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A nice, feel-good movie, though you have to suspend credulity
evraymer27 June 2003
I enjoyed this film, as I did Father of the Bride (1991), though I had to suspend my credulity a lot. This film was less realistic than the film it was based on, Father's Little Dividend (1951), with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. For example, it's unlikely that George Banks, a highly successful business owner who obviously must think through his decisions, would be so impetuous as to sell the house he loves and end up having to buy it back at a significant mark-up. (George and Nina decide to sell following a rainstorm that caused their kitchen ceiling to leak, even though the house had two storeys above it.) The new baby *wing* which the Banks then decide to build on to their repurchased home is equally ridiculous, since the house is already huge and only young son Matty is still at home. Between the ill-conceived house sale and repurchase, the posh baby wing and the lavish baby shower, featuring storks flown in from Austria, I don't think George Banks could possibly have spent more money. In the previous film, Father of the Bride (1991), Bryan's parents were portrayed as wealthy, but George is clearly a millionaire himself. I did enjoy this movie -- it's funny, romantic and very warm, with beautiful sets -- but I would have preferred a little less over-the-top consumerism.
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Quit Standing On My Shutters!!!!!!
Cyclops-135 September 2000
That is one of my favorite lines, followed by "and pack up your things and hit the road! And don't trample the daisies!" Or he says something like that.

Anyway. I went and saw this in theaters and amazingly enough, I really liked it. One of the best Steve Martin films next to Bowfinger and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I enjoyed the acting, I enjoyed the story and everything else about this movie that made it great. It wasn't a comedy going from one zinger to the next but something well thought out and well written.

If your looking for a lite movie with some fun, I recommend seeing this movie.
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Average sequel
gcd701 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This average sequel rehashes too many of the old "pa can't cope" jokes. Some of the new material works better, however comic Steve Martin and his support cast never manage to make the film feel fresh. Even frantic Martin Short is unable to inject the frivolity needed. Others returning include Diane Keaton (who never gets to do enough to show her immense talent here), Kimberley Williams and George Newbern.

The show finally caves in on itself when director Charles Shyer and co-writer Nancy Myers try to cram in too many coincidences. Adapted from the "original" sequel "Father's Little Dividend".

Saturday, September 5, 1998 - Video
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A Well-Done Sequel!
namashi_119 March 2014
A sequel to immensely likable Father of the Bride, 'Father of the Bride Part II' is A Well-Done Sequel! Its enjoyable as well as emotional!

'Father of the Bride Part II' Synopsis: George Banks must accept the reality of what his daughter's ascension from daughter to wife, and now, to mother means when placed into perspective against his own stage of life.

'Father of the Bride Part II' is worthy sequel of a wonderful prequel. The characters still appeal, the humor works & the emotional moments are heartfelt as well. Nancy Meyers & Charles Shyer's Screenplay is genuinely well-done. Charles Shyer's Direction, on the other-hand, is good. Cinematography & Editing are fair.

Performance-Wise: Steve Martin is lovable. He reprises his part of a loving/possessive dad commendably. Diane Keaton is flawless, yet again. Kimberly Williams-Paisley is cute. George Newbern is sincere. Kieran Culkin is adequate. Martin Short entertains.

On the whole, 'Father of the Bride Part II' is a satisfying sequel.
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not bad for a sequel
disdressed1227 April 2009
as sequels go,this is film isn't too bad.i didn't think ti was quite as good as the first one,but it's not a bad effort.i didn't find it as funny,and some of Steve Martin's histrionics are old and seem forced a bit too me.really,this one doesn't quite have the same sincerity as the first.through much of this movie,i was all too aware i was watching a movie,whereas with firs tone,i was drawn in,and less aware i was watching a movie with people acting.having said that,there are some bright spots.for,one,this movie is just as touching as the first.and Eugene levy has a great cameo.and there is still some fun to be had.even though this may seem too high a rating after much of what i said above,i still think Father of the Bride II is a 7/10
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Steve Martin is great in this movie.
PWNYCNY9 May 2010
As much as I want to rag this movie, make fun of it, call it all kinds of names, belittle it, mock it and otherwise totally trash it, I can't and that is for one reason: Steve Martin. Mr. Martin saves this movie from cinematic oblivion, allows this movie to survive, function and prosper. He is proof that an actor can save a sorry script, can raise the level of a story, can make a movie watchable. Mr. Martin proves once again that he is arguably the finest comedy actor today. He can take the dumbest line and make it sound brilliant; he can take the most insipid scene and raise it to the level of comedy or drama. Kudos to Steve Martin for his sterling performance. As for the other star, Diane Keaton, her performance is wonderful too, but it is Mr. Martin who carries this movie and once again proves that he is the star.
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Not as good as the first, but good family fun
Plissken-45 February 1999
This movie is as thin as you can get. Its' emotions are easily played. There are no surprises. It is very predictable. And I say...so what? What is wrong with that? This is an American Dream movie. Everything goes perfectly and everyone is as happy as can be. Why should it be a complicated character study? It deals with the birth of babies. There's no complex feelings that need to be dealt with in this situation. A life is being created. A family is being blessed. A baby's birth is a time for love and hope. This movie has both in spades. It's a very positive movie that shows the joy a new baby brings. Every parent-to-be should watch it. A child's birth is an emotional event with no equal. This movie knows it and milks it for all its' worth. My only complaint is it should have been called Parents of the Bride. Way too much time is spent with the relationship between Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. There should have been more attention paid to Kimberly Williams. Not only were the scenes between her and Martin the best scenes in this and the original, but Kimberly Williams is the most beautiful actress to come out of Hollywood in many years. Forget all the blond, silicone filled, bimbos that every teenage boy raves about. Ms. Williams is a natural beauty that is a true role model for all young girls. She, and her character, is beautiful, intelligent, and has a heart of gold. Had her relationship with Martin been more focused, this sequel would have surpassed the original. While it doesn't do that, it is still a perfect film for the entire family to watch. *** out of ****.
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The Best Movie of All Time
nickel6578 March 2005
let me tell you.. anyone who does not like the movie is just a little close minded.. i read comments that thought the movie was too unrealistic but thats what makes it so great! i mean look at other movies such as lord of the rings or star wars neither or them contain true reality.. this is why its a movie. Anyway, i loved Steve martin in this movie. he does a magnificent job of playing the character for an over protective dramatic father. he was the best actor. who could have played the part of Nina as well as Diane Keaton. she makes the part of the mom annoyingly overwhelming mother, which is exactly what the point of us as the audience to think of her. martin short is the best of all "fra'nk's". the way he seeks George banks's approval is perfect. and lastly Kimberly Williams is the gorgeous daughter we are all expecting her to be.. i watch this movie every night before bed and i can recite every word to this movie. because of father of the bride II i have dreamed to meet Steve martin.. "hes my hero!!" hopefully you fall in love with it too. and dream to be pregnant with your mother as did Annie banks.
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Not as good as the first, but still great fun.
famousgir118 October 2001
In the sequel to the brilliant Father Of The Bride, Nina Banks and her daughter Annie are both pregnant and George Banks, being his usual nervous self has to learn to get used to the idea that he's going to be a father again AND a grandfather.

The whole cast including, Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams and Martin Short are all back here giving good performances.

Even though Father Of The Bride Part II is not as good as the first Father Of The Bride, this is still a great movie which is enjoyable and fun all the way through and that's why I'm going to give this good sequel a 10/10.
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Very Warm and Funny.
Jamiec52327 February 2006
This movie is a very warm and funny family film. I enjoyed every minute of it because it was very real. Some may disagree but there are a lot of people who may of had this type of situation. I loved that Martin Short was in the Sequel because I love his comedy and he made the movie very funny. The only thing I didn't like was Eugene Levy's character, I found that his part was just put there to extend the movie a bit. I also didn't like how they used him in the second one when he was clearly the one who auditioned to be the wedding singer in the first one. All in all this is a great family film where many will enjoy and watch together.
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Pure Enjoyment
Subro128 June 2003
Sometimes a little far fetched,(Like the situation about selling the house) but most of the time right on the mark. Steve Martin is wonderful and Diane Keaton plays her role perfect. Suporting case enjoyable. Very good sequel to Father of the Bride.
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Enjoyable and Re-watchable
Sweetpea12o0218 May 2003
I really enjoyed this movie! It's the kind of movie you can watch over and over and over (trust me, my sister and I watch it tons of times) and never get sick of it! It's funny, and having Steve Martin as George definitely helps. Kimberly Williams is great (as always) and Diane Keaton is good too. I love this more than the first one (Father of the Bride)!
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Funnier than the first one
QueenMab8515 February 1999
I thought the movie was quite funny, especially scenes like Martin Short doing a workout with the pregnant mother and daughter...that was really great! Martin Short is basically one of the highlights of the movie...his accent is so weird and funny that you have to love him. Steve Martin was also good, and I liked his reactions to everything. Overall, the flick was better than the first one, and cute. But after awhile, Steve Martin gets a bit annoying with his obsessing over the pregnant women.
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Entertaining, but the premise has been worn thin -- it's sweet, but unnecessary.
MovieAddict201621 August 2005
The original "Father of the Bride" with Spencer Tracey is a really good comedy, the remake starring Steve Martin is a good sweet-natured, amiable enough comedy - and I don't really think a sequel was necessary at all. I mean the whole premise is basically the same - before George Banks (Martin) had to grasp the reality of his daughter being married, and now he has to come to grips with the fact that she's having a baby. A nice twist on this is that his wife (played by Diane Keaton) is ALSO pregnant, but nevertheless it's still (basically) the same as the first film in one form or another.

Thankfully it doesn't seem like a total cash-in (like so many sequels of this sort do) because it has a certain charm (as did the first film) and is still remarkably entertaining, all considered. But you can tell it was made solely because of the success of the first film - even Martin Short is back with another extended cameo as Franz the wedding manager. Of course you may be wondering why he's involved with a pregnancy, since his business is weddings. Here's a hint: more $$$ for the studio.

Martin is basically doing the same thing he did in the first film - the weary upper-class guy who feels overwhelmed by the state of things. Diane Keaton is still very sweet and likable as his wife. The rest of the cast (including Macaulay's little brother Kieran Culkin) range from OK to good. Martin Short, however, is yet again a stand-out and is very funny - he wasn't necessary for the plot but he is funny and a good addition to the movie regardless.

Overall I'd say this is one of those sequels that didn't need to be made, but could have been a lot worse. It's sweet, it's got some good lite-comedy moments, and in general it's just an enjoyable family movie that isn't trying to be anything other than simple entertainment -- which it is.
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Worthy second installment.
TxMike12 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Mild SPOILERS are contained in the following comments. However, I believe everyone knows the story and how it turns out. The fun of the movie is seeing the actors, especially Martin.

Steve Martin is back as George Banks, having just lost his daughter and basketball partner (Kimberly Williams as Annie ) to marriage, and now she is back home with her husband and a big announcement. She is pregnant. Of course everyone is happy, and the joy is doubled when Nina Banks (Diane Keaton as Annie's mom) finds out she is pregnant too. Poor George doesn't know if he can handle all this. After all, he is about to be a grandfather, he's not prepared to be a new father also. Martin Short is back as Franck Eggelhoffer, the unintelligible wedding planner. All ends well as both mom and daughter deliver their babies at the same time, in separate hospital rooms, so George has to go back and forth. The movie ends a few months later, and as Annie and her new baby are leaving, she gives dad a miniature basketball, a reminder to George that he can raise another basketball partner.
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I will never get tired of this movie!
Jenny13 September 2004
After seeing this movie countless numbers of times I still laugh and cry and just have the most wonderful feeling at the end. The first time I saw this movie I thought it was OK...but didn't like it as much as the first movie. After a few years I saw it again and absolutely fell in love with it. Now it has become one of my favorite movies and whenever I'm in a bad mood I can pop it in and smile all the way to the finish. Steve Martin is just the funniest man and watching his character change from hating the idea of being a grandpa and new father again never ceases to amaze me. The only thing I hated about that movie was that it had to end. I want to see more!!!! Each character did a great job and that has to be my dream house. If you want a feel good movie that leaves you happy and complete please don't miss this.
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Heartwarming & Hilarious
funky_cherry867 July 2007
Steve Martin does it again in this touching and funny sequel to 1991's Father Of The Bride the rest of the cast returns in a new story dealing with the joys of parenthood. I loved Father Of The Bride II not only because it was funny, mostly it was due to the comic antics of a man dealing with two pregnancies at once. He's a great comedian as well as an on screen father, my favorite scene is when both babies arrive at the same time.

A year has passed since George Banks (Martin) watched his only daughter Annie (Williams) get married and has accepted her transformation from daughter to wife. She comes home with her husband Brian (Newbern) to announce the wonderful news to her parents, brother Matty (Culkin) and in-laws that she's pregnant. Everyone is thrilled and excited except for George who thinks he's too young to be a grandpa, from then on he tries to act young by dying his hair and exercising.

But things are about to get a little crazy when his loving wife Nina (Keaton)discovers she's pregnant too now George must deal with the impending arrival of both his grandchild and his own child. Thrown into the chaos is Franck Eggelhoffer (Short) the wedding coordinator who helps to design a room for the new addition to the Banks family. This movie is not only sweet but it's charming entertainment for fans of all ages.
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A so so sequel
studioAT14 September 2015
'Father of the bride' was a good film and probably didn't need a sequel. But this is Hollywood, everything needs a sequel.

While it is clear that a lot of effort has gone into making this sequel work, the central idea stretches credibility and every idea the writer had seems to have been thrown at the wall in a desperate attempt to get laughs.

There are moments that remind you of the heart and humour that the preceding film had, but it's a load of nothing really.

I went into this film dubious about how good it could be, and I didn't finish watching it any more convinced that the original needed a sequel.
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I loved it, but one thing bothered me...
Alritee..16 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this movie: Diane Keaton is my favourite actress, Steve Martin always makes me laugh and Martin Short is great, but I felt really sorry for Keaton having to pretend to be pregnant. She didn't seem to be enjoying it and when the Banks were at the hospital, she actually looked rather bored, because whenever she spoke from the moment George protested about the doctor's name, she almost made it sound like she was in a maths lesson.

Apart from that, it was great! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching Martin, Keaton or Short in a movie or who likes to laugh. 9/10 because of the little problem, but it was great. I loved it.
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great movie
greatwarrior2251 August 2003
this movie is hilarious and even better than the first one. steve martin and martin short are soo funny and its a great movie. eugene levy is great as mr. habib. haha a 10, i love it. the scene going to the hospital is hilarious. "hey man, whats with that face huh? is that supposed to be me? do u have a problem, loser? we have no problem with anyone just leave us alone! leave u alone, what are u a tree? haha very good ur obviously a comedian, very good just nobody look at them...etc lol
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Better than the original
Crowbot-225 March 2000
This one is definitely better than the original, funnier, smoother pace, and in some places, better acting! Plus Martin Short has more screen time. Great! This is a great movie for anyone who like good clean comedy. Awesome! Five out of Five Moose Stars!
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Better than the first one!
IsoscelesKramer5 June 2001
I love Steve Martin, but I was disappointed by the first movie, so I wasn't expecting as much from this one. But to my surprise, this one was even better! It's constantly funny, just like one should expect from Steve Martin; it's not preoccupied with corny emotion, like the first movie was. It's Steve Martin in his best performance since "My Blue Heaven." Sometimes sequels can be surprisingly good. This one is better. It has all the comedic elements that were stagnant in the first movie. It's everything the first movie should have been, and more!
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Better than the original
keith782112 December 2000
"Father of the Bride, Part II" is actually a remake of the 1951 sequel, "Father's Little Dividend", which is turn is a sequel to "Father of the Bride". All of the principle cast members from the original film return with more outrageous situations and more laughs.

George Banks (Steve Martin) is just getting over the wedding of his daughter (Kimberly Williams) when he has even more distressing news, she is going to have a baby! This doesn't settle well with him considering he feels old and is not ready to be a grandfather. Not only that, but his wife Nina (Diane Keaton) is also pregnant! Talk about a wacked situation! This not only makes George a grandfather but also a father at the age of 50.

This movie and the original "Father of the Bride" are two of my favorite movies of all time. They are both dramatic, heartwarming and funny. One thing I like is the fact that it continues the storyline very smoothly with references from the first film and Diane Keaton has a lot more to do in this. Martin Short also returns as the wacky ex-wedding coordinator who now coordinates baby showers, lucky for the Banks family! Rent the original and this one for a night of humor and drama, and for anyone who is having a baby, make them watch this!
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Harriet Deltubbo30 August 2014
This is well worth seeing. Everything goes perfectly. Ain't no such thing as too much Steve Martin, baby. Here Martin carries weak material, but it's a positive movie that shows the joy a new child brings. You will laugh, cry and cheer. I thought this was cute and not bad at all. Some of the dialog is a bit lost on US audiences, but still some hilarious lines. The music is amazing throughout. Also the scenery is incredible. I saw the cast had a lot of great comedians, so I thought there would at least be a few laughs. Instead, I was surprised to see a very touching movie, absolutely great script. I give it 7 out of 10.
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Mostly harmless guilty pleasure
FemProf9 July 2005
While no where near the quality of Father's Little Dividend, the Spencer Tracy vehicle that was the sequel to the original Father of the Bride, Father of the Bride II is not the worst way to while away a lazy weekend afternoon. The plot follows a fairly predictable series of events with little by way of character development. The actors are talented and that makes all the difference. I can't help but find myself tearing up every darn time I watch this schlock-fest.

I am rather amazed however that no reviewer has commented on the unnecessarily negative portrayal of "Mr. Habib" (a cameo by Eugene Levy) as the arrogant, misogynistic Arab who buys the Banks' beloved home. With both Keaton and Martin well known for their liberal politics, I'm surprised neither objected to this tired depiction of a Southern California real estate trope.
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