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While the best of the sequels, it doesn't come close to the superb quality of the original.

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
23 June 2009

First of all, I do think it is an improvement on Land Before Time 2, which was passable, but lacked heart, which was what made the original so poignant. The Time of the Great Giving is probably the best of the countless sequels that border from good to unwatchable, but suffers from being too preachy at times. The animation is surprisingly good, but isn't quite true to the style of animation in the original. In most scenes it had some lovely colours, but had some flat backgrounds in others. The incidental music by Michael Tavera was excellent, especially the Firebird-like music in the fire scene. It was nice to hear the heart-rending main theme from the original, but whereas in the original it made me weep buckets, it didn't have an effect on me here. The songs are okay, Kids Like Us being the best one, and Littlefoot's singing voice is for once pretty decent, but the other two songs When You're Big and When You're Standing Tough came across as rather unmelodious. The story is a very nice idea, about the values of friendship, survival and sticking together. There is also some nice dialogue, but the film further suffers from being too short and being devoid of any real emotion. I will say that the voice talents were very impressive. Ducky is still funny, with similar dialogue we associate her with from the original, though it doesn't quite feel the same without the sweetness and vulnerability of the original voice actress, the late Judith Barsi. Scott McAfee is decent as Littlefoot, and I liked Linda Gary and Kenneth Mars as the grandparents. However, in correlation to the original, John Ingle's narration, as nice as it was, was somewhat unnecessary, but I was more impressed with his gruff characterisation of Cera's father. All in all, a surprisingly good sequel, though it doesn't surpass the first and the finest. 6/10 Bethany Cox.

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Preachy but fun

Author: Cylex from England
11 June 2001

This film's main fault is that the share and care theme is laid on rather thick. When the Valley's water supply is blocked, our young heroes search for a new source. They are hindered by a trio of bullies and a pack of hungry raptors, as well as the unreasonableness of parents. The songs are okay, if forgettable. The raptors are well worth seeing. In spite of the preachy tone of some dialogue and narration, regular fans will not be disappointed.

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Not recommended to the average LBT fan.

Author: Mightyzebra from Scotland
29 December 2007

Genre: Animated film about dinosaurs and a major water catastrophe.

What happens: In the Great valley for the gang, there are TWO annoying problems (unfortunately, not one or none). There are three bully dinosaurs who are CONSTANTLY picking on the poor good dinosaurs and to top all the depression, the waterfall in the Great Valley has stopped flowing. Though the lovely gang (Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky Petrie and Spike) are sad and annoyed, they have a positive view as well over this mess and decide to work together to find water…

My thoughts: I like most of the L.B.T films. Unfortunately, this one is not at the top of my list for me. It is just too depressing! All the songs focus on some bad thing or other, unlike in all the films, where at least one focuses on just happiness! It also concentrates on the crisis of the film WAY too much for my liking. The music sticks to the depressing tune for 75% of the film, everyone is EXTRA grumpy because of the crisis and it's just too annoying! When there IS happiness, it feels deflated, like rather floppy balloon, it just isn't STRONG enough. Luckily, I prefer this film to "Land Before Time 11", which is my least favourite L.B.T, but this one is still not NEARLY as good as most of the others for me. I know lots of other people like it, but for me, it's just too depressing, too annoying, too deflated and too pessimistic. So there. I like the main characters of course. The new characters are not all that good, because they're bullies.

Recommended to: People who like the eleventh L.B.T, people who find all the other L.B.T's too happy and jolly and people who do not mind becoming a little too depressed by an animated film.

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Yet another sky-high-quality sequel for our favorite dinos!

Author: ----- Skaer'scinth from -------
14 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I could not find any really bad spots in this movie. Roy Allen Smith does it again! This movie was a bit disappointing when I thought there wouldn't be a fight, but a species from my favorite sharp-tooth class is here! (If you don't want me to ruin the surprise for you, skip to the end of the spoilers) Velociraptor is THE predator! This is a touching tale! Hyp reminds me of an old a**hole back at school! He was really ungrateful to the ones that saved him from suffering death at the tarpit. I hate braggarts who have nothing to be arrogant about! Still, Littlefoot's kindness pushed through in the song "Kids like us". It was a runner up for most touching song in my opinion.(End of spoilers here) Overall a film worthy of its legacy.

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A Drought in the Valley Leaves the Dinosaurs in Hot Water!

Author: ( from U.S.A
17 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Life was going just peachy in the Great Valley. Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie play together each day. Unfortunately, they were always being picked on by three ignorant bullies: Hyp, Nod and Mutt. Then one night, a meteorite crashes nearby and miraculously, the next day, the water fall stops so their water supply becomes limited. Cera's father immediately takes charge and orders that they ration the water, which was a good idea except he became too aggressive and pushy about it. The kids were caught playing in the water and Cera's dad called Littlefoot a bad influence. The adults' morale was dropping and they began quarreling. It looked as if it were up to Littlefoot and friends to get to the bottom of what stopped the water. They venture out of the valley and are closely followed by Hyp, Nod and Mutt. Some Sharp-Teeth are out to get them as well.

The kids and the bullies really want nothing to do with one another, but they soon learn to work together and they discover the water blockage and tell the adults about it. They go there and try to clear it, but the kids find a more productive way. The good news: the valley won't be without water again. The bad news: the valley was bare due to a bad fire. Fortunately, Littlefoot and friends found another valley with plenty of greens. Even Cera's dad learned the error of his ways. So how he forgot his lesson in Land Before Time V and beyond? Some guys just never learn, I guess, but Littlefoot and friends learned the value of giving, as the title dictates.

What can I say? The Land Before Time III was pretty good. As good as II which was fairly good. Part IV is good too, Part V is enjoyable and Part VI is interesting, but when they did Part VII, it all went down hill! Part VIII was even worse and I'd just as soon not see IX. But if you enjoyed I and II, and/or are looking for something to keep your kids out of your hair, I recommend The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving. Was originally entitled Journey Through the Mists but for some reason or another, that was bumped down to IV.


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The Series Somewhat Begins It's Decline.

Author: Humphrey Fish from United States
24 October 2010

The first Land Before Time movie is a masterpiece as far as animated movies go, and this second sequel is pretty good. The third installment in the Land Before Time series is good, however, it somewhat begins to decline with this one, and continues with the long series of sequels after this one. I used to be an enormous fan of the series, but now that I am older, I have been able to analyze them more, and although I still do enjoy a few of them, the sequels were pretty unnecessary, as while some of them were enjoyable, they don't give the edge that the original masterpiece did so right.

One positive thing I have to note, is that the animation is surprisingly good for a movie that was released straight to video. Also, there is some humor in the movie, and I enjoyed it for the funny parts. However, if I had to love a film, it would be the original, as that one is dark and has some sad moments to it, and it has some humor in it. In contrast to the dark tones of the original, the series began to get more childish and eventually the childishness brought about the sequelitis. This pretty good, but definitely not as good as the classic and marvelous original.

On the short note, this film is pretty good, but it could have been so much better. I'm not saying that I hated it, because I didn't hate it, I enjoyed it, but I probably would have enjoyed it much more if they would have made it more like the original, darker and edgier instead of lighter and softer. Oh well, this is good on the whole, although it is definitely nowhere near as great as the original. I'll give this seven out of ten, that means that while this is not a bad film, it could have been better if it would have been dark and edgy, much like the classic original.


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Author: ross robinson from england
15 October 2003

The land before time III: The time of the great giving i think was a good movie. I like what i saw in the movie. The story is about Littlefoot and his pals when they get bullied by Hyp and co. Later on the water fromthe thundering falls stops giving water. Littlefoot and his pals travel to free the watch as the water was stuck with aload of branches/twigs etc: Hyp and co become friends with littlefoot and his friends when he is been rescued as he is gets sucked down in the water. I give this movie a score 8 out of 10.

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Author: mutty-mcflea from Lincolnshire, UK
3 August 2013

We're back in the Great Valley again, and this time the haven is disrupted when the water that feeds it stops flowing. Instead of trying to discover the cause, all the dinosaurs argue and look on as their beloved valley dries up and catches fire. No wonder this lot died out.

Eventually another quest plot kicks in and an avalanche of parental advice and anti-bullying sentiment ensues, with the soppy moralising about sharing and working together more than living up to the film's nauseating title. It's all very well-intentioned, I guess, but the cutesy-poo tone and irritating characters ensure there's nothing to engage any adults nagged into watching it.

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A great addition to The Land Before Time canon

Author: Alex Popp from United States
24 July 2013

Winning Best Home Video Presentation of the 1995 Annies, "The Time of the Great Giving" is the third installment of the Land Before Time series. For some reason, it was originally supposed to be #4, but was pushed forward one year. Maybe Roy Allen Smith just wanted to save best for last. One way or another, this is still a great addition to the franchise.

The film begins in a similar way to the opening of the first movie, with the same sweeping score and the same calm note, underwater. The animation's cool wavy effects and the silent ancient creatures give a great feel for the setting to those who are starting the series with this installment.

In the Great Valley, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, and Spike have constantly been getting bullied by a trio of adolescent dinosaurs: a hypsilophodon named Hyp, a nodosaurus named Nod, and a muttaburrasaurus named Mutt.

So on this evening, a meteor shower impacts near the Great Valley and causes an explosion in the Mysterious Beyond. Fortunately, no one is injured severely. But the next day, the Great Valley dinosaurs wake up to find the Thundering Falls, their main supply of water, drying up. The increasing lack of water causes conflicts between the adults. Considering his species the wisest (even singing a whole song about it), Cera's dad is insistent that he make the drinking arrangements. He becomes so conceited that he gets unreasonable. In fact, he accuses Littlefoot of wasting water when he gets sprayed by a splash caused by the bullies, who hightail it out of there to not be noticed. Despite the fact that the gang had no knowledge of the water problem, Cera's dad cites Littlefoot as a bad influence and forbids Cera to be around him. To bring an end to all the bickering, Cera sneaks out with the others to set out on a water hunt of their own.

One of the most graphically stunning sequences in the movie, the animation of this wildfire fire that spreads through the Great Valley is dazzling and the score is appropriately alarming for the situation, sounding much like that of the Firebird stage from Fantasia 2000.

"Kids Like Us", is the best song in the movie. While the other two have great instrumentals, their lyrics aren't very top notch. This one is very meaningful, if somewhat preachy, and hopefully will show children how to deal with bullying.

The only real issue with this movie is that it kind of makes it seem like children are always the ones with the solution to a problem while the adults are just helpless and argumentative. This movie could have benefited more by encouraging children to always seek adults' help. Even so, it's better than "The Great Valley Adventure", as it deals with the grown ups as much as the kids, and it offers great messages for both children and parents of cooperation and preventing bullying.

The storyline, though formulaic, is pretty well-developed, and though the kids' dialogue is juvenile, that isn't so much a bad thing when working with characters who are still very young. Kids will be kids. The action scenes are sufficiently entertaining, the animation is outstanding, and Michael Tavera's score is most beautiful here, making for a fine addition to the Land Before Time canon.

8/10 for "The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving".

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Doesn't have the heart of the first, but arguably an improvement over TGVA

Author: gavin-thelordofthefu-48-460297 from United States
3 June 2012

Even though the second film lacked the heart of the original which was in my opinion one of Bluth's best films, it was pretty passable with it's nice animation and some decent villains. While I think that this is an improvement over The Great Valley Adventure, it also lacks the heart of the original.

The story about the value of friendship, teamwork, and sharing was a nice idea and I think that it has some very nice dialog with such hilarious quotes including "Me go play bullies somewhere else" and "Me unscareable". The animation is beautiful with some lovely colors, but also has some flat backgrounds due to it's below average editing. The songs, although not great, are very pleasant to listen too. The strongest aspects is the wonderful music from Michael Travera and it's excellent voice acting.

Scott McAfee did very decent as Littlefoot and his singing was pretty good. I also liked Linda Gary and Kenneth Mars as Littlefoot's grandparents. John Ingle's narration was clunky, but Cera's father's gruff characterization really amused me.

Overall, while an improvement on the Great Valley Adventure, it doesn't have the heart of the original, but it's still worth watching.

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