A Little Princess (1995) Poster

Plot Keywords

school british
girl boarding school
headmistress new york
princess presumed dead
rainstorm climbing out a window
asian indian child in peril
wood plank bombardment
interracial friendship pair of shoes
father daughter dance ink
missing father horse and carriage
journey shown on map schoolgirl
bullying army captain
female protagonist child protagonist
three word title slow motion
lifting female in air lifting someone into the air
pain mouse
kindness fear
cruelty loneliness
child exploitation child labor
school bully trench
bomber battlefield
harpist motherless child
longing separation
letter writing childhood
cruise ship underwear
story within a story deity
voice over narration flower
crying dancing
girl with glasses nightgown
dress bow
turban father daughter reunion
blind man's bluff game rain
blowing out a candle birthday cake
candle monkey
ramayana bedroom
ship statue
elephant indian
balloon uniform
school uniform old man
wheelchair birthday present
storytelling birthday party
birthday classroom
locket living in an attic
attic new york city
african american servant girl
servant teacher student relationship
teacher friendship between girls
soldier father private school
orphan girl single parent
single father soldier
riches to rags reunion
rescue reality
imagination imaginary friend
girls' school girls' boarding school
friendship fantasy life
class differences child's point of view
amnesia child abuse
best friend world war one
thunderstorm starving child
sister sister relationship shawl
rose racism
race relations poverty
milk man french
doll dead mother
chimney sweep brat
bilingual 1910s
little girl rich poor
milkman india
father daughter relationship orphan
based on novel

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