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How to ruin a good movie with special effects
jovana-1367610 November 2017
The film has a potential of Rebecca (1940), and then the special effects kick in. Everything after that is less and less convincing. The production design as well as the cast are superb, but wasted. Cut out all the digital effects and the film is impeccable and beautiful to look at, just like any period piece set in an English manor house, especially during the art deco era. Anthony Andrews, Aidan Quinn and Kate Beckinsale are hot and it's too bad that this hotness didn't amount to anything more substantial than apparitions. And the funny thing about John Gielgud, whenever I see him appear in another movie, I think, "Hey, wasn't he already dead when this was made?!"
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Plot unfolding is a disappointment with a silly ending
Artur Machado14 August 2017
With action taking place during the latter half of 1920's in rural England, Professor David Ash, famous for discrediting supernatural phenomena, is invited to the Edbrook Mansion to try to calm down the governess who assures that the house is haunted. During his stay he observes the strange behavior of the three orphan brothers (a woman and two men in their twenties or close to thirty) as he himself begins to experience unexplained phenomena. The film starts well with some intrigue and good performances, but the plot unfolding is a disappointment with a silly ending. Several questions arise as to the credibility of the story when so many inconsistencies are hard to ignore and by the time the movie ends, there is only left a sense of disappointment.
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old school ghost flick
trashgang25 April 2017
Stated as a horror and someways it is but it isn't going to be a horror for everyone. There's no gore or blood to see, this is just a pure ghostly flick that is slowly revealing what is going on. Some effects are a bit cheaply done (CGI) and others are done by fastening images.

The story do involves a professor (Aidan Quinn) who doesn't believe in ghosts and meditations and likes to face people that it's all pranks being put up. But once invited at the Mariell family he becomes involved in a web of ghosts and a girl (Kate Beckinsale) who seduces him and isn't shy to show her body. i was rather surprised to see Kate in her nudies.

It's a slow mover with a strange family made for people who are into old school sixties ghost flicks just on the edge of a Gothic flick. For me just a bit too much of a love story involved.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 0/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5
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Don't spoil the ending?
tomsview13 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Haunted" is a pretty good ghost movie up until we get the explanation about what it was all about, and then I think we just get too much information. I enjoyed it, but the ending needed subtlety and ambiguity rather than the over-the-top one it received, and I don't buy that last scene.

The story is set in 1928. After a drowning tragedy in his childhood, Professor David Ash (Aidan Quinn) has become a well-known debunker of psychics and the paranormal. He travels to the countryside after receiving an invitation from the Mariell family to investigate a supposed haunting at their home, Edbrook House. At the manor, he encounters the wild, but close-knit Mariell family: Robert (Anthony Andrews), Simon (Alex Lowe) and their sister Christina (Kate Beckinsale). He also meets their very scared nanny, Tess Webb (Anna Massey).

Without too giving too much away, along with bumps in the night, David also detects an undercurrent of incest, and is exposed to things that are either real or just figments of his imagination. In fact, the film cheats quite a bit, unashamedly mixing up the real and the unreal.

"Haunted" has picture-perfect locations and a picture-perfect cast. Aiden Quinn is a solid presence as he goes from initial disbelief to acceptance of things beyond his control – he has about the best shocked stare in the business. Kate Beckinsale is head-turningly beautiful, and gives an uninhibited performance here, although the lack of inhibition was probably more on the part of her body double. Anna Massey gives a very haunted performance as Nanny.

The film was directed by Lewis Gilbert of "Alfie" fame, and "Haunted" shows an assured touch, for most of the way at least.

The special effects are adequate without being fantastic but I think they let the film down at the end. A great ghost story depends more on mood than special effects; some of the best ones hardly have any special effects at all, just look at "The Uninvited", "The Innocents" and "The Sixth Sense".

"Haunted" falls short of those films but it gets you going for a while, it only falters at the end where instead of delivering a knockout blow, it gives us a slap with wet flannel instead.
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Poignant ghost story from the pen of James Herbert
Leofwine_draca26 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A fine attempt to recreate the old-fashioned chills and thrills of a horror movie in the style of THE WOMAN IN BLACK, this adaptation of the James Herbert novel (which I haven't read, incidentally) is a cut above the norm as far as genre horror movies go. The film is slow-burning but always effective, and strong acting from the leads keeps your eyes riveted on the screen. I recently enjoyed THE OTHERS as an example of a fresh and original ghost story, but after watching HAUNTED I'm not so sure THE OTHERS was that original after all.

HAUNTED certainly isn't for all tastes. It's a film which prefers to drag you into the world and mind of the lead character before all of the supernatural stuff starts happening, so we get some good build-up like the fake séance which Quinn is only too happy to expose. As David Ash, Quinn is a revelation; he gives a very strong performance of a man gradually becoming more and more disturbed by the seemingly inexplicable events surrounding him. In fact, I've never seen him better, and I would say that his is one of the best genre performances in the past ten years (and I'm beginning to wonder if he and Rutger Hauer share the same set of eyes - they're so alike it's creepy).

As the film gradually progresses, the isolated setting of the country estate grows on the viewer and fine use is made of the English countryside. As well as the horror, a charming romance begins to blossom between Quinn and the female lead, Kate Beckinsale. Beckinsale, an actress I've never much cared for, is brilliant in the film, creating a vulnerable but sexy woman with her own dark secrets - as witnessed in the hints of incest that the film points at occasionally. The actual supernatural events involve a door being held shut although nobody is on the other side; then Quinn is mysteriously pushed into the local lake and nearly drowned; finally, weird, spontaneous fires begin to break out and disappear again at a moment's notice. It comes as no surprise that the mansion begins reliving its past, but HAUNTED puts a fresh and interesting spin on the ghost story tale. The special effects are limited and kept to a thankful minimum, but there are some effective touches like faces in the flames and, my personal favourite; an exceedingly frightening ghost made of dust or some such material.

The movie is bolstered by a scene-setting score and good performances from the supporting characters as well as the leads. Anthony Andrews is adept at creating a gentlemanly character with a hint of depravity about him, and it's good to see John Gielgud back on screen as the family doctor. Anna Massey is also fine as the lonely, frightened old woman in the family. The film has one of those fantastic twist endings we're so familiar with in recent years, and the final feeling is one of poignancy rather than horror. Yet rarely do I watch a film and finish with a smile on my face after really enjoying getting caught up in the lives and loves of the fictional characters - old-fashioned horror fans, seek this one out.
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Body Double?
gavin694227 April 2016
Professor David Ash is invited to Edbrook to calm the fears of the elderly nanny of the Mariell family. Nanny Tess is seeing things, and Ash's book debunking such phenomenon makes him a good choice to set her mind at ease and convince her she is just tired and stressed.

Lewis Gilbert had directed films since the 1940s, including some entries in the James Bond series, and this was towards the end of his career. The movie is not his best work, and received mixed reviews. It does deserve credit for the casting, as Kate Beckinsale had not really taken off yet. The film has added appeal in retrospect because of this.

I think the mixed reviews are warranted, as the movie never seems fully... something. I don't even know the word. It comes across as a middling made-for-TV film in many respects, rather than a full-blown theatrical attraction.
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Sadly flawed, but terrific in spots. Beckinsale is excellent.
NateWatchesCoolMovies24 March 2016
Haunted is an atmospheric, valiant yet frustratingly uneven ghost story effort, in the tradition of stuff like The Awakening and The Haunting. If the plot seems close to last year's Crimson Peak, it's because it is, and I'd bet that Del Toro had this forgotten entry in mind when he embarked on that journey. I say frustrating because there's a certain few absolutely terrific moments of Gothic horror that truly shiver your timbers, but they're hopelessly mired in a mucky moor of a plot that unfortunately is not as effective as those key scenes. You David Ash is rough housing around wit his sister in the English countryside when she hits her head on a rock, and drowns in the pond below. He grows up soaked in guilt, dedicated to disproving the existence of paranormal phenomena. As an adult he's played by Aiden Quinn, who is an average dude with slightly wild looking eyes who is always effective in the sense that he seeks out challenging, odd projects which test his everyday aura nicely. In the early 1900's he is summoned back to rural Britain by an elderly woman (Anna Massey) who is convinced that she is surrounded by ghosts. He is greeted there by the luminous, attractive Christina (Kate Beckinsale), a friendly young thing with a distinct untrustworthy vibe and a penchant for getting creepy close with her two strange brothers (Anthony Andrews and Alex Lowe). She lives out there in isolation with them as well as their disturbed mother, and one gets the sense right off the bat that something is wonky. I suppose that's the point though isn't it? Beckinsale has carved a path of playing either somber, distraught women or tough, silent warrior chicks. This is the most animated work I've ever seen from her, and the most radiant she's ever looked as well. It's also to date the only nude scenes she's ever put forth, and I don't use the term lightly... she really bares it all here. The middle portion of the film meanders around with these characters, not revealing enough to push the plot forward enough, until the curtain is whisked away jarringly in the third act, cementing it's pacing issues for good. It's a picturesque enough journey, I just wish we had something to latch onto besides that, some substance and a consistency in the creepiness factor to keep us invested. Alas. It's got a spookily wonderful beginning, and an electric, full blooded ending, the only two instances where it shows true feeling and commitment. The rest is, well... stale. It's worth a peek for a few reasons though, including Beckinsale's solid performance and that one uber-scary scene in the opener.
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Not the book I read
Warning: Spoilers
I Loved the book and found it very scary and atmospheric. The description of the gradual dilapidation of the house and the increasingly disturbing events was paced very well as was the the shocking ending.

However in the film many crucial bits are missing or have been totally altered. The vital precursor to the main plot, regarding Ash's sister was changed completely, as she was portrayed in the film as kind and benevolent whereas in the book she was viciously cruel to Ash whilst alive and dead. The whole point being that his dead sister and the ghostly family gang up on Ash to a prove him wrong and drive him mad. This aspect is mainly omitted.

I can't see why the the film was reset to the twenties. Again in the book Ash is a flawed character - seedy, alcoholic and guilt ridden not a dashing professional. As eluded to elsewhere the incest angle between brother and sister was quite an invention of the film and may have been included as an excuse to portray much female nudity both real and canvas born. Many of the details of the book that show Ash's increasing horror that the family are phantoms, such as a one sided conversation on a tape recorder and the bed he shared with Christina obviously having been slept in by only him are brushed over.

A whole episode in the book where Ash does debunk some hoaxers in a supposedly haunted church is missed out too.

Admittedly as a stand alone ghost movie it is not bad but it cannot be called a close adaption of the book.
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Perhaps its the Horror Channel
Neil Welch5 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After his young sister dies in an accident around the turn of the 19th to 20th century, David blames himself and, on growing up, becomes a debunker of hauntings. He is engaged to investigate a haunting, and it turns out that the people who live there are an odd bunch and, just maybe, the haunting is genuine.

This film has an impeccable pedigree - a hugely respectable cast, and a story by established horror author James Herbert. And, as far as performance and story are concerned, I don't have much by way of criticism.

But maybe paying for a high profile cast meant that there wasn't much left in the budget for little thinks like special effect and decent film stock. Because the broadcast I watched was very grainy, and the effects were distinctly dodgy.

A shame.
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Starts well, ends badly
grantss23 November 2014
A so-so horror movie. Started fairly well, built well with a fair amount of intrigue, then unraveled to an extent at the end. After all the intrigue, the revelation and punchline just seemed lame and contrived, and created a few plot holes.

Was reasonably entertaining, however.

Movie will mostly be remembered (by men, especially) for Kate Beckinsale. This was one of her first big screen appearances and she is stunningly beautiful, and delivers a solid performance.

Decent performance too from Aidan Quinn.

Cast also includes Sir John Gielgud in a supporting role. He is there to give the movie some credibility and star-power.
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Could have been a whole lot better
mannin1123 October 2014
Good acting in a tired and predictable story. Great performance from Aiden Quinn, invited to a Gothic manor to investigate supposed ghosts lurking within. A hokey attempt to sex-up the story with an incestuous triangle between Kate Beckinsale and her two brothers. The story, set in the 1920's, has all the appearance of the wholesome, lackluster British family movies made in the 1950's. You almost expect Heidi to come tripping over the lush green hills. Recommended as one of the spookier movies around, the performances are all good, by actors who know their craft, but the movie is directed like a Hallmark Hall of Fame love story, devoid of any tension and wholly derivative in its execution. A complete lack of pacing that leads to a conclusion you can see coming a mile away. Tired and predictable are the words that apply. A shame as the actors could have done so much more with a more innovative director. A waste of good talent looking for direction.
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Very scary Gothic ghost-movie!
Catharina_Sweden3 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very good, scary, old-fashioned ghost-movie. In fact it was so creepy that I got goosebumps all over my body (for REAL, not as a figure of speech!). Also, I several time had a feeling that someone was behind me, so that I had to glance over my shoulder!

The story is excellent with an astonishing twist at the end, the exteriors and interiors are exquisite, and the actors are excellent!

As I have ticked the "spoiler" box, I can discuss the twist here, can't I..? My only reservation, is that the type of ghost in movies with this twist in the end - the "the person I have been associating with was really a ghost all the time" - goes against the normal Western European notion of ghosts.

We do not think of spirits as solid bodies that can eat, drink, move around objects in the real world, and even have sex with humans. We think of them as ethereal, transparent... and emitting a cold, which would make it very unpleasant to sleep with them! :-) So, every time you watch a movie with this kind of plot, you have to buy into the foreign "solid, human ghosts" notion - that are more like zombies really.
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Haunted (1995) Thriller, Love Story and Mystery (underrated)
CrimeTime5030 January 2014
Hey, I just want to say I have watched this movie 10 times and never get tired of it. Kate Beckinsdale back in her early prime was and so beautiful. The acting is great! It took me many years to find a DVD but finally own this movie:) I remember seeing this for the very first time on some cable channel back in 1995...I couldn't tell you which one?

Very well written movie and very well produced. I wish they would make more like these.

This movie is about a Professor at a British university who is requested by an older maid/servant to come to a mansion out in the suburbs of Great Britain. The Professor has written a book trying to convince everybody there are no ghosts or paranormal true events on this planet. He is in for the surprise and shock of his life.

Professor Ash decides to take a visit to this historic mansion at the request of the aging maid/housekeeper and encounters events he would have never envisioned.

My roommate, God bless her soul, saw this with me 9 years ago just before she died. She said this was one of the most scariest but adorable movies she had ever seen.

Myself? One of the most underrated Mysteries/Thrillers/Paranormal/Love Story movies I had ever seen and loved it. A must see and one of those movies that will keep your attention throughout. A lot to like about this one. I don't care what the current rating say about this movie...I adored it.

I gave it a 10 out of 10. Very picky about movies and consider this a winner in my book:)
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The Edbrook Haunting.
Spikeopath29 November 2013
Haunted is directed by Lewis Gilbert, who co-adapts the screenplay with Bob Kellett and Timothy Prager from the novel written by James Herbert. It stars Aidan Quinn, Kate Beckinsale, Anthony Andrews, Alex Lowe, John Gielgud and Anna Massey. Music is by Debbie Wiseman and cinematography by Tony Pierce-Roberts.

Following the accidental death of his twin sister when they were just kids, David Ash (Quinn) has grown up to be a parapsychologist determined to debunk the existence of ghosts. Receiving an invitation from the Mariell family to investigate supernatural activity at their family home, Edbrook House, David accepts and quickly finds his life flipped upside down…

It's from the old fashioned school of horror, a period piece of some worth, but not one for anyone looking to be scared out of their wits. Actually the novel by the late great James Herbert was becalmed when judged by his superb standards, so it really will help any potential first time viewer to go into this expecting a more ethereal chiller than anything else.

There's an air of romanticism constantly hanging in the air, and with Gilbert nodding towards the likes of The Haunting for his scares and Don't Look Now for the meditation on grief angle, it's a film of mixed blessings. Also nice to see very good period design for the 1920s setting, while Roberts' photography skilfully brings beauty to the English countryside and murkier tones for the inner workings of Edbrook House.

Cast are fine, with Quinn and a perky Beckinsale creating good sensual chemistry, and Andrews and Lowe are suitably odd as the clearly off- kilter Mariell brothers. Massey, however, is not challenged by her role and Gilegud is only really filing in for an easy money cameo.

It gets away from itself a little in the final stretch, where it's not helped by some shoddy effects work, but there's good value to be had in the picture. With grief, guilt, redemption and incest bubbling away thematically, and the spectral visage of David's dead sister haunting the edges of the frame, film never lacks for literate effort or a sense of unease. The book is much better, mind. 7/10
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Worth a Gander
Siren55514 September 2013
Haunted is a film well worth watching, in spite of its flawed ending. Aidan Quinn -- never particularly impressive as an actor -- is convincing in his role as a skeptical doctor who investigates mediums and supposed hauntings. All the other actors do an outstanding job; they are really a joy to watch. And Beckinsale is at her alluring best.

In its atmosphere (so important for a suspense movie) "Haunted" achieves a very good balance of whimsy and dread. The sets are excellent, the pacing good, the story very compelling. Where the movie fails is in its abrupt, unsatisfying conclusion. And it must also be said that, while the title "Haunted," does work on a couple of different levels, it is still a lame title for a ghost movie.
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a wonderful ghost story nobody's ever heard of
gretz-569-3238638 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Haunted" provides many of the same joys as reading a Miss Marple mystery--a Miss Marple mystery where most of the dramatis personae get naked, that is.

Mostly set in the 1920s, it features an outsized English manor house, a professor from "Camberley" College, dressing for dinner, tea at 5pm, a possible ghost, bumps in the night, and lots of family secrets--some of them a little too shocking for Agatha Christie.

The performances are top-notch. I've always loved Kate Beckinsale, and it's nice to think that people who only know her from those awful "Underworld" movies may see this and discover she's an actress. Aidan Quinn is also a favorite; even though he tends to be somewhat wooden, I forgive him because he's such an appealing presence. Anthony Andrews is amazing: one of those actors that inhabit a role, as they say. And can John Gielgud give a bad performance? I don't think so.

The story is great, if a little thin here and here. I won't spoil the plot twists, but at the end you're likely to be left with nagging questions about why certain characters did certain things in light of certain facts that are now known.

But don't let that stop you from watching it. In fact, it'll probably encourage you to watch it again. It does me: this is one of those movies I'll watch any time it's on cable.

btw, of all the movies people have compared this to, nobody's mentioned the similarities to "Angels and Insects." A&I is not a ghost story, but it shares with this movie the setting, the atmosphere, and some of the more interesting plot elements.
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The Perfect Ghost Story For The Non-Thrill-Seekers
Lexi Wolfe29 October 2012
As a long-time ghost story fanatic, this is the kind of story which gives the other gently terrifying stories of the same genre, such as The Others, a real run for their money. Thrill-seekers who want a good ghost story are after A-bump-a-minute scenarios which, thankfully, this film does not have, instead garnering a slow but natural and steady pace which involves wonderful hints and twists throughout and a wonderful, touching and ultimately, creepy conclusion.

I have never been a great fan of Aidan Quinn or Kate Beckinsale, though their chemistry here makes the film very watchable, and Quinn is acceptable as a hapless if not quite lovable hero. Beckinsale is also on generally good, charming form and, to be fair to both actors, there are several points in the script where the dialogue is so shallow and blunt, that Laurence Olivier and Gielgud himself (who appears and is wonderful as the local doctor) would have struggled to bring any more life to them without making the words seem silly and unrealistic.

The show-stealer, as per usual in almost everything he is in, is undoubtedly Anthony Andrews, as the understatedly creepy yet charmingly alluring elder brother. Andrews is a very-much underrated actor as it is, but his performance and changes in attitude towards Quinn as the guest in their sprawling home, very much makes the film and most of the tension therein.

Anna Massey too is wonderful as the housekeeper/nanny and creates a very sorry character with whom one instantly feels sympathy, playing out her pivotal role right until the very end with her usual grace and unabashed talent.

To one who knows the ins and outs of modern twists and turns in movies and stories such as these, the ending is not altogether unpredictable, but the well-disguised yet compelling hints throughout make it all much more exciting, and the scenes of ghostly appearance are, for a change, nicely inserted without too much musical decoration or unnecessary special effects, making the whole thing very watchable. The sets and locations are stunning and elegant at all times, bringing up both the believability and charm of the story. This film, overall, falls into the category of a sadly overlooked, but wonderful fireside story, which deserves more publicity than it gets.
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Classy traditional ghost story
amesmonde13 June 2012
A professor in the business of disproving the existence of ghosts receives an invitation to investigate the alleged haunting at Edbrook House and embarks on chilling journey of discovery.

Based on James Herbert's 1988 novel Haunted and the character of David Ash who appears in several of Herberts books this is a old fashion ghost story directed by veteran director Lewis Gilbert. Without drawing comparisons/differences to the book Timothy Prager, Bob Kellett and Lewis Gilbert's adaptation is creepy enough and at the time of its release the twist was still pretty fresh. Nevertheless, it shares many elements with The Woman in Black novel/film and The Others (2001) based on The Turn of the Screw (1898) to name a few.

The few effects are sufficient but it works better when practical and old fashion camera tricks are used. Due to the period setting it is reminiscent of an Agatha Christie Poirot/ Miss Marple outing but this adds to the charm of Gilberts vision. The film is wonderfully shot, exteriors, internal sets of Edbrook House, cottages, train stations and outhouse are nicely recreated/utilised. There is a crisp bygone British ambiance which add to the 1928 backdrop and makes the ghostly goings-on more palatable.

Given the small main cast ensemble it's an achievement it retains the viewers attention throughout. The film presents David Ash with a clean-cut image that Aidan Quinn executes with ease. The interaction with his sister is heart-warming and his decent into the supernatural or madness is subtlety convincing. Christina Mariell played by Kate Beckinsale handles the range of immaturity, sensuality and manipulation fittingly. Beckinsale is on put on show here, naked portraits, love making and skinny dipping - surprisingly it avoids gratuitousness thanks to the filming, performance and the tales framework. Both brothers are adequately portrayed with Anthony Andrews having an edge over his co-star Alex Lowe who delivers the jump scares . Notable are actors John Gielgud's Dr. Doyle and Anna Massey who in retrospect both emote some perfect reactions given the context of the ominous story.

Haunted delivers some chilling moments but not enough investigation and too many false scares. That said, it's an entertaining traditional ghost yarn with a touch of class.
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Ghost story well told
Richie-67-48585231 October 2011
You want a Ghost story, well have I got one for you. The one investigating it is none other than a professional skeptic who doesn't fall for any of the regular haunting behavior one typically runs across. In fact, the lead player has wrote a book on the subject matter. The reasons why he wrote a book and the continuing investigations lead him to a very satisfying experience on the subject matter all done nicely while we watch. Did I add that it is intriguing, terrifying, mysterious and haunting? Things will come up in this movie that cause you take notice, but not understand. However, the points are made until all the scary ducks start to line up and quack pure fright. Well it is pure fright courtesy of a good story well acted out. True horror and adventure will be found with the help of engaging the viewer's interest. This movie has the ability to do that. It offers up chills while delivering a story that after you view the movie, you will want to discuss with a friend. Lot's of good questions will pop up and great discussion will follow. Be careful what you ask for is at play here because you just might get it...Eating sunflower seeds or popcorn so that your hands have something to do is recommended
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Might Need to Watch this Again
Laura Mazzoccoli3 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this movie for the first time tonight. First of all, I love ghost stories, anything about the supernatural and I am interested. I also love period pieces, so this movie seemed like it would be great to watch. Well, I was definitely disappointed. During the first half hour or so, it was very promising and had a lot of potential to be really entertaining, mysterious and suspenseful. Unfortunately this never happened. It was incredibly slow moving for one thing. I was sitting there just waiting for something scary to happen to make David think there were ghosts. I had an idea about halfway through that Christina and her brothers were ghosts, although they tried really hard to make that not seem possible. And that was another thing that I didn't like, it was just way too far fetched. There was nothing that really made you think they were ghosts, they could've been a bit more clever about that. And then Christina dying in the car fire, what was that all about? I don't know, it was very strange. It had real potential to be a fantastic movie, but it just didn't do it for me. Maybe I have to watch it again. I am really surprised about the reviews for this movie, I think I've read one bad review and I really thought there would be many bad reviews. This is by far my favorite genre and I am pretty upset that I didn't like this movie.
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One helluva ghost story!!
pictomancer2 August 2009
I remember seeing this film when I was only little, around 6 years old and I always remembered it to be a crappy horror film. Years later when I got it on DVD to re-watch it, I found myself completely wrong. The film is about a supernatural skeptic called David Ash who tries to debunk fake paranormal events. He is summoned to a house called Edbrook where an old lady named Nanny Tess is convinced that her house is haunted by spirits.

The film itself is a return to the slightly cliché but still effective ghost themes, with creaking doors, bumps in the night, etc. The film's story and narrative from Frank Herbert's novel is absolutely brilliant and there are enough twists to keep anybody entertained. Aidan Quinn is brilliant in his role, and Kate Beckinsale shines in one of her earliest roles.

I feel though that this film has been marginally overlooked and ignored by many and it does deserve a watch for anyone interested in psychological horrors. The film itself is out of distribution but copies are still available as Dutch imports (with English audio). All in all, a fantastic film!
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I feel like I've seen this story before hand
amandawilcox15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie wasn't bad. But I did predict the ending 1/4 of the way through the movie. So when the ending was upon me I already knew what was going on. I don't like that. I like to be kept in suspense. Maybe it's because I saw the movie "The Others" before seeing this one and they have very similar story lines.

The only thing that was confusing to me was how Aidan Quinn's character could have such close contact with the ghosts. They appeared to him as though they were really alive. With the appearance of his dead sister leading him to the truth. It was a little too far fetched for me. Not that ghost movies should be truthful, but they should at least be slightly plausible. At least that's how I feel.
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Far from believable
leebca7 July 2009
Acting superb however the story stretches the likliehood of credibility. I like a good 'punch line' as much as the next, but to go through the almost entire length of a movie to find out it was all an illusion is a big let down. There should have been some clues, realistic giveaways in the plot, to suggest that what was happening was an illusion. The old lady did have her moment of questioning the events, but it should have been played up more, I think, casting more doubts on the current events. I find the movie somewhat entertaining but hard to reconcile the surprise ending with the extensive detail of the illusion the viewer was presented. Sad too that Ms. Beckinsale had a body double for the nude scenes, but they were well done nonetheless. The director begins with an innocent skinny dip, then a drop of a robe top in a natural moment, to a slightly perverted moment of nudity and finally a sex scene with nudity. A wide range of nudity woven into a plot.
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Forever Haunted
sol13 June 2009
***SPOILERS*** A bit confusing in the end "Haunted" still is as good a haunted movie that's to come out of Hollywood since the all-time haunted house horror classic film "The Haunting" back in 1963.

In "Haunted" we have Chicago Uiversity psychology professor, and famed debunker of the paranormal, Dr. David Ash,Aidan Quinn, travel England back in 1928 to investigate the Mariell Mansion that's reported to be haunted by an evil spirit by one of its occupants Nanny Webb, Anna Massey. David soon falls in love with the lady of the house Christian Mariell, Kate Beckinsale, who meets him at the train station and drives him to the mansion.

At the spacious mansion David is introduced to Christina's two brothers the overly serious Robert, Anthony Andrews, and joker and in house comedian Simon, Alex Lowe, who together with Christina spend almost all their time doing nothing but partying around and skinny-dipping in the in the outdoor lake. Even though the astute David sees nothing supernatural in Nanny Webb's observations he does see that the Mariell children are somehow totally indifferent to her as if she doesn't even exist at all. As for Nanny Webb she's terrified of them even more then the ghost of Mrs. Mariell that she claims to be haunting the Mansion!

***SPOILER ALERT*** David himself becomes convinced in Nanny Webb's statements of supernatural occurrences at the Mariell Mansion not by seeing the late Mrs. Mariell but in seeing his own long deceased twin sister Juliet, Victoria Shalet. Juliet is trying to get David to leave the premises before something very awful and terrible happens to him. Something that's been planned in advance to happen to David by the Mariell children who are not what they at first seem to be!

Nanny Webb has carried this terrible secret about what really happened to the late Mrs. Mariell since back on that cold February day in 1923. It was the circumstances of Mrs. Mariell's tragic death and what she did after that that has driven Nanny Webb to the brink of madness. A madness that was soon to engulf David Ash in a web of incest murder and arson that will change his opinions about haunted houses ghosts and the supernatural forever!
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Kate Beckinsale steals the show in this stylish horror
kshitij (axile007)19 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Haunted is a beautiful movie based on James Herbert's novel but it is very much underrated and hardly remembered when we talk about horror or supernatural movies.

Aidan Quinn on request of an old lady came to the town to help them get rid of ghosts.The atmosphere is creepy & suspenseful.Nothing is what it seems until the hero discovers the shocking truth.The strongest link of the movie is Kate Beckinsale who made the movie looks beautiful with her flawless acting & skin show.

I never understood why this movie did not work inspire of great story line,good acting and subtle direction.
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