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Fist Of The North Star: revisiting a strange 80s anime

Ryan Lambie Jan 31, 2018

One of the most violent animated films of the 80s, Fist Of The North Star is also one of the weirdest, Ryan writes...

British fans of Japanese culture had to get their anime fixes where they could find them in the early 90s. The success of Akira prompted a trickle of Japanese animation, mostly via Manga Entertainment, but the selection was often leftfield to say the least. We got enjoyable fare like 3x3 Eyes, Project A-Ko and Dominion: Tank Police in the first few years of the 90s, but then we were also given Urotsukidoji: Legend Of The Overfiend, a deeply strange slab of erotic horror pretty much guaranteed to generate controversy.

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Indeed, much of the anime from that period appeared to be chosen almost at random, either based on what was
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An Interview with Martial Arts Film Legend Gary Daniels

Manny Camacho interviews action film star Gary Daniels

Waking up at 4:30 Am is not something many of us like to do. Waking up to go to work at such an ungodly hour is usually far worse. However, waking up at this ungodly hour to go to work because I get to interview a martial art and action star I grew up watching…that is a treat!

Gary Daniels is a prolific actor and martial artist that has been in films on both sides of the pond for over 25 years. He got his start with a variety of talented people in the industry like Jackie Chan, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Lorenzo Lamas, Richard Norton, Malcolm McDowell, Costas Mandylor and a variety of others.

I remember first seeing him on screen as one of the villains in Jackie Chan’s City Hunter, opposite Chan as the main opposition protecting the main antagonist,
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18 great animated films unavailable on Blu-ray

Odd List Ryan Lambie 28 Apr 2014 - 06:21

From Japanese anime to Disney via stop-motion, here are 18 animated films that are mystifyingly unavailable on Blu-ray...

Not all movies need to be seen in HD, but if there's one type of filmmaking that regularly benefits from the Blu-ray format, it's animation. Let us cite one example at random: My Neighbour Totoro. Until fairly recently, the only copy we had on the shelf was an early, imported version on DVD, which was grainy and a little washed-out.

When Studio Canal issued Totoro on Blu-ray in 2012, the difference in image quality was little short of a revelation: Hayao Miyazaki's colours and fluid lines positively shimmered. In short, it was like seeing this fresh, sun-drenched film again for the first time.

The same could be said for so many other animated films, no matter what country they come from: in high-definition, we can truly
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In memoriam: actor James Avery

News Ryan Lambie 2 Jan 2014 - 07:38

The actor James Avery, one of the stars of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and countless other shows, has sadly passed away.

We're sad to learn that James Avery, the distinctive and extremely talented actor best known for his role as Philip Banks in 90s comedy series The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, has passed away at the age of 68.

Although Banks was arguably Avery's signature role, he worked extraordinarily hard throughout his career, repeatedly appearing in TV movies and series from 1980 onwards. His credits included The Closer, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Legend Of Prince Valiant and La Law, and his voice could also be heard in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated 80s and early 90s series, The Real Ghostbusters and the dubbed version of the cult Japanese anime, Fist Of The North Star

Avery was primarily a TV actor, but he appeared in several movies,
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Salty Bet Lets You Wager On Fake Fighting Game Matches With Fake Money

by Matt Hawkins

What are your thoughts on betting? Think they're total waste of time and money? Are you not into guessing the outcome of sporting matches or horse races? At least enough to put money down on them.

What about fighting games? Would you be more inclined to wager on virtual head to head matches? What if the money you had was not real? That's probably a bit better.

But to make it even more exciting, and since nothing is actually real anyway, why not make them computer driven matches featuring completely random characters? We're not talking Ryu vs. M. Bison, we're talking Sub Zero vs. Homer Simpson.

Welcome to the wild world of Salyy Bet, which broadcasts randomly generated matches via Mugen. For those unfamiliar, it's an open sourced fighting platform that allows for any and all game characters go head to head, so the real name of the game is custom creations.
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Akira at 25

Feature Ryan Lambie 28 Jun 2013 - 06:13

In July 1988, one of Japan’s finest animated films appeared in cinemas. Ahead of its 25th anniversary, Ryan looks back at Akira...

For anime, 1988 was an extraordinary year. That April, Studio Ghibli released My Neighbor Totoro and Grave Of The Fireflies, two films that would soon cement its already growing reputation as one of Japan's finest animation houses. And three months later, writer, artist and director Katsuhiro Otomo would unveil Akira, one of the most important and influential animated features of the entire decade.

Based on Otomo's best-selling, voluminous manga of the same name (which was still being published when its adaptation was released), Akira is set in a 2019 Neo-Tokyo balanced on a knife-edge. Rival motorcycle gangs fight in the streets. Revolutionaries and religious fanatics clash with the police. Behind the scenes, the military and sneaky politicians tussle for control, while scientists carry out strange experiments on grey-faced children.
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Six Of The Best (and Worst) – Animated Films

Launching into this is always going to be a fairly thankless exercise. The sheer number of animated films makes this tricky enough, let alone the variety in style, tone and technique.

Classic hand-drawn animation (The Jungle Book), anime/manga (Fist of the North Star), CG animation (Toy Story), overlaid animation (rotoscoping – A Scanner Darkly), stop-motion (Chicken Run), performance capture (Beowulf). We could go on. Indeed a Top Ten list could be compiled for any one of those techniques and you would still come nowhere near scraping the barrel.

It is indeed a rich art form. So, at the risk of reducing the list too much and also at the risk of leaving out too many beloved films, I’m going to go for range and variety rather than trying to rank every animated film in order of quality and then skim off the top six.

With the recent (and lacklustre
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Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 Review

Hokuto no Ken, better known to English speakers as Fist of the North Star, is a long-lasting and iconic Japanese manga and anime franchise, which received a video game adaptation earlier this generation in the form of Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. Recently, as part of the celebration revolving around the series’ 30th anniversary, Tecmo-Koei has once again taken their gameplay template for Dynasty Warriors and applied it to the post-apocalyptic beat-downs this series is known for, creating the sequel, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2. The end result, while not truly awful, is ultimately too mediocre, basic, and repetitive to get much fun out of.

The story mode in Ken’s Rage 2 takes place in a Mad Max-like post-apocalyptic wasteland, with villagers struggling to survive and gangs of punk-attired thugs causing trouble. The majority of the story focuses on a wanderer named Kenshiro,
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New This Week – Nintendo eShop releases

Check out this week’s newest downloadable offerings from Nintendo:

Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D Download Version (Zordix Ab) Nintendo 3Ds (Download Software)

Nintendo eShop

€9.99 | £8.99 (UK Only)

Game Description: Face the heat on the frontline as you assume the role of a rookie firefighter destined to become a hero on Nintendo 3Ds. Operate the tools of the trade. Aim jets of water, swing axes and prise open doors. Adding to the already intense drama is an impressive cast of voice actors. Become that rarest of commodities – a real hero!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Sega) Nintendo 3Ds (Card/Download)

Nintendo eShop

€39.99 | £29.99 (UK Only)

Game Description: Sonic and the All-Stars cast line up on the starting grid once again to battle for supremacy in the ultimate race. Compete across land, water and air in incredible transforming vehicles that change from cars to boats to planes mid-race. Master your driving skills as you drift,
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Nintendo eShop Update 2.7.13

Nintendo adds new games and content to the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and 3Ds every week, and every week we grab all the info and put it right here, so you can stay up to speed on all of Nintendo's digital offerings.

This week "Fists of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2" hits the eShop on Wii U, while 3Ds owners get most of the love with a new Brain Age, an "Eterian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan" demo and "Pro Evolution Soccer 13 3D". Head past the break for all the details!

From Nintendo:

Nintendo eShop on Wii U™

Fist of the North Star®: Ken's Rage 2 – Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 is a collaboration between the popular manga Fist of the North Star and the action-packed Warriors video game series. With the majority of the episodes from the original manga intact, the game faithfully re-creates
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New Video Game Releases For The Week Of 2/5/2013:

Is it snowing where you are? If so, four new games out this week will offer you quite a few hours of stuff to do to stave off the cabin fever. Visceral Games rounds out their Necromorph saga with "Dead Space 3," while the seemingly endless "Fire Emblem" series brings its latest entry to the 3Ds.

What are you picking up this week? Or a month into 2013, are you still working off that holiday stack?

Title: "Dead Space 3"

Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Visceral returns to their increasingly chatty protagonist Isaac Clark, throwing him (and a co-op buddy) against a new Necromorph threat--possibly at its point of origin. It's an expensive-looking game and a lot of time and effort obviously went into constructing the new environments that will stalk Isaac throughout the campaign. Does that make for a better horror game (he asked rhetorically).

In our review later today, we'll
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What to Buy this Week: Game releases 4th February– 10th February

Roll up, Roll up… Each week we bring you news on what is being released into the gaming world…. So lets get it started! Kicking off this list of games which will be released 4th February– 10th February:

Dead Space 3 (Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC):

Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier John Carver on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, Isaac must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts. He will then put his engineering skills to the ultimate test to create and customise weapons and survival tools. The ice planet holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever, but first Isaac must overcome avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and the brutal elements, Isaac can choose to team up, not only for his own survival,
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'Lego City: Undercover' Lands March 18th, 'Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon' March 24th

Nintendo is kicking off their 2013 spring lineup with "Lego City: Undercover" for Wii U on March 18th, followed by "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" for Nintendo 3Ds on March 24th. However, those aren't the only games waiting in the wings, many more are scheduled to hit the Wii U and 3Ds in early 2013 as well. Head past the break for all the details.

Nintendo reassured gamers this morning that Pikmin 3, Game & Wario, The Wonderful 101 and Wii Fit U are still on the way. Though no specific release dates were revealed, Nintendo says we can expect official word at a later date. It was also revealed that "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" is headed to the Wii U on March 19th.

As expected, the 3Ds is getting just as much love. On top of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which lands on March 19th, the handheld is getting a prequel to Lego City: Undercover,
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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Launch Date And Q1 Wii U/3Ds Lineup Revealed

Nintendo announced their first quarter 2013 lineup for both the Wii U and 3Ds this morning, revealing a relatively lackluster release schedule for their new console that is highlighted by a handful of big titles, like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will launch on March 19, 2013 in North America for the Wii U and 3Ds, and on March 22nd across Europe. The game will be available for purchase on launch day as both a boxed retail product and as a digital download on both systems. Capcom also announced that they are planning to release a Wii U/3Ds demo of Ultimate via the Nintendo eShop on February 21st (the latest screenshots and trailer for the Wii U and 3Ds versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate can be found at the bottom of this post).

Outside of Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter title, the rest of the Wii U lineup for
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Nintendo Updates Release Schedule: Dates for Lego City Undercover, Luigi's Mansion 2 and More Revealed

  • Cinelinx
Early this morning Nintendo sent us an update on their upcoming release schedule and it finally gave us release dates on some upcoming games we've all been looking forward to (like Lego City: Undercover, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate), but also some distressing news about games being pushed back.

First off, let's talk about the big things. Unfortunately, the Wii U's launch window is beginning to narrow down, and it looks like many of the games we were promised to come out in that timeframe are going to be missing it completely. Games like Pikmin 3, Game & Wario, The Wonderful 101, and Wii Fit U had previously been slated for release at some point before or on March 31st. According to Nintendo now, they are coming "sometime in the first half of 2013". That's a fairly large window of time there, more than likely meaning we won't see them in the next month or two.
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2013 Video Game Release Schedule

With the release of "Dmc: Devil May Cry" today, the year in video gaming has begun. While the first few months of the year are usually pretty quiet, this year is different thanks to numerous major titles from late 2012 having been pushed into early 2013. The result is major titles hitting practically every week between now and early May. Check out the release schedule as it currently stands below:

January 22nd

The Cave (PS3/360/PC/Mac)

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3)

January 29th

Hitman: HD Trilogy (PS3/360)

February 5th

Dead Space 3 (PS3/360/PC)

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (PS3/360)

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3)

February 12th

Aliens: Colonel Marines (PS3/360/Wii U/PC)

February 19th

Crysis 3 (PS3/360/PC)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PS3/360)

February 26th

Rayman Legends (Wii U)

March 5th

Mlb 13: The Show (PS3)

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS
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'Fist Of The North 2: Ken's Rage 2' Will Be Download-Only For The Wii U

In a press release this morning, Tecmo Koei announced that the brawler based on the classic manga would not be getting a disc-based release when it hits the Wii U in February. The Wii U version of the game came in late in the development of "Ken's Rage 2," although to what extent this impacted the plans for a disc release, it remains unclear, however the 360 and PS3 versions will receive normal retail releases.

The "Dynasty Warriors"-like brawler is a sequel to 2010's "Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage" and will cover the storyline of the entire manga featuring esoteric, bloody martial arts styles in a nuclear war-ravaged future. It will be available on the 360, PS3, and Wii U on February 5.

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Tecmo Koei Dates 'Fist Of The North Star 2' And 'Dynasty Warriors 7' For The U.S.

Both the of the wave-based brawlers are coming to consoles in February and one of them even has a Wii U version in development.

While 2010's "Fist of the North Star" racked up some mediocre (at best) reviews, I've been holding out hope that the sequel--which will cover the entirety of the manga with rotating playable characters--might have gotten the bump in quality that the two years between releases would hopefully allow. I mean, as far as "Dynasty Warriors" clones go, you're not going to get a lot of variation, but the first didn't even really seem to work well within the context of even that basic formula.

Well, in addition to bringing "Fist of the North Star 2" and its 20 playable characters, co-op, and some new storylines to the PS3 and 360, we can also look forward to a Wii U version, which Tecmo Koei announced is currently in development.

Speaking of "Dynasty Warriors,
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Top 5 Fisting Movies

Five fingers and four hard knuckles will take you far in this world, but when you put them all together you've got one deadly serious killing system. Yes, killing system. Did you think we meant something else?

In honor of "The Man With the Iron Fists," Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA's martial arts-infused directorial debut, we're laying down some phat beatdowns of our own with five classic movies that will fist you good.

From westerns to comedies to anime, these five deadly venoms hit hard, so wear plenty of protection … and a little Ky jelly wouldn't hurt, either.

'A Fistful of Dollars' (1964)

Loosely modeled after Akira Kurosawa's classic samurai tale "Yojimbo" — which was in-itself based on American western framework — Sergio Leone's "Dollars Trilogy" kicked off with a bang with this spaghetti western classic. Clint Eastwood's legendary "Man With No Name" (whose name is actually "Joe
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Tokyo Game Show 2012: What To Expect From Tecmo Koei

With Tokyo Game Show 2012 set to begin on Thursday, announcements are starting to trickle out from all the major publishers. Tecmo Koei is one of the first out of the gate, revealing a lineup that includes several new titles for all the major platforms, including Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U.

Planting themselves firmly on familiar, heavily sequel-ized ground, Tecmo Koei’s lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2012 includes; Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires, Dead or Alive 5, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2, and the Wii U launch title Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper.

Unfortunately, there was no word on another Tecmo Bowl remake.

If you happen to be attending Tgs this year, make sure to check out Tecmo Koei’s booth, located at #2-N1 in the 2nd Hall.

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