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Jonathan Esposito21 July 2015
was this movie made as a joke ? what kind of idiot would make this movie? the acting is awful . Dan hagg or whatever , is a terrible actor . the kids in this movie are such bad actors, the smurfs movie actually look good. I'm sorry this movie was made . don't watch it . it wastes so much time. the movie should have a warning on it , it so bad. all of this guys movies are terrible . and please don't watch the sequel to this movie. its even worse than this one. The entire movie is poor. i think a baby wrote this script for this movie. This movie is pure cinematic garbage. so cheesy also. Dan haggerety or whatever sounds like hes reading from a script the whole movie.
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Daughter loved it, I was sorely disappointed....
Peppergal8 August 2001
I gave it a high rating in honor of my five year old daughter, who loved the entire movie, as cheesy and dopey as it was. The only reason I bought it in the first place was because I was deceived into thinking by the front picture that it had something to do with Grizzly ADAMS on Grizzly Mountain! I was looking forward to seeing Mad Jack and #7, as well as Ben the bear and all the other animals that made me love the TV show as a kid.

The entire movie is a poor display of even poorer acting and direction. It seems as if it were written by a sixth grader. All of the characters are predictable and transparent. I really cringed at the sight of a teenage gal playing leapfrog with her preteen brother. It would have been more believable as a whole if the two main characters-the kids--were actually YOUNGER... Though, to give it some credit, the 3 stooge like bad guys did lighten things up a bit.
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Kid fare
Ryan J. Gilmer30 April 2000
I saw this movie because a friend/acquaintance was/is in it.

This is the one of the few things, I believe the movie has going for it. There is bad acting/effects (the time warps and the bad guys especially), bad plotting (it relys to much on Home Alone type humor), bad writing (some of the lines are pure cheese)..... There is some redeeming quality though (like no gratuitous violence, Mr. Hagerty, and the overall movie message), but the movie begs the question --> it this a theatrical release or a nice kids movie on TV. Really there is no reason for a theatrical release as this movie is all about and for kids. See it for that reason.
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Sorry IMDb...It's still Pure Cinematic Garbage
The_Light_Triton9 April 2011
On October 17th, 2005, I originally Reviewed Grizzly Mountain...and I still come to the same conclusion that I had on that night; This movie is pure cinematic garbage.

The first mistake is the horrible acting in this film. 95% of Dylan's lines sound like he was reading them off a script, And even worse is how he seems to have the most of the lines in the film. actually, just about everyone except Dan Haggerty (Jeremiah) Martin Kove (The Marshall) and Kim Morgan Greene (Betty, Who looks like a prostitute in her bare shoulder dress) either can't act or overacts.

The Second mistake is all the obvious bloopers. Anyone who grew up in the 1990's would know a gameboy can't make noises that clear like in the movie, and every time Dylan turns the gameboy on, it doesn't have the traditional Gameboy "ding" noise that plays every time a gameboy is turned on.

The story is as follows; Dylan and Nicole's dad works for Portland, Oregon's development projects. He's deciding to turn modern day Grizzly mountain into a place for condos, Stores, and golf courses. while bringing his family up for a camping trip. But while Dylan and Nicole go out exploring, they enter a mysterious Indian cave, and travel back to the 1870s, and meet with Jeremiah, who is facing a crisis - Grizzly mountain is about to be destroyed so a railroad can come through. if that happens, He loses his home, his Indian friends lose their homes, and the animals lose their homes. So with the help of Dylan and Nicole, They all must band together to stop the greedy Bossman, His Sugar mama Betty, and the mayor from destroying grizzly mountain.

Yeah, No creativity was used whatsoever.

I own the classic 1997 VHS release, and according to the box, the Family advisory board called the film "Absolutely Terrific...Thoroughly enjoyable." And then on the back, there are 2 other Opinions; "Breathtaking" and then there's "Enchanting and Adventurous" But what's even funnier is who said that; The national Enquirer and The Family Channel, Respectively.

The National Enquirer, A magazine that has predicted the end of the world numerous times, Claims to have pictures of heaven, and a 3,300 pound woman, Actually reviewed this film.

Bottom line; Either you like this movie, or you flat out hate it. It could be categorized as a film so bad, that it's good. or you could say it's so cheesy it could be a Pizza.

1/10 - Trust me, Stay away from this one.
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Was this made as a joke???
theonetowatch30 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I swear this movie was made as a joke, because there's no way any director could ever think this would be taken seriously. Some of my favorite parts include when the kids meet Jeremiah and they just show him talking at the camera, so its like he's talking to you. Another one: when Dylan and Nicole are going off exploring, their dad is like, "Aren't you forgetting something?" And then the worst line in the whole movie: "Oh yeah, we forgot our backpacks!" Those kids need to learn to act. My absolute favorite part is when that fat guy is putting the fake gold in the lake and he falls down. The three bad guys are the only good part and that's because they can't act at all. Overall there was bad acting from every single person in the movie, awful "special effects", especially when they try to get you to believe there's an eagle in the sky. You can see the strings! The only reason I like this movie is because it's so bad it's funny. I give it a 2 just because it's so fun to make fun of.
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