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  • When Durga's husband speaks out against the tyrannical rule of his brother, Durjan Singh, he is mercilessly killed, and Durga and her two children, Karan and Arjun, are left destitute. Durga brings up her sons without informing them of their heritage nor of the death of their father, but they soon find out when the elder Thakur decides to invite Durga back into his household. This does not auger well with Durjan Singh, and he has the elder Thakur killed. When he finds out about Durga, he goes to end her life, but her sons spring up to defend her, only to get themselves killed. Alone, destitute more than ever, and devastated, Durga loses her mind, and prays to God to bring her sons back so that they can avenge her humiliation, and the death of their father. Seventeen years later, two youth re-enter her life, they do look like her sons, and are ready to take on Durjan Singh, but will they also meet the same fate as Karan, Arjun, and their father?

    - Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
  • Durga gets married into a wealthy family only to learn that her husband is brutally murdered by Thakur Durjan Singh who wants to take control of her family's legacy. Single-handed and alone Durga bring up two sons Karan Singh and Arjun Singh; one day when they decided to go against Durjan they get murdered. In a state of shock and dismay Durga roams the entire village and pray to the Hindu goddess to return her sons to her. Years later two young men from different aspects of life enters her life and is all set to take on Durjan but the question remain will history repeats itself as in the case of Karan and Arjun?

    - Written by gavin (racktoo@hotmail.com)
  • Durga is the mother of two sons Karan and Arjun Singh, who raised them up in a rural Indian village. One day, when the brothers visit their rich grandfather at his mansion for the first time in twenty years, they are killed by the jealous Thakur Durjan Singh, who wishes to own the entire family's wealth and Parental mansion himself. Durga refuses to accept the loss of her sons, and goes to the temple to pray to the Hindu goddess to return her sons to her for them to average her humiliation and to take revenge against Durjan Singh. Seventeen years later, two look-alike in Ajay and Vijay enters Durga's life as Karan and Arjun and attempts to take revenge against Durjan Singh, not knowing that both will reach the same fate as Karan and Arjun as Durjan has now formed his own gang and has more high-tech weapons to eliminate his enemies.

    - Written by gavin (gunmasterM@hotmail.com)
  • Durga is a widow who has single-handedly raise her two sons Karan and Arjun. When they are killed by their evil uncle Durjan Singh, Durga prays to Goddess Kali to return her sons to her. Karan and Arjun are reborn but in different places and not knowing their past. When they learn about their previous life, they join forces to take revenge upon Durjan Singh.

    - Written by Soumitra
  • Mandated and ignorant Durjan Singh is given a wake up call when Durga and her two sons Karan Singh and Arjun Singh is brought home back by the landlord and is given the house and property. Upset and ill-mannered by this Durjan Singh decided to kill Durga's two sons, but by the grace of mother Kali they were born ed back but in different neighborhoods. One day there old memories began to flash back where they happen to met in a fight and before you know they were with there mother Durga again to average there death and mother's ruination.

    - Written by hEmRaJ (gavin_coolhgr@hotmail.com)
  • Karan and Arjun reincarnate in the different parts of the country. But the faith of their previous mother brings them together in order to avenge their death.

    - Written by Nebzyl


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