the appropriate length of 90 minutes.


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