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My vote watch the first one.

Author: cyuskus from United States
15 April 2006

The effects were better, but the plot sucked. The original was WAY BETTER. As a kid I rented the movie so much that I practically bought it ten times over. I was excited to see that they did a remake only to be disappointed that the plot, there wasn't any. It was such a bummer, but at least now I do have the original movie that I can see as often as I like. I felt that the remake stuck with the original plot line as much as an orange is an apple. A lot of the message that they were trying to tell was lost, and the depth of characters, .... what depth? It was like looking at the new breezy my little ponies, when the flutter ones are where it's at.

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Definitely for children under ten.

Author: sabrial02 from Indiana
31 May 2003

I saw this movie when it first came out, and I was as unimpressed then as I am now. The cheesy special effects and poor direction aside, the movie breaks so far away from the plot of the book that you have to wonder why they would still retain the title. I could see the appeal for an audience of seven year olds, but even my eleven year old mind couldn't stand this nauseatingly, soporific mess.

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Screenplay Couldn't Be Saved by Decent Acting

Author: KCS82 from Virginia
25 July 2000

As much as one wants to try to forgive family oriented films for having implausible, ridiculous storylines, this film was so poorly written that even fairly good performances by the actors cannot raise it above the ranks of a simply poor movie. While (younger) children may enjoy the magic and fantasy elements, older audiences and parents can easily afford to leave the room.

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The Best Movie I've Ever Seen By Far

Author: AmandaCrewFan from United States
18 March 2007

Escape To Witch Mountain is an amazing movie that you will instantly take a liking to the first time you see it. I saw it 11 years ago when I was 5 and it first came onto television. Though I haven't seen it since then, I haven't forgotten this movie and wish I could see it again.

It has everything a good movie needs. Great characters, a new story, a new idea, and the feeling of wanting to see more. This movie did that for me and it will surely do that for you. It's sad this hasn't come out on DVD, as I would totally buy about 5 copies in case I lost some, or my friends wanted one. This movie was the BEST movie in the world, even to today, NO movie I've EVER seen can beat it. Every second of this movie had me excited and amazed at what happened in every scene. The movie had surprise, fun, mystery, and a lot more. I remember sometime after I saw it years ago I would always pretend I was JUST like the twins in the movie. I wanted to be able to do everything they could do so badly. Call me crazy, but this movie is PERFECT! You'll love it after the first few minutes, trust me.

I only have one thing to say to Disney... PLEASE PUT IT ON DVD!

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I Love This Movie.

Author: Buck Flinch from United States
8 July 2006

I really liked this movie! I Haven't seen it in a long time so my memory of it is very vague. I really want to buy this from somewhere! Anyone know where??? My biggest memory is the purple light between the hands.. This is the movie right??? Me and my best friend used to think that we were the twins when we were younger.. Anyway if you know where I can get that movie let me know. I got the original movie today and it wasn't the one that i expected. I really liked the remake (1995 version) better than the 1975 version. Just let me know if you know where i can get that movie!! :) I really liked.. like the person before me posted about how all of the twins are either both boys or both girls.. I think this movie is AMAZING! I really want it! If You haven't seen it see it! And by the way good luck at trying to find it. :-\.

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not a good movie

Author: TiggerRoo from United States
3 September 2007

I didn't like this movie I am not going to rant and rave, but just lets say I read the book and there is nothing in this movie that in the book at least nothing I can remember reading..... if you want a movie that more to the book watch the 70's version it waaaaay better.

I think there only thing that is in the book are it about a girl/boy set of twins that are magical and they start out in a group foster home and run away to follow there "feelings' of others like them out there. Oh and there is a bully in the Foster home..... all in all the movie should not have been named escape from witch mountain due to its a completely different story from the book....

"To enjoy the rainbow.... you must get through the rain"

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Author: feathers_2008 from Wisconsin
6 August 2004

I really enjoyed watching this movie when I was seven years old, and I have been looking for this movie for a long time. Other people don't like this movie, but I really liked because of the special effects. I thought that the original movie was all right but not as good as the remake. The purple light was a really really good special effect. I liked the purple store even though I haven't seen the movie in a long long time. I found this movie the other day when i was looking up a character that played Edward Bolt, and I was very glad that I found this movie. This movie means something to me because if it didn't, I wouldn't have spent all this time to find the movie.

I recommend that you watch it if you love watching Disney channel.

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Robert Vaughn, what were you thinking of?!

Author: wristwatchraver-1 from United Kingdom
21 October 2006

Could someone inform me what was the point of this movie? Any fan of the original should steer well clear! The story was shoddy and Robert Vaughn was unusually an unconvincing villain. This had none of the punch and believability of the original. The original is miles better. Respects to all the participants and I suppose they must've done their best but to all those fans of Tony and Tia (myself included) give it a miss. If you haven't seen the original then perhaps you might find some merit in this but I don't! I didn't think movies could be this bad (and I've seen Showgirls!) I was horrified the last of The Magnificent Seven, the god-like Robert Vaughn would lower himself to be in something as bad as this. He should've stuck to cowboy's and Napoleon Solo!

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Author: Sparrow_in_flight from United States
20 August 2003

What can I say? This is a failed Disney remake. When movies are remade, that does not mean change the plot into a pile of mumbo jumbo that doesn't fully make sense. I've never figured out why the purple light was so important, though they gave a reason. The only decent parts were throwbacks to the GOOD version, such as the horse.

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Cool movie

Author: Linda-78 from Sweden
30 March 2002

I like this movie! It´s funny, and it´s much better than the version from 1975!

And Erik von Detten is great as Danny!

Escape to Witch Mountain (1995) is movie for the whole family!

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