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MPAA Rated R for strong horror/terror and gore, and for a brief view of a sexual photo

Sex & Nudity

  • Not much, there is a promiscuous woman featured who wears skimpy outfits.She is involved in an affair with the father of one of the main children. It is implied they are sleeping together but nothing is shown. She also makes jokes about sexual acts with the Ice Cream Man but nothing happens between them.
  • Two teenagers, a boy and girl are in a sexual relationship. A brief photo is seen of them engaging in intercourse through the window of a drugstore while being developed, which angers them. The photo shows a brief glimpse of their nude bodies but is not extremely graphic.

Violence & Gore

  • A driveby shooting is depicted at the beginning of the movie. The victim is the old ice cream man who is shown collapsing at the feet of a child who just sits there eating a pushpop that was going to be given to him. The child's mother runs to ask him if he is ok as he is not hurt but the ice cream man was killed as his blood is on the sidewalk and on the child's forehead.
  • Frozen hands of dead bodies, blood spatters and guts are seen inside the ice cream truck in various parts of the movie.
  • The ice cream man kills the pet dog of his neighbor. The dog's carcass is then shown going through a meat grinder.
  • A police officer eats an ice cream cone that has human eyeball in it without noticing. This is an infamous scene, very fake looking but some viewers still may find it gross.
  • A man's face is burned with a large waffle iron used for making waffle cones and is then decapitated. His head is then put on an large waffle cone and shown to his lover, who screams at the sight of it.
  • A woman is killed by the ice cream man after he stabs her with scythe-like weapon. Not very graphic, but a blood spurt is shown hitting him in the eye.
  • It is implied that a teenage boy is murdered by the ice cream man when looking for him. Although this act is not shown, the ice cream man puts on his clothes and goes to the car where he stabs his girlfriend in the throat. Blood is then shown coming from her mouth.
  • Two police officers are killed and then the ice cream man uses their decapitated heads as puppets and does this to tease the two children he is after.
  • A man is put in an ice cream maker at the end of of the movie and is chopped up when it is turned on.


  • A few swear words here and there but it's all mild language for the most part.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Nothing heavy, as substance is not a main theme in this movie. It is explained that the ice cream man was given mind altering drugs while at the Wishing Well Sanitarium, which was a factor in his insanity.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire movie is a horror/dark comedy so theme of a murdering ice cream man who kidnaps kids may frighten and disturb some. This is likely to bother younger children and not most adult viewers.

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