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Smokey's car is a 1976 Ford Pinto.
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Cast members were warned not to wear red due to their safety. 126th street where the film was shot was in a Crip neighborhood which explains why Smokey is wearing blue.
Chris Tucker improvised many of his lines in the movie.
The neighborhood where the film takes place is the same street where the film's director, F. Gary Gray, grew up in South Central, Los Angeles. Principal houses that were used for filming were houses of old friends of the director. The scene where Deebo punches Red into the air is the house that Gray grew up in.
In the flashback scene where Smokey is in the car with Hector and his friend, two men can be seen sitting on a block wall in the background. The men were residents of the neighborhood who wanted to be difficult towards the production staff, knowing they couldn't tell them what to do on their property. They remained in the shot despite offers from the staff which included compensation or a walk-on role in the film.
The movie was filmed in 20 days.
First movie role for Michael Clarke Duncan. He appears as one of the craps players in the flashback where Red gets punched by Deebo.
The clothes that Ice Cube wears at the beginning & end of the film are the same clothes he Wore at the end of Boyz n the Hood.
DJ Pooh, who portrays Red, was originally set to play Smokey. However, New Line pressed producers for a better known actor, reaching a deal with Chris Tucker.
This was Meagan Good's first film. She was "girl #2" that gets pushed out of the way by Smokey at the ice cream truck.
The line "Bye Felicia" is also used in Straight Outta Compton by Ice Cube's son O'Shea Jackson, Jr., who portrays Ice Cube. That film, as well as this film, was also directed by F. Gary Gray.
The license plate on Smokey's car is "FCK IT".
This movie was released one month after the death of former N.W.A band mate, Eazy-E
Mr. Jones, a dogcatcher by trade, watches Man's Best Friend (1993), a movie about a genetically engineered dog that becomes homicidal.
Chris Rock and Tommy Davidson were considered for the role of Smokey.
This is the second of four movies that Ice Cube and Nia Long appear in together, the first being Boyz n the Hood (1991), the third being Are We There Yet? (2005) and the fourth movie being Are We Done Yet? (2007).
Craig Jones (Ice Cube) watches K-Dee's "Hittin' Corners" video, which was released by Cube's Lench Mob Records label.
Craig's mother can be seen pouring the last of the sugar into her coffee while eating breakfast.
Tommy "Tiny" Liston and Ice Cube previously worked together on Trespass (1992). They played characters that were in the same gang.
The movie was filmed in 126th Street between Halldale and Normandie in South Los Angeles, California.
It's revealed in deleted scenes that Craig's dad is eating grapes at the beginning of the movie, and that Smokey is eating a sugar sandwich while they're high and watching music videos.
This is the second film featuring Regina King, Ice Cube and Nia Long.
The first movie featuring Chris Tucker and Tommy (Tiny) Lister, the second being "The Fifth Element".
In the theatrical version, we are immediately introduced to the Jones family. The extended version of the film introduces viewers to several supporting characters (Deebo, Ezal, Stanley, etc.) before the Jones Family.
One of the record albums in Craig's room is "One Nation Under a Groove" (1978) by Funkadelic, the back cover shown upside-down.
The top of the animal control truck was used as a camera riser and to store production gear.
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The song being played on Smokey's car while Smokey and Craig were about to go to a store was performed by Dr. Dre, a former member of N.W.A. just like Ice Cube (Craig). It is also remembered that Dr. Dre along with other N.W.A. member were once dissed by Ice Cube through his rap "No Vaseline" though during the making of this film they've already settled down their differences.
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Tiny Lister and Chris Tucker went on to co-star in The Fifth Element.
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Director Cameo 

F. Gary Gray: The man mopping the floor in the store.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The outfit that Ice Cube wears throughout the movie is also the same outfit worn by Ice Cube's son in the movie Straight Outta Compton. it's in the scene when the news reports Eazy-E having aids. O'shea Jackson Jr. plays as his father in the movie. The movie also shows O'shea Jackson Jr. (as Ice Cube) writing the script to Friday.
On the VHS video jacket; it incorrectly synopsizes, that Craig and Smokey owe money to Deebo and not Big Worm as it actually transpires.
Ice Cube (Craig) Bernie Mac (The Reverend), AJ Johnson (Ezel) ,Tiny Lister (Deebo) , Faizon Love (Big Worm) and Ronn Riser (Stanley) all appear together 3 years later on Players Club which was also written and directed by Ice Cube.

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