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Miss Sixteen Candles goes naughty

Author: BloodTheTelepathicDog from north dakota
22 March 2005

A very likable cast helps elevate this clichéd script.

Patrick McGaw(the unlucky dude off of Dream With the Fishes) portrays a college baseball stud who scouts drool over. He has everything, athletic skill, determination to succeed and a loving girlfriend(portrayed by the cute Sarah Lassez), but loses it all when he has a fling with demented stalker Molly Ringwald.

After the deed is done, McGaw just wants to go back to his normal life and leave that night as a one night stand. But Molly badgers him constantly, and loses focus on the diamond which turns scouts off and feels the urge to tell Sarah Lassez that he cheated on her.

All men should watch this film, as it does justice to the troubles men can face when they have an encounter with an unstable woman. McGaw gets accused of rape, and the cops bring him in based on Molly's word alone. Hey, this really happens, and many men get burned because of this.

This film is very exciting, and even if you feel the characters are moralless scum seeking to fulfill their carnal desires, you'll still want to know what the end holds for these characters.

Molly wasn't shy in this film, as she goes topless in a boat love scene. Who knew she was packing such perfection under those sweaters?

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So-so "Fatal Attraction" wannabe

Author: smatysia ( from Houston
18 April 2000

Definitely a "Fatal Attraction" redux. Aside from that, it's really not bad. It seems to be a fad for former child stars to break type by doing a topless scene. (A trend I'd like to encourage!) Anyway, Molly Ringwald does a creditable job in the villainess role. I gave it a 6. (Would have been a 5 except for Ringwald's topless scene.)

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Yes, it's been done before, but doesn't make it bad.

Author: mmeister-378-953603 from Australia
27 May 2012

As a Molly Ringwald fan, I found Malicious to be quite good. Yes, it is the same idea as Play Misty for Me and Fatal Attraction. Unlike Fatal Attraction though, Molly Ringwald is a believable seductress, I could never buy Glenn Close in that role, as a psycho yes, as temptress, no way.

Malicious has more depth than Misty and Fatal as well, we get to see a little of what makes Molly's character so insane. And yes, it was surprising to see what Molly has been hiding under those sweaters as well.

If you take the film for what it is, a light thriller, it is entertaining enough. I don't understand why this film has been ripped apart on here the way it has.

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Inspiration for "Swim Fan"

Author: Ron Hardcastle from Southern California
22 September 2009

I was startled that this film has been ripped so mercilessly apart here, because I've always found it quite engaging. Years after it was released another filmmaker liked it enough to put huge chunks of it in "Swim Fan," which doesn't hold a candle to this original. I found Molly Ringwald quite chilling and felt that Patrick McGaw, playing a true innocent, broke my heart. Indeed, I think that McGaw almost singlehandedly SAVES this movie, because at least SOME of us care about him and the mess he ends up in after having hot (but oh so foolish) sex in Ringwald's car with her. Alas, she's a master manipulator and knows precisely which buttons to press to get what she wants, and later when McGaw's character suddenly gets a spine and begins to fight back, it becomes a race to see if he and his sweet girlfriend will survive Ringwald's lethal lunacy. I jumped at the chance to replace my VHS copy of this with the DVD and have never regretted it.

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lesser copy of Fatal Attraction

Author: SnoopyStyle
13 May 2015

Doug Gordon (Patrick McGaw) is the star college baseball player with girlfriend Laura (Sarah Lassez). He's taken with mysterious student Melissa Nelson (Molly Ringwald) at a party. She propositions him. They have a sexual affair. He starts brushing her off which only angers her.

This is a B-movie version of 'Fatal Attraction'. I didn't like Michael Douglas' character in that movie. I like this idiot even less. Patrick McGaw has limited charisma. Molly Ringwald is probably the only interesting part in this movie who is acting circles around McGaw. It's also a little sad to see her reduced to a lesser erotic B-movie. It may be worthwhile to see Molly Ringwald for some people but there's not much reason for anybody else.

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A much-used plot

Author: Lee Speth from Alhambra, CA
3 May 2001

While MALICIOUS is of the tribe of FATAL ATTRACTION, I think other commentators here have overlooked its obvious progenitor. The scenario of the final section -- the psycho becomes the girlfriend's roommate under an assumed name -- is a direct lift from PLAY "MISTY" FOR ME. In this version, though, there are two huge improbabilities: A). Melissa is a notorious fugitive of wealthy background who did in her own dad -- it is incredible that Laura has never seen her picture; and B.) when our hero learns Melissa is in Laura's apartment, instead of calling the police immediately, he goes hurling across San Francisco on a motorcycle, unarmed, in the rain. I hope I never need him to rescue me.

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I'm really not that impressed.

Author: rederick from Upper Montclair. NJ
22 May 1999

I watched this movie, and really was not all that impressed. The main idea of the movie really seemed to be to watch Molly Ringwald get naked. Other than that, there was nothing redeemable about this movie. Go rent "Fatal Attraction" instead, you will at least get a plot.

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Hilarious stalker movie

Author: Darkfalz
27 July 2003

Movies like this are great. Why? Because everyone gets what they deserves. We have:

The hunky sports star, Doug. The "nice girl" faithful girlfriend, Laura. The sexy but crazy girl he cheats with, Melissa.

So why does each party deserve grief? The hunky sports star thinks he can cheat on his girlfriend with whoever he wants and get away with it because he is the hunky sports star. The nice girl, don't be mislead, is not nice at all - or else she wouldn't need to be with a hunky sports star, and she wouldn't forgive him for cheating on her. And then our beautiful stalker, who get upset that she was used for sex - when let's face it, it was obvious to everyone else that's what was happening.

Near the climax of the film, you were praying for one of the "good guys" to get killed, either Laura or Doug or both, because frankly it's frustrating to watch a psycho killer make stupid mistakes. If you kill a person while you have the chance, guess what, there's no way they'll get saved and no way they'll turn around and kill you instead. But these movies always have to have a "happy" ending, moralising you understand - the bad guy (or girl) has to die while the good guys have to live, even though arguably Doug and Laura were just as amoral and wrong as Melissa.

You know the scary thing, despite all three main characters being bad stereotypes, these stupid people do actually exist in real life, probably more commonly than we want to admit. My favourite bit was where Melissa decides to do the old "accuse the guy of rape for revenge" bit and the cops go and arrest him without a shred of evidence. See how easy it is? Happens everyday in the real world, sadly.

Overall an enjoyably stupid movie about a bunch of idiots we all want to die.

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Fatal Attraction, this isn't

Author: Tophee from Morrisville, PA
5 January 1999

Malicious is a very poor film, reminiscent of the old B-Movies, only not as good. It appears to be a straight rip-off of Fatal Attraction, but omitting any pretension of a plot. Don't get me wrong, I like Molly Ringwald, she is good in most of her films and she tries hard in this one, but isn't given a chance. There is only so much that can be done with so little plot, which isn't helped by the character of Doug Gordon being so thin. If you like Ringwald, watch this movie, otherwise look elsewhere for a good thriller.

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...and you thought Ally Sheedy was having a tough time!

Author: moonspinner55 from las vegas, nv
29 August 2004

Real-life teen sensation Molly Ringwald's fall from cinematic grace was swifter and more disastrous than Sky Lab, due in part to B-flicks like this one. It's a "Fatal Attraction" retread which casts the now-sexed up Ringwald as a jilted woman who stalks her man down, with John Vernon in a ridiculous supporting role as a detective who gets involved (he snoops around like Hercule Poirot). Actually, the film begins OK, but gets increasingly more preposterous as things progress. Unreleased dud went straight to tape, with the little hoopla it received being Ringwald's scant nudity. Another Hollywood fairy-tale in reverse. * from ****

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