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Still of Caroleen Feeney in Denise Calls Up (1995)Director Hal Salwen on the set of Denise Calls UpDenise Calls Up (1995)Denise Calls Up (1995)Denise Calls Up (1995)Denise Calls Up (1995)Denise Calls Up (1995)
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A group of friends in New York, working away at their PCs and laptops, keep in touch exclusively by phone and fax. They are all too busy to meet face to face. Gale plays matchmaker, by phone, to Jerry and Barbara who, in turn, hit it off beautifully...via phone and fax. Martin gets a telephone call from someone he's never met. It's Denise, with some extraordinary news. Tapping away at his computer all the while, he develops a sort of friendship with Denise...via phone. And so it goes as the friends, tap, tap, tapping away, share news, hopes, and dreams...via phone and fax. Finally Gale has an unfortunate encounter with a phone, Denise has some more news for Martin, and Frank plans a gala New Year's Eve party, but will he answer the door?

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