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Nowhere near as bad as they said it was
guyfromjerzee27 November 2005
I was pretty impressed with the movie, considering it was on almost every critic's Top 10 Worst List the year it came out and did poorly at the box office. It's certainly not a first-class comedy, but it made me laugh. Many of the gags are predictable, but even predictable gags can work at times. In one funny scene, Tim Daly writes on his naked body that he slept with his two male bosses, expecting that he was going to morph into Sean Young at a certain time, the executives would see her and her reputation would be ruined. But he doesn't morph into her, the execs walk in, and he's totally humiliated. An undeniably cheap gag, but funny nonetheless. The cast is good. Tim Daly, despite his experience with comedy on the hit sitcom "Wings," is an unusual choice for this comic lead, but his low-key approach works. I read in the trivia that Jim Carrey was originally going to take on the role. I think if Carrey were to play the role, he would've hammed it up to the extreme, unlike Daly who does a fine job at keeping a straight face in each ridiculous situation. Jeremy Piven is almost always amusing, and he steals the show in the few scenes he's in. Though Sean Young's career has faded lately, she's by no means a no-talent. Not to mention she's quite easy on the eyes. Harvey Fierstein is hilarious as a gay man who suddenly starts having feelings for women, once he meets Ms. Hyde. One thing's for sure: You will never see another movie where Fierstein's in bed, having a post-coital cigarette with a woman. My only minor criticism is that the low production values are pretty obvious. And this is yet another movie that is set in New York, yet doesn't even make an attempt to disguise the fact that it was shot in Canada. Showing establishing shots of the Manhattan skyline just helps prove that it wasn't set in NY.
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Interesting, very interesting.
rob-1779 July 1999
Dr Jekyll and Ms. Hyde is a comedy full of out of control laughter.

Sean Young is great (in more ways than one) as Helen Hyde. Although it may not prove to be everyones cup of tea I think that it could grow on you.

The whole story line is about a doctor who tries out an experiment left by his Great Grandfather, But it ends up turning him into a girl.

The laughs start and stop there. I think its worth a 7
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Make no Ms-take, this movie will please genre fans!
Amy Adler17 June 2005
Richard (Tim Daly) is a descendant of the original Dr. Jekyll. Although he works in a perfume laboratory, he has bigger dreams. Rick lives with a delightful fiancé (Lysette Anthony) but no wedding date has been set. One day, Richard inherits his relatives books and notes, only to stumble upon the secret formula used to create the infamous Mr. Hyde. He mixes up a batch and drinks it. However, Richard is in trouble when his alias turns out to be a conniving woman (Sean Young). Is there a way out of this mess? Fans of romantic comedies will likely be happy to add this to their list of viewing pleasures. Daly, Young, and Anthony are all very attractive performers, with charm oozing everywhere. The rest of the cast is delightful, too, with Jeremy Piven doing his usual good turn. The plot may be silly but it is fun, too. As for the interior of Richard's apartment, it is to die for; one may want to put the VCR on pause to recreate the look. In short, if you like fast, fun films with some kisses thrown in now and again, this one is for you.
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Classic freak turned to comedy!!!..Not bad!!
win-314 March 2000
I do like the way this movie tries to tell us about value of human being.Simply funny story but witty script.The cast was very good.Sean Young and Tim Daily were so smart as Jekyll and Hyde for this comedy version.The movie was obliged to the script based on a play.Happily,I can watch it over again to appreciate Tim's speech near the end.
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The infamous story for the 90's
Stuart-3327 September 1999
A so-so film, that does have a few laffs. Basically about a chap who gets left a spell by his great-grandfather that changes him from women to man. I give this film an 8, but only because it does have the gorgeous Lysette Anthony, and she's worth watching in any film...
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Great premise, but...
Costu-224 July 2000
This is a modernist twist on the classic Stevenson tale, with Tim Daly playing mild-mannered perfume researcher Richard Jacks, who is turned into the stunning (but increasingly lethal) Helen Hyde (played by the gorgeous Sean Young) when he drinks a formula bequeathed to him by his greatgrandfather, Dr. Jekyll. (Are we to assume that this is the ORIGINAL Dr. Jekyll??) Despite a fairly strong cast -- which includes Harvey Fierstein and Stephen Toboloswky as colleagues of Dr. Jacks at the perfumery and Polly Bergen in a scene-stealing turn as an important cosmetics executive --,, some neat morphing technology, and some sporadically hilarious moments, the film does not fulfill the promise of its interesting premise. OK comedy with horror aspects -- but nothing special, I'm afraid...
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Ms Hyde has nothing on Sister Hyde!
The_Void16 March 2006
The seventies Hammer Horror film, Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde, took the ridiculous idea of Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll accidentally turning himself into a woman and ended up making a brilliant horror film out of it - David Price's film, on the other hand, takes the same idea, pretty much ditches the horror and spins it into a worthless comedy. I really wish I'd watched the Hammer film again instead of wasting my time on this garbage, but unfortunately, it's too late now. Robert Louis Stevenson would probably turn in his grave if he knew what had become of his classic story, and I wouldn't blame him for it. This film mixes gag based comedy very loosely with horror, and Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde is, basically, just an excuse for having Timothy Daly get himself into all manner of embarrassing situations. At best, it's only ever moderately amusing. Daly plays scientist Richard Jacks; a perfume creator. One day he discovers that his grandfather was Dr Jekyll, and so sets about dabbling in his experiments; however, he soon regrets it when his alter ego, Helen Hyde, is created.

The film loosely mixes in themes of the difference between men and women both personally and career-wise into the plot; but these themes are only ever half baked, and feel as though they've been incorporated by accident due to the plot rather than because the film has anything to say. The acting is your typical over the top comedy stuff, with Timothy Daly taking the lead role. In fairness, he approaches his role with relish and is actually quite good, despite his silly voice-overs. Sean Young gets the role of his alter-ego and sleepwalks through the film, while the shining light where the cast is concerned comes from Lysette Anthony's corner. Not because of a great performance; but she is nice to look at. Comedic support from Stephen Tobolowsky, Harvey Fierstein and Jeremy Piven gives the film most of its gags, but most of them aren't funny. The way that the plot moves is largely annoying, and director David Price seems to like focusing on an object, and then cutting to the next scene. The plot is basically a series of situations, which does nothing to draw you into it; and it's not long before the film becomes monotonous. I don't recommend this crap at all, but if you like watching films where Dr Jekyll turns himself into a woman; there's always the Hammer Horror flick.
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Poor film with great potential
roland-2710 October 1999
Sean Young is likely to be the one who gets the most credit for this adequate movie, but really only Jeremy Piven reaches the most laughs, with his scene stealing comeback to Young's question "Are you just gonna stand there and watch me or are you gonna hand me that towel". Bet you can't guess what he says.

Despite having Piven in the credits, this film is a sexually orientated film that tries too hard to be anything else. Young is sexy, but nothing else. Daly is disappointing, and can't handle the character. The others are also nothing special.

Don't watch this if you have any self respect. For great comedy, go to the Farally Brothers because they're sure to tickle your ribs. Rating=2/5
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Jekyll and Hyde story...again
Petri Pelkonen29 August 2000
We all know the story of Jekyll and Hyde.There are several of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movies out there.And this is one of them.Except Mr. is Ms.Tim Daly plays Dr. Richard Jacks who becomes Helen Hyde, played by Sean Young, when he tries out his Great Grandfather's experiment. Helen Hyde is a woman who tries to ruin everybody's life, especially Richard's. Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde from 1995 is actually a bad movie, but it's also pretty interesting.It's not a masterpiece but it's great entertainment. So watch this movie if you want to see a bad movie that is very entertaining.
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Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Jackson Booth-Millard26 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I had seen a clip of this film on some kind of celebrity nudity documentary, and I guessed from the title that this was a waste of my time, so I had to watch. Basically perfume creator Dr. Richard Jacks (Superman: The Animated Series' Tim Daly) doesn't want to keep making nicely coloured sweet smelling potions, he wants to try and make scientific significance. One night, he discovers not only did his grandfather know Robert Louis Stevenson (writer of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), but he was called Dr. Jekyll, and knowing the story he hopes to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. So he creates a potion with the idea of duality of man separating good and evil, concentrating on his DNA, but he adds more estrogen to make it less dangerous. Doing this though has unforeseen side effects, and he ends up not just creating another personality, but making himself a ruthless nymphomaniac woman named Helen Hyde (Razzie nominated Sean Young). As Helen, she is determined to climb the corporate ladder, stealing Richard's perfume ideas, seducing any worker she has to go to upwards, and eventually, eliminate Richard completely from existence. This is not only making Richard's personality get into danger, but his fiancée Sarah Carver (Lysette Anthony) thinks he's having an affair with this Helen. Don't worry, Sarah finds out the truth before everyone else, and he not only gets rid of Helen forever, but he succeeds with the new perfume, and they go on to make a family together. Also starring Stephen Tobolowsky as Oliver Mintz, Harvey Fierstein as Yves DuBois, Thea Vidale as Valerie, Scary Movie 3's Jeremy Piven as Pete Walston, Polly Bergen as Mrs. Unterveldt, Stephen Shellen as Larry, Sheena Larkin as Mrs. Mintz and Batman's Robert Wuhl as Man with Lighter. I am not surprised this film went into bargain video bins when released, I admit seeing Young naked was okay, but this is a pointless revamp of the classic story, the performances, the story, the special effects and the premise itself are all awful, it one of the most unfunny films you could ever see. It was nominated the Razzies for Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Screen Couple for Daly and Young. Pretty poor!
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Forgotten cases
Terryfan7 April 2015
Now as a fan of the movies from the 1990s a decade that gave us so many classic and masterpiece motion pictures.

However like every decade of motion pictures there are bad apples and this film is one apple that fell way off the tree.

It is more or less a comedy retake of The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde but with a twist inside of he becoming a monster, he transforms into a beautiful woman but with a twisted soul.

Dr.Jekyll and Ms.Hyde tells the story of a Perfumer Dr.Richard Jacks (Tim Daly) who discovers his great grandfather is the original Dr.Henry Jekyll. After getting his formula he decides to use it however after testing it on himself he transforms into Helen Hyde (Sean Young) a beautiful yet twisted woman.

Now the plot is mostly a retelling of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde but inside of Dr.Jekyll turning into a monster he transforms into a woman.

However the film just falls short on everything from the acting to the plot of the film.

Looking at the movie now it makes you wonder why was it even given a theater run because it clearly wouldn't break even at the box office and yet HBO Studios took a chance and it wasn't a good one.

I mean there is hardly anything in this movie that will even hold your interest because the plot of the film is ridiculous, the acting is simply awful I have seen small budget TV movies with better acting than this. The effects are boring and very cheap.

And now it is one of the rarest films to get your hands on and pretty much will cost a lot of money to get your hands on.

I'm sure the film has some one to watch it but it just not for everyone.

I give Dr.Jekyll and Ms.Hyde an 3 out of 10
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Potential comedy falls flat
bigben525 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I remember watching the trailer of this movie when I was 12 and remember how scared I felt at the thought of not only changing into another person but changing into one's antagonist who wanted eliminate the hero from existence. Since then I have watched many adaptations of Robert Stevenson's classic novel Dr. Jekyll and Ms Hyde , and after comparing it to this I see I wasn't missing much.

The premise of this story is so obvious you could write in your sleep: A dumb scientist (Daly) decides to test a potion on himself and turns himself into an evil woman (Young). The transformation scenes are somewhat erotic and kind of kinky but that's all the excitement we get. As soon as Hyde emerges, she declares Jacks to be the enemy, acts like she's always been a girl, and goes on a big shopping spree without a care in world, not even bothering to find out what happened to her and why. This pales in comparison to other films like Switch, where main character at least makes a half-decent attempt to find out what's going on and must deal with the glass ceiling, gender stereotypes, and other societal challenges.

Of course, the main character, Jacks, isn't that likable either. Not only is he dumb enough to test the potion on myself, but he easily allows Helen to conquer him at every turn. All he does is whine and complain that nobody will believe him. And if it wasn't for the help of his girlfriend, Sarah, he'd be stuck as a woman forever! Oh no!

Then there are the plot holes that need to be dealt with. Why is the potion so unstable that Helen and Jacks keep changing into each other? And why was Helen stupid enough to burn her grandfather's formula when it could've made her a millionaire?

The rest of the cast in this movie are also as flat as cardboard and rely a lot of stereotypes to get their point across, except for maybe Lysette Anthony's character, who questions whether her boyfriend is actually insane. It'd be nice if the hero and antagonist offered some insight behind their motives, but apparently that was too much to ask.
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Unfunny, stupid and badly acted
bob the moo2 May 2004
Dr Richard Jacks is a perfume creator - a profession that he doesn't find totally satisfying. When he is left the notebooks of his grandfather in his uncle's will, he learns that his grandfather is none other than Dr Jekyll, the scientist who worked on a formula of genetic modification. Jacks starts to work on it and thinks he has hit on something but, when nothing happens to him when he takes the drug he assumes it didn't work. During a job interview he suddenly changes into a woman, Helen Hyde. Helen, realises that Jacks is unaware of her existence and starts creating her own career behind him.

If the title of this film doesn't tell you what it is likely to be like then the terrible tinkly music that screams 'aren't I wacky?' will certainly let you know what to expect. The music is just an indication of bigger problems - namely that the material isn't funny and the performances are roundly poor. The plot is a vague retelling of the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde story but has the amazing twist of having Hyde be a woman - wow! This very concept screams 'silly' and the material only helps to make it that way. The plot has tonnes of stupid moments and there is zero logic; for example, Jacks chains himself up but then the very next scene Hyde is at work? This happens several times and just shows how lazy the writing is. Worse than a bad plot is a series of unfunny scenes - made all the worse by the fact that the music is designed as if every scene was hilarious and wacky! I never laughed once and most of the jokes are just lame.

However, it's not all the material's fault, some of it must rest with the cast. Certainly Young is about the worst person for the role. She isn't sexy here and lacks any sense of appeal (to me anyway). Her delivery is flat and even if the material was funny I believe she would have killed it off anyway. Daly is marginally better but the script has him doing things like running round naked in black stockings - after that he has zero dignity left and no way is he able to carry the core of the film. Tobolowsky is average and Piven is pretty amusing but they are let down by the material. Fierstein is like a poison to me but his awful performance seems to suit the film. However this film could have had a superb support cast but Young would have managed to kill it anyway - the fact that the material is bad hides her performance a bit but there's no denying just how much of a bad casting decision she was.

Overall this is a terrible film that may amuse you if you are easily taken in by silly films with 'wacky' music replacing funny material. There is hardly a laugh to be had and most of it is just plain lame - a situation only made worse by a terrible performance from Young.
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Awful Comedy
HaddonfieldJason13 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking for a comedy yesterday at the video store,one along the lines of the silliness of Naked Gun. I saw the case for Dr.Jekyll and Ms.Hyde,I laughed looking at the box,and reading the premise.And the premise is an excellent one for a comedy,a lot of the better comedies are about men getting in touch with their female side (Some like it hot,Tootsie,Mrs.Doubtfire). Dr.Jekyll and Ms.Hyde looked like a good one.I popped it in the VCR...

The story is about Dr.Richard Jacks,a typical nerdy scientist type,whose life is going okay for him but he wants something more,he spends long nights mixing chemicals together for a prize-winning cerum we are told is some sort of medicine. One day Richard discovers his Great Uncle included him in his will,his Great Uncle had 14 million dollars.While his whole family receives boats,houses,and cash,he receives a box of old science journals from his Great Grandfather,and a signed 1st edition copy of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde.Really Richard if you sold that copy to the right buyer you'd probably have a little more than 14 million.

He reads the journals,and discovers that his Great Grandfather was none other than Henry Jekyll.He reads in and finds out his research wasn't far off,Henry just didn't have the tools like computers and such.He decides to try again.

He drinks the cerum,and everything goes fine at first,until he morphs into the beautiful Helen Hyde.

The movie's premise is great,and the Jekyll and Hyde concept can be very funny (Nutty Professor) but the way they pull it off on screen is awful.Helen Hyde is evil like you'd expect.The only real funny things are the transformation scenes,and they get tiresome.Maybe if Richard had a little more control over his alter-ego Helen it would be more funny.
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There are worse films out there...
domino100324 May 2003
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde is not a totally bad film. There are 2 saving graces to this film. Jeremy Piven and Harvey Fierstein, who play Pete and Yves, Richard Jack's (Tim Daly) colleagues. Jacks works at a company that creates perfumes. He recently inherits a formula that turns out to be the famous formula of Dr. Jekyll. Deciding to give the formula a try, Jacks tries it and it works...to a degree. He ends up turning into a woman. Calling herself Helen Hyde (Sean Young), she tries to destroy his career so she can take over. Soon, the film becomes a literal battle of the sexes.

There are worse films out there, but at least this has some humor to it. It's predictable and full of holes. Young seems wasted in her role.
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As bad as you've heard, if not worse
The Masticator23 June 2000
I'm writing at something of a remove, as I saw this movie a while ago. I watched it because I wanted to see if it was as bad as I'd heard. Well, it lived up to expectations. As well as being ill-conceived, shrill, moronic, humourless, wretched, asinine, irritating and generally amateurish, it was also incredibly misogynistic. I thought (hoped) they didn't make this sort of film any more.

Everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves (except maybe Sean Young, who clearly has absolutely no shame). I just don't understand how these films get made. Offensive for pretty much every reason you can think of. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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Light, fun, good for a few laughs
twoalans-112 February 2005
Nothing to write home about but cute enough, and if you are a big Tim Daly fan as I am, you'll notice there is a LOT more of him to see than you ever did on "Wings!" He looks fantastic in (& out!) of his tighty whities. As far as everything else, it was a light, fun, no-brain-required little movie, entertaining for the 90 minutes. I'd watch it again sometime. Well, I just previewed my review and am told I have to use up ten lines of text... let's say I can take Sean Young or leave Sean Young. As usual, Jeremy Piven is fun to watch. I am also kinda getting into Stephen Toblowsky. He is kind of quirky and a hilarious comedy actor. Harvey Fierstein seems kinda wasted in this movie, just the usual stereotyped gay man working in a perfume company, but he's OK too.
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Awful but appealing
kneewax29 October 2002
The only reason I saw this film, was because I had nothing to do at 1am at the local Multiplex having just come out of a different flick. That said the only way to see this film is when over tired, and late at night. The plot is tired and worn, the acting fairly poor and the concept a debasement of litrature.

However at that time of the morning it was almost amusing. Well worth watching in the wee hours with a bottle of wine and a your brain turned off.
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Pleasant enough, but not many laughs.
gridoon16 November 2003
Pleasant if at times crude, this comedy misses a few too many opportunities for laughs but has better-than-usual computer morphing effects and benefits from the likable performances of Tim Daly and Lysette Anthony, who have genuine chemistry as a pair, and the perfectly sleazy one of Jeremy Piven. On the other hand, Sean Young is still the same beautiful, untalented actress we have always known. (**)
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Good Idea, Bad movie
aesgaard4126 January 2001
There is only about so many ways you can re-do the Robert Louis Stevenson novel, but the man turning into a woman has already been done more successfully with Ralph Bates and Martine Bestwick. Boasting an impressive score and a good cast, this movie tries to cash in on the popularity of "The Nutty Professor" with a sadistic and unfunny script. Tim Daly can do comedy as he has on "Wings," but this is a bit far out of his league. Sean Young tries to pass herself off as attractive (which she isn't), but thankfully we have the incredible Lysette Anthony, the former Angelique of the short-lived new "Dark Shadows." She becomes wonderfully wicked as she confronts Jekyll's female half. Young kills much of the movie, but then much of the script turns a bit too ridiculous.I like the angle that the novel may have been based on a true and factual story, but there's too many sexual references and in-jokes and not enough realism. It would have been much funnier if played straight. It could have been done so much better,but instead it becomes one long Benny Hill sketch except without the jokes.
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