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Plot Keywords

russian agent
russia chemical weapons
showdown fire
cuba general
satellite massacre
assassin military
army tank
research station missile
top secret british
enemy train
helicopter terrorist
jungle computer
mixed caps in title one word title
brawl fight
fist fight one man army
tough guy warrior
grenade conspiracy
sadist london england
mexican standoff bungee jumping
beach megalomaniac
mercenary exploding tank
museum disfigurement
plane crash ak 47
action hero friend turned foe
year 1995 post soviet russia
blood splatter blood
gun duel gun battle
slow motion scene bullet time
1990s year 1986
1980s returning character with different actor
kissing while having sex mixed martial arts
held at gunpoint russian general
soldier hand to hand combat
karate fistfight
seventeenth part lifting a female into the air
lifting someone into the air lifting an adult into the air
good versus evil cemetery
airplane pistol
gangster shootout
silencer female assassin
motorcycle snow
terrorism evil man
unsubtitled foreign language train explosion
exploding helicopter exploding car
woman with a gun dominant woman
color in title riviera
cult figure cult film
hero killing woman aston martin
head butt tattoo on butt
russian army card game
spy camera gambling house
gambling casino casino owners
casino card game motorcycle stunt
rogue agent reboot of series
spying spy mission
secret service secret service agent
secret agent laser
intelligence intelligence agent
intelligence agency high tech
gadgetry gadget car
british secret service britain
bond girl evil plot
british intelligence train wreck
leg scissors female killer
official james bond series shot to death
shot in the forehead shot in the foot
shot in the chest shot in the back
rough sex loss of friend
exploding building car accident
violence trap
murder kidnapping
hostage gun
falling from height explosion
death car chase
bathroom elevator
st. petersburg russia strangulation
poetic justice martial arts
electro magnetic pulse partner
player sequel
blockbuster revolving door
slide locked back villainess
bungee jump revenge
russian mafia spy turned terrorist
timebomb computer cracker
sadism gatling gun
machine gun ejection seat
see you in hell colonel
spy casino
satellite dish laser cutter
boat innuendo
wheelchair villain
organized crime former soviet union
reverse footage nuclear weapons
machismo vengeance
internet suffocation
gadget cossack
post cold war baccarat
title spoken by character

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