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A fantastic start!
smpdepeche19 August 2003
Michael Kehoe has accomplished quite a feat, especially considering it is only his second start as writer, producer AND director. Generally "first timers" lack vision and direction when helming a major production but "Dominion" proves Mr. Kehoe is going places in Hollywood! Set with beautiful scenery, Dominion boasts experienced cast members (especially Thomerson & James) who communicate Kehoe's vast vision with exceptional clarity. Few films can mix the slasher/horror genre with a genuine action/adventure feel, but Dominion accomplished this completely. This film certainly qualifies as one of the top-notch films in both of these categories. If you are looking for fast-paced action with more than a modicum of suspense, look no further. I look forward to Kehoe's future projects with great enthusiasm. Well done!!!
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Well made,exciting,fine direction,good characters
miminan212 August 2003
The Director Michael Kehoe,taps into each of his charactors frame of mind and gets the actors to see his vision. A good cast is a plus but this director Kehoe has a gift in bringing out the best in his actors.I hope to see him a lot more as i believe he can do great things in movies.
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Thriller that keeps you hoping for a sequel!
Debralynn6312 August 2003
This is a very well written movie full of suspense right up to the end! The setting is beautiful in contrast to the frightening action taking place there! It is not your typical suspense movie, but a movie well packed with interesting twists and surprises which leave you wanting and hoping for a sequel. I recommend this film to all suspense lovers!
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Watchable but with many problems ............
merklekranz2 February 2011
There are much better hunted in the woods movies to choose from, one vastly superior similar film would be "Hunter's Blood". "Dominion" is sorely lacking in the character development, and logic, departments. Brion James goes on a killing spree after his son is accidentally shot by one of the sportsmen. The six friends who he stalks in the woods are all boring, non-developed characters. James himself occasionally becomes boring with his philosophical rants. The scenery is gorgeous, and the fact that the killer's identity is mistaken by another group of hunters is a plus. Despite this, there are many problems with "Dominion", including an indestructible hero, who jumps off a cliff, and then just continues racing through the brush like nothing happened. Throw in some amazing coincidences as to who knew who was where, and finally, the just when you thought it was over it wasn't finale, made for a pathetically weak ending. - MERK
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An exciting movie that made me wish it would not end!
sweetD9013 August 2003
This movie is a real thriller! It was exciting from shortly after the start till the very end! If you are a real suspense nut, this is the movie for you! The characters were very well developed and the scenery was beautiful. The story was very well written, similar to some others I have seen, but quite different in several ways. A must see!
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Silly thriller!
gazineo-126 June 2001
Silly and violent thriller that is a rip - off of 'Deliverance' but without any charm and intelligence. The plot is ridiculous and the cast seems to be tired and anxious to be free of this obnoxious entry. This movie is a solid example of a bad plot and a very, very bad idea all the way. It's a shame to see good actors like Thomerson and James make a living in a mess like this.
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Lotsa fun
long4519 August 2003
Rehash of an old theme but, a non stop roller coaster ride w/ beautiful backdrop. Slightly wooden acting but, Fast pace keeps you watching till the end.
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