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A Third ‘Father Of The Bride’ Film Might Be In The Works

It sounds as if a second sequel in the popular Father Of The Bride series could be on the way. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, one of the series actors George Newbern says that a screenplay does exist for a Father Of The Bride 3.

Charles Shyer wrote a script. I know there’s a script out there. And there’s talk,” Newbern told Us Weekly. “I don’t know how far it got but I’m sure most of the cast would be into it if the script was right. So maybe that’s just a question of that happening.”

The first film, which starred Steve Martin in the lead, was released all of the way back in 1991, and was actually a remake of the 1950 film of the same name. The story revolved around George Banks (Martin) and his wife, Nina (Diane Keaton), who are the proud parents
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Home Again Trailer #2: Reese Witherspoon Gets Her Groove Back

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Home Again Trailer #2: Reese Witherspoon Gets Her Groove Back
Following the first trailer that arrived in May, Open Road Films has released the second trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy Home Again, starring Reese Witherspoon as a complex woman named Alice Kinney. This video includes new footage which reveals that it is actually Alice's mother (Candice Bergen) who suggests that the three young filmmakers (Pico Alexander, Nat Wolff, Jon Rudnitsky) she meets on her birthday should live in her guest house. Things get even more complicated when Alice's estranged husband (Michael Sheen) comes to visit, finding these three youngsters living in her house.

This new trailer, which debuted on Open Road Films YouTube, reveals that, the morning after Alice's tryst with Pico Alexander's character, her mother unexpectedly returns home with her young daughters, who discover that their mother had some company last night. This trailer also includes a new scene where Alice tries to break down some ground rules for the house,
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Home Again Trailer: Reese Witherspoon Tries to Reboot Her Love Life

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Home Again Trailer: Reese Witherspoon Tries to Reboot Her Love Life
Everyone's talking about Alice in the new teaser trailer for Home Again! Starring Reese Witherspoon, Pico Alexander, Nat Wolff, Jon Rudnitsky, Michael Sheen, Candice Bergen and Lake Bell, this modern romantic comedy from writer and director Hallie Meyers-Shyer in her directorial debut and from Producer Nancy Meyers (The Holiday, The Intern, Something's Gotta Give) arrives in theaters everywhere this September! In addition to the new trailer, the studio has released the first three images.

Home Again stars Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies, Wild, Walk The Line, Sweet Home Alabama) as Alice Kinney in a modern romantic comedy. Recently separated from her husband, (Michael Sheen), Alice decides to start over by moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles with her two young daughters. During a night out on her 40th birthday, Alice meets three aspiring filmmakers who happen to be in need of a place to live. Alice agrees to
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Labyrinth Visual History Book Trailer Goes Behind the Classic | Exclusive

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Labyrinth Visual History Book Trailer Goes Behind the Classic | Exclusive
Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History is the definitive 30th anniversary exploration of the Jim Henson classic, featuring rare artwork, interviews, and on-set photos. Just in time for the 30 year anniversary, we have a trailer for this magical book. It arrived in stores this week, and is available for purchase right now.

Three decades after its release, Labyrinth, starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, continues to enthrall audiences with its winning mixture of fairy tale whimsy, fantastical creatures, and unforgettable music. Filled with a wealth of rare and unseen behind-the-scenes imagery, Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History explores the creation of the film as seen through the eyes of the artists, costume designers, and creature creators who gave the beloved fantasy classic its distinctive look.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the talented crew and cast, including Jennifer Connelly, Brian Henson, Brian Froud, and George Lucas, this deluxe book brings together a
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‘The Intern’ Director Nancy Meyers Honored by American Cinema Editors

‘The Intern’ Director Nancy Meyers Honored by American Cinema Editors
The Intern” director Nancy Meyers has been selected by the American Cinema Editors board as its Ace Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year Award.

Longtime collaborator Steve Martin will present the award at the 66th annual Ace Eddie Awards on Jan. 29 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Nancy Meyers has been delighting and moving audiences around the world with deeply human, relatable stories for over three decades,” the Ace Board of Directors said. “As a writer and director, she’s brought us some of the most beloved films in recent memory, and pioneered the art of telling stories with strong female characters at their center. From ‘Private Benjamin’ to her most recent film ‘The Intern,’ Nancy is a trailblazing filmmaker and we’re thrilled to celebrate her body of work thus far.”

Past Golden Eddie honorees including Frank Marshall, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Norman Jewison, Alexander Payne, James Cameron, Clint Eastwood,
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The 1990s comedy sequels that deserved better

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Bill & Ted, Addams Family Values, Wayne's World 2 - the 1990s wasn't short of good comedy sequels. It's just not enough people watched them.

In recent times, Hollywood has enjoyed going back into the 1990s to come up with belated sequels to previous hit movies. So, we finally got Dumb & Dumber 2, for instance, whilst a third Clerks, a second Mallrats, a new Sister Act and a Naked Gun reboot are being cooked up somewhere. Further belated sequels? Zoolander 2 finally arrives next year, and Anchorman 2 celebrates, quietly, its second birthday this Christmas.

It was only at the end of the 1990s that comedy sequels suddenly really took off. There were exceptions beforehand of course, but few things raise the eyebrows of Hollywood high brass than lots of cash. This, whilst the enormous box office takings of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me were in part down to an utterly inspired marketing campaign,
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The Top Father's Day Films Ever Made? Here Are Five Dads - Ranging from the Intellectual to the Pathological

'Father of the Bride': Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams. Top Five Father's Day Movies? From giant Gregory Peck to tyrant John Gielgud What would be the Top Five Father's Day movies ever made? Well, there have been countless films about fathers and/or featuring fathers of various sizes, shapes, and inclinations. In terms of quality, these range from the amusing – e.g., the 1950 version of Cheaper by the Dozen; the Oscar-nominated The Grandfather – to the nauseating – e.g., the 1950 version of Father of the Bride; its atrocious sequel, Father's Little Dividend. Although I'm unable to come up with the absolute Top Five Father's Day Movies – or rather, just plain Father Movies – ever made, below are the first five (actually six, including a remake) "quality" patriarch-centered films that come to mind. Now, the fathers portrayed in these films aren't all heroic, loving, and/or saintly paternal figures. Several are
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Don't Be a Party Pooper and Check Out This Fabulous Father of the Bride Reunion

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Don't Be a Party Pooper and Check Out This Fabulous Father of the Bride Reunion
Steve Martin was honored on Thursday with the AFI Life Achievement Award, and while many of his famous pals came out to celebrate, there was one special guest that quickly stole the show: Martin Short. Steve and Martin, who costarred as George Banks and Franck Eggelhoffer in Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride Part II, got up to their old tricks on June 4 while walking the red carpet. Steve and Martin posed for hilarious photos, cracked each other up, and linked arms while making their way inside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Diane Keaton, who played Steve's wife in the hit films, was also on hand to honor her longtime friend. But the night wasn't all about the funny duo. In addition to their cute reunion, the ceremony turned into one big Hollywood date night. Steve and his wife, Anne Stringfield, shared some adorable moments inside the theater,
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Steve Martin denies involvement in rumored 'Father of the Bride 3' (Updated)

Steve Martin denies involvement in rumored 'Father of the Bride 3' (Updated)
If there’s going to be a Father of the Bride 3, someone might want to tell Steve Martin — who played title character George in 1991′s Father of the Bride and 1995′s Father of the Bride Part II.

After rumors about a possible third film — which may or may not involve Matty, the titular bride’s younger brother, getting married to another man — began circulating yesterday, Martin quickly jumped on Twitter to respond to reports saying he was set to reprise his role. According to Martin, he hasn’t seen a script or even been offered a part in the film.
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Steve Martin to Return for Father Of The Bride 3; “Bride” Now Gay Son [Updated]

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It's been over twenty years since Father of the Bride, the 1991 remake of the 1950 film about a father dealing with the emotional and financial costs of paying for his daughter's wedding. I haven't seen Father of the Bride or its 1995 sequel Father of the Bride Part II is over a decade, but I remember that they were charming enough with Steve Martin in the eponymous role and co-starring Diane Keaton as his wife, Nina. Since everything 90s is now lurching its way back into theaters, there's now word of Father of the Bride Part III with George Banks' facing a new upper-middle class problem: his son's gay marriage. Hit the jump for more. [Updated: Martin has tweeted a response to this news. Hit the jump for what he had to say] According to Nikki Finke, Charles Shyer would return to write and direct and Martin is on board to reprise the lead role. The big twist this time around is that Matty Banks (played by Kiernan Culkin
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Strong Bonds – 007 from Dr. No to Skyfall

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British singer Adele has yet again proven herself to be a family friendly version of Amy Winehouse by recording a theme to a James Bond film, by (unlike the late Ms. Winehouse) actually getting the song recorded. And yeah, the song Skyfall (from the new James Bond film, the name of which I’m drawing a blank on…) sounds like the same kind of bland crap that normally gets made for these films. Just when I thought they’d maybe turned a corner with the Jack White-performed theme song from Quantum of Solace (perhaps the theme songs are inversely correlated with the quality of the films), which was so catchy that I could actually slap the meat curtains to it, as the common phrase goes.


Although, as everyone knows, no song will ever topple A-ha’s theme from
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DVD Playhouse--June 2012

By Allen Gardner

Harold And Maude (Criterion) Hal Ashby’s masterpiece of black humor centers on a wealthy young man (Bud Cort) who’s obsessed with death and the septuagenarian (Ruth Gordon) with whom he finds true love. As unabashedly romantic as it is quirky, with Cat Stevens supplying one of the great film scores of all-time. Fine support from Vivian Pickles, Cyril Cusack, Charles Tyner, and Ellen Geer. Fine screenplay by Colin Higgins. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Commentary by Hal Ashby biographer Nick Dawson, producer Charles Mulvehill; Illustrated audio excerpts from seminars by Ashby and Higgins; Interview with Cat Stevens. Widescreen. Dolby 2.0 stereo.

In Darkness (Sony) Agnieszka Holland’s Ww II epic tells the true story of a sewer worker and petty thief in Nazi-occupied Poland who single-handedly helped hide a group of Jews in the city’s labyrinthine sewer system for the duration of the war.
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Father of the Bride I & II Blu-ray Review

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The Movie Pool gets hitched to the Father of the Bride I & II Blu-ray set!

The Set-up

In Father of the Bride, George (Martin) finds his life turned upside down when his daughter (Kimberly Williams) gets engaged and the wedding plans become more extravagant. His wife (Diane Keaton) and an outrageous wedding planner (Martin Short) only manage to make the situation worse. 

In Father of the Bride Part II, George thinks he is moving into a new phase of his life, but finds his plans turned upside down once again when both his daughter (Williams) and wife (Keaton) get pregnant.

Both films directed by: Charles Shyer

The Delivery

Disney finally releases the Steve Martin Father of the Bride films on Blu-ray in a special 3-disc set that includes a Blu-ray with both films and two DVDs, each with one of the films on it. 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film,
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'I'm Too Old For This Sh*t' Mash-Up: 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Stripes' And More (Video) (Nsfw)

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You're getting too old for this: 25 years ago, on March 6, 1987, "Lethal Weapon" was released. The buddy-cop thriller not only cemented Mel Gibson's status as a household name after playing good-natured loose-canon (as opposed to now) Martin Riggs, but also created a social phenomenon still relevant to this day: "I'm getting too old for this shit." The catchphrase, said numerous times throughout the "Lethal Weapon" series by Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), has appeared in many movies over the last 25 years, often times in reference to the put-upon police detective himself. (The recent trailer for "Men In Black 3" features Will Smith uttering a PG variation on Murtaugh's famous one-liner.) What you might not know? That "Lethal Weapon" wasn't the first film to utilize some form of the defeated turn-of-phrase. From "North by Northwest" and "The Sting" to Murtaugh himself, enjoy a mash-up of movie characters getting too old for this. Video
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'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' takes the record for pregnancy movies

'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' takes the record for pregnancy movies
So far, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 has done very well in the box office, drawing in over $266 million domestically and $647 million across the world, but its numbers still haven't quite caught up with predecessors The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (though it is expected Breaking Dawn - Part 1 will come in somewhere around $700 million over all). Still, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 has claimed one box office record for its own. According to Box Office Mojo, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is the highest-grossing pregnancy movie of all time, coming in above the previous leaders like Knocked Up, Juno, and Father of the Bride Part II. In fact, Part 1 has nearly doubled the numbers brought in by the previous leader Knocked ....
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Bad Movies We Love: Father of the Bride Part II

Bad Movies We Love: Father of the Bride Part II
A friend of mine once explained to me her chief problem with movies: "I don't like when movies have conflicts. Can't we just hang out with the characters and make jokes and have fun? It's nicer that way." This week's Bad Movie We Love answers that harebrained prayer with a conflict-free plot, a smiley disposition from beginning to end, and a huge helping of total irrelevance. It's the 1995 sequel Father of the Bride Part II starring The Big Year's lead amigo Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and a company of stress-free actors. Father of the Bride Part II is the cinematic equivalent of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch syrup: old-fashioned, tasty, and fit for consumption on a Sunday afternoon with your grandparents. Put in your dentures and watch the sedatest version of a "wild and crazy guy" you'll ever see.
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This Week in DVD & Blu-ray: Paranormal Activity 2, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, I Spit on Your Grave, Tamara Drewe, and More

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This Week in DVD & Blu-ray is a column that compiles all the latest info regarding new DVD and Blu-ray releases, sales, and exclusive deals from stores including Target, Best Buy and Fry’s. Paranormal Activity 2 Paranormal Activity 2 is a sequel that didn't need to exist. But since it does, I'm glad it happens to be as good a sequel as anybody could've reasonably hoped for. I recognize there are those who find it far less scary than the first film, and though I can respect the reasoning from a pacing and build-up standpoint, I can't quite fathom the logic behind it. Perhaps the problem is that I don't have any fear of ghostly supernatural forces—especially not ones inclined to spookily open doors and occasionally thump on walls. In Paranormal Activity 2, the terror becomes real, because the family is being legitimately terrorized. And by subverting expectations of
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This Weekend in Box Office History, Dec. 10-12

Here's a look back at the second weekend of December through the years: 5 Years Ago - 2005 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe blazed onto the scene with $65.6 million, which was the second highest-grossing December opening ever at the time behind The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Syriana opened nationwide to a decent $11.7 million, while Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire fell to third. Brokeback Mountain and Memoirs of a Geisha posted sizable limited debuts. * Weekend Report: 'Narnian' Delight: Passion of the 'Lion' Pays Off 10 Years Ago - 2000 How the Grinch Stole Christmas spent its fourth consecutive weekend atop the box office, grossing $18.6 million. Action hopeful Vertical Limit didn't climb that high with a $15.5 million start. Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan romance Proof of Life went poof out of the gate, making $10.2 million, while Dungeons & Dragons went up in smoke with $7.2 million.
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How Many 'Great' Comedy Sequels Can You Name? One? Two? More?

Today Universal released Get Him to the Greek, a sort-of sequel to 2008's Forgetting Sarah Marshall as it uses Aldous Snow who had a small role in the original. Beyond that, there is only a brief reference to Sarah Marshall, which has me thinking it's not really a sequel as much as it is a spin-off. The same could be said for a movie like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)... Same characters, but not really a sequel to Clerks, which ended up having its own sequel in 2006.

In a debate with a group of fellow Seattle critics trying to decide if Get Him to the Greek was a sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall or not, the topic turned to comedy sequels in general and I was asked to name a great comedy sequel. Should be easy... right?

I started mining my memory banks, and started thinking of movies with
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