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I liked it for the most part....Dash and the noir look work well.
robinsnestx1510 September 2005
I thought it was sexy and stylish..sort of noir stuff,plus I have always liked the tough talking detective genre. Stacy Dash was especially good...and beautiful..and I felt there were some good twists and turns to the plot. While I don't think it is a classic or even an excellent picture,I would watch it again,just to see Ms Dash's performance and to look at the cinematography again...there were some nice shots in this film.A lot of the noir look is because of the darkness of some scenes,though they are well lit enough to enjoy. Give it a shot,go in not expecting much and you will be pleasantly surprised. Grab some popcorn,kick back,and enjoy it!
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OK sex scenes, not much else
Libretio2 January 2005

Aspect ratio: 1.33:1

Sound format: Ultra-Stereo

Suspended from the force after making allegations of corruption and impropriety, a disgraced cop (Dan Gauthier) moonlights as a cabbie and becomes involved with a beautiful young woman (Stacey Dash) implicated in the murder of her husband.

Utterly routine 'erotic thriller', the kind of low-grade rubbish thats been gathering dust in video stores ever since the release of BASIC INSTINCT (1992). The film is only marginally redeemed by some extended sex scenes involving gorgeous Gauthier ("Tour of Duty") and delectable Dash (CLUELESS), both of whom generate a fair degree of heat under the direction of former hardcore specialist Stu Segall (who helmed the likes of PENELOPE'S EDUCATION, INSATIABLE and UP 'N COMING under the pseudonym 'Godfrey Daniels'). Aside from a gratuitous lesbian interlude (de rigueur for this sort of thing), the movie appears to be aimed at the couples market, which means there's an equal amount of male and female pulchritude on display, and it's a pleasure to watch these lovely young things going at it like jackhammers. Otherwise, this is the usual badly-scripted drivel, competent but uninspired on almost every level. Nice music score by Stephen Edwards.
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Stacey Dash is Wonderful in a forgetable movie
rynotows11 May 2004
This movie is not the best directed movie ever. it's writing was less than stellar. the movie as a whole is largely forgettable. what i can't forget is Stacey Dash. She has a lovely face and body but really what hollywood actress can't claim that. What Stacey Dash has is soul. and character. and she has heart. she's not just some mindless beauty reading lines, but a living breathing person. all these qualities come across on film.

if you're looking for Debbie Does Dallas, or some other such vulgar tripe. Lord knows in this sewer we live in it's as close as the nearest video store.

if you want to watch a woman act her heart out, watch Illegal In Blue. it's actually a pretty good movie. and Stacey Dash is Wonderful.
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Nothing special
juella901 January 2005
Typical kinda situation where the cop, instead of being professional or even particularly smart, takes more than a professional interest in the suspect, with predictably sexy results.

I'd have to say the hotness of Stacey Dash is the best thing about this movie, the rest is simply filler. Much like what I'm writing now, as I need a minimum of 10 lines. The thing is, this movie is not so special that it warrants a full 10 line review. What could I possibly say about it? It's not particularly innovative or original, in fact it sticks to an age-old formula and is pretty forgettable. I'll say this, if you liked All The President's Men, you wont necessarily like this. Unless you think Stacey Dash is hot, in which case knock yourself out. I did.
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Yeah right!?
refinedsugar3 February 2000
'Illegal In Blue' is yet another one of those movies where an idiot with connections to law enforcement repeatedly sleeps with the main suspect who we know will probably turn out to be the killer. Yeah, only in the movies. It's a T&A flick through and through with it's flimsy plot and it's not like the movie box told you otherwise. Speaking of such, don't expect to see a female specimen with large breasts. Yay, another misleading box cover.

I admit to liking the occasional T&A flick, but I can't stand the setup they use here and like so many others have before (see: Snapdragon). If nothing else it's tired. The guy is always an idiot who never thinks with his brain and this movie is no different. The cast goes through the motions and the directing is on auto-pilot. I don't recommend this to anyone not even fans of T&A flicks. Do yourself a favor - rent something else, something better.
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X-Rated Dash
jstn_graves20 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Going from being Clueless to Illegal, Damon Dash's cousin sure did get a bit nasty in this one. I'll tell you one thing... The VHS is far more different than the DVD... the sex scenes between the cop and the devil in the blue dress are a lot longer. This movie is pretty enjoyable for a cheesy late night masturbation session, but let the truth speak... it's far from deserving an Oscar. You probably won't have to rent this flick... it plays on STARZ all the time, if you have it, and it's the extended version of the movie every time it plays. I actually like this flick, honestly. But it's understandable if many people find this movie hard to stomach.
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Stacey Dash's breasts shrink but the sex makes up for it
Dr. Gore10 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I bought the unrated version of this movie based on the video box cover. The cover has a white man kissing the stomach of a large breasted black woman wearing blue lingerie. I can assure you that the woman on the video box is not Stacey Dash, the star of this flick. I was dismayed to find out her breasts were actually much smaller. But even though her breasts shrunk, the softcore sex action was still hot.

So Stacey works as a blues singer. She also wears blue a lot. She's "Illegal in Blue". Huh? Pretty clever eh? Some dorky white cop falls head over heels for her hot, blue clothes wearing body and gets involved with her. There is a murder mystery thrown into the mix. Some other plot line about cops stealing cash too. None of this is important.

What is important is Stacey Dash having hot interracial sex. She and her white cop get it on three times. It's good stuff. Another triumph for softcore. I can also tell you that Stacey looks great in blue. I don't know if she's "Illegal in Blue" but it works for her.
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Oh my God
jerd-13 May 2002
I'm watching it right now on Dutch TV, and it's really bad. It's porn without naked chicks. Really, it's so bad that I would advise you to consider suicide before watching it. I am holding out though, partly due to morbid curiosity, partly to see if Stacy Dash gets her kit off, but mostly because I have nothing else to do and I've run out of booze.
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Illegal in Blue
Jackson Booth-Millard9 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously this is one of those films I only wanted to see for some good nudity and sex scenes, but I didn't get what I was expecting. The only two sex scenes that I can actually remember was a very short lesbian scene in the club that the main guy was visiting, they were doing it while he chatted with the owner. The other is the main girl having ice cubes rubbed all over. The main girl is a really good singer, and quite attractive, but she could have done more, if you know what I mean. The main guy is an idiot and is only good for choosing the right girl. Again, there is not enough of what I wanted in a porn like film. Pretty poor!
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Less sexy than Poison Ivy II
trini3 May 1999
Tracy Dash plays a femme fox who murders her husband in coldblood. After plotting it for sometime and carrying it out she becomes the number one murder suspect. While the detective investigates her he also falls in love with her. The faulted-love-struck cop must now pick between his love or his oath of morality.
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