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The scene with Swann (Kevin O'Connor) biting his finger and pouring his blood on the screws in order to drill the mask into Nix's head was excised from the original cut in order to obtain an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The scene was later reused for the unrated director's cut edition of the film.
The tattoo on D'Amour's back was included after Scott Bakula researched the character.
Nix's pet mandrill was supposed to have a gory death scene (Swann was supposed to shoot it), but this scene never made it to the final film because the makeup effects department couldn't get the "stunt mandrill" (a mechanized puppet) to work properly.
The scene with Nix getting inside Swann's head in the cultist compound was excised and never used for the theatrical version of the film, on the grounds that it slowed the pacing of the story. It was later inserted into the unrated director's cut.
There is a partially obscured inscription around the ceiling of the Magic Club's Library. In full, it reads "Magic is the oldest trick in the book".
When casting for the film began, Clive Barker picked Famke Janssen's photo out of the hundreds of initial submissions and declared, "This is Dorothea." She remained the only choice, although the filmmakers auditioned dozens of actresses for the part.
The picture started out as a Polygram Filmed Entertainment production, under the guidance of Steve Golin and Sigurjon Sighvatsson. When Polygram encountered financial woes, the film was sold off to MGM/UA, who were looking for films to release under their newly re-established United Artists banner.
Composer Christopher Young, who scored Barker's Hellraiser (1987), was initially brought on to work on this film - but he was replaced by Simon Boswell when the film's post-production schedule was stretched out - making Young unavailable. The early 1-sheet has Young credited as composer.

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