La Cérémonie (1995) Poster

Plot Keywords

maid secret
friend shame
post office brittany
blackmail illiteracy
death white panties
panties upskirt
mini skirt scantily clad female
single woman ammunition
firearm murder of a pregnant woman
family massacre haunted by the past
watching tv domestic
wine wealth
watching opera on tv watching movie on tv
watching concert on tv watching animated film on tv
washing hands volunteer
violence village
victim vandalism
vacuum cleaner vacation
urination twenty something
tv commercial train
tickling telethon
tea tears
tearing clothing tape deck
suspense suitcase
bourgeoisie duo
subjective camera student
stove song
singing singer
sign language shopping list
shooting servant
seaside saw
satellite tv satellite dish
villa rural setting
telephone call rifle
restaurant reference to paul newman
reference to mozart reference to albert einstein
reference to don giovanni reading magazine
railway station quiche
psychopath prologue
priest pretending to read
pregnancy pregnancy test
postcard postal clerk
female killer police
policeman poetry
photograph pastry shop
opening mail omelet
clothing drive note
mushroom murder of husband
murder of daughter motor scooter
mother son relationship mother daughter relationship
money ex model
mirror mansion
love listening to music
listening in on telephone call lie
library liar
lesbian kitchen
female female kiss kicking in a window
justice job reference
job interview ironing
investigation insanity
injustice ice cream
husband wife relationship house tour
happy birthday gurney
grocery delivery gathering mushrooms
friendship food
flashback father son relationship
father daughter relationship factory
face slap pain glass specs
exam envy
fired from the job eavesdropping
eating dishwasher
delivery man death of husband
death of family death of daughter
dead body cutting telephone line
crying cousin cousin relationship
narrow mindedness cooking
contract concert
clothes climbing in a window
cigarette smoking catholic priest
choir chocolate
children child abuse
chewing gum cheese tart
charity car breakdown
car battery candy store
cafe bus
brutality brother sister relationship
broken dish boyfriend girlfriend relationship
birthday birthday party
excuse beach
audio flashback arson
arrest apron
ambulance actress
accident abuse
family relationships foreign language adaptation
seaside town multiple murder
female psychopath fatal accident
postwoman maidservant
class differences shotgun
murder murder of family
child murderess murder of a child
dyslexia housekeeper
based on novel

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