Jumanji (1995) Poster


Plot Keywords

board game jungle
tween girl held at gunpoint
actor playing multiple roles animal killing
heavy rain rainforest
improvised weapon impersonating a police officer
rampage looting
hiding in a closet mutation
subtitled scene hit by a car
shotgun psychiatrist
library attic
mother daughter relationship mother son relationship
arrest handcuffs
revolver bullet time
assault rifle underwater scene
investment banker friendship
chaos surrealism
fish out of water motorcycle cop
stealing a car gun store
hunter bird
poison ivy 1990s
year 1969 20th century
year 1869 19th century
car through wall abandoned factory
lifting someone into the air family relationships
time lapse photography vortex
tail sporting goods store
speeding bullet small town
shoe santa claus suit
river rifle
refrigerator recluse
prologue police officer
orphan new hampshire
motorcycle missing child
mansion loss of parents
giant spider giant insect
forest flood
first love fireplace
father son reunion factory
exterminator crocodile
conveyor belt convertible
construction site confession
christmas party child in peril
chest cemetery
carnivorous plant bridge
big game hunter bicycle chase
beach axe
auto theft apology
alternative timeline one word title
animal driving a car insect attack
no opening credits human becoming an animal
courage animal attack
magic rhinoceros
quicksand presumed dead
pelican mosquito
monsoon monkey
lion earthquake
car accident bat
1860s father son relationship
brother sister relationship zebra
elephant stampede
cgi blockbuster
time travel 1960s
bully based on novel
based on book title spoken by character
surprise ending

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