Dangerous Intentions (1995) Poster


Beth Williamson: [in court, as Ron goes aggressive on her on Kaye's murder trial] Wait a minute! I'm not the one on trial here; he is! How dare you try to muddy Kaye's character! How dare you point fingers at me!

Judge Ruth Taylor: Order!

Beth Williamson: He hunted her down and he killed her!

Ron: Objection!

Judge Ruth Taylor: Counselor...

Assistant D.A. Bob Melchor: Beth...

Beth Williamson: I'm sick of hiding, I'm sick of wondering when and where it's going to happen to me, and I'm sick of people like you who do NOTHING ABOUT IT!

Judge Ruth Taylor: Counselor, control your witness or she'll be placed in contempt of court!

Beth Williamson: They hunt us down, we hide, they find us, we go deeper into hiding and they find us, we run - it happens over and over and over again! And all the time in the back of your mind, you're terrified that the day is going to come when there won't be anyplace left to hide. You fight that with everything that's in you, but the fear wears you out.

[the jury goes silent as they listen to her]

Beth Williamson: [tearfully] Kaye just wore out.

[the whole court goes solemn as Beth sobs]

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