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"The Dragon" and tons of ammo

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
11 May 2007

This PM Entertainment production is laced with enough bullets to make John Woo say, "Enough already!" Of course, it isn't nearly as beautiful as Woo can deliver but it gets the exploitive job done in 90 minutes. Eric Phillips (Don Wilson) is an undercover cop in the near future. When his wife is framed for murdering the Governor by a team using a look-a-like cyborg, it is up to Eric to clear her name. Wilson gets to pull Van Damme duty as he plays the heroic lead and his evil cyborg doppelganger. Why the Academy failed to take notice is beyond me. Being a PM production, there are tons of car chases, exploding cars (4 in the first 5 minutes!) and shoot outs. I particularly liked the van that flips in midair before it even comes close to touching an exploding truck. My other favorite bit involved a neighborhood girl coming over to perfect her karate in Don's simulator. It is merely a chance to show off some cheapo LAWNMOWER MAN effects circa 1995.

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Good, but not as good as the first.

Author: Anthony Bannon (bannonanthony) from Annalong, N. Ireland
14 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have both the CYBERTRACKER films on DVD and I must say that they're pretty good. This sequel is quite enjoyable, but it has quite a few plot holes.

SPOILER! Steve Burton returns as Jared, who was apparently killed in the first movie, and there is no explanation given for his survival. Also, I thought the point made at the end of CT1 was that the Core Trackers would no longer be used. Here, they are still used and are mostly still programmed to kill their target without trial.

But not all the Core Trackers (all once again played by Jim Maniaci, who is still great in the role) here are evil. A friendly one, Number Nine, is added to the good-guy's team. Don 'The Dragon' Wilson is great again as Eric (and an evil robot duplicate). I think his acting is okay, but his fighting skills are even better.

There's a great shoot-up scene in a warehouse at the start of the picture, and the action barely lets up from there. TV bad guy Anthony De Longis is good, but hasn't much to do. Even so, CT2 is a great sequel nd I recommend it to action fans everywhere.

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About as good as Cyber Tracker 1...

Author: Frank Markland from United States
11 January 2007

Years have gone by since Don Wilson used his martial arts expertise to take down a robot who was programmed to destroy him, he's also married to the blonde reporter (Stacie Foster) who led the rebellion in the first film, now a new conspiracy is in the works, one that involves look-alike droids who frame our two heroes, and a corporation looking to rule the world (There is no plot to back any of this up) and Cyber Tracker 2 becomes a virtual replay of the first movie. I admit that I have bought DVDs from the bargain bin that were made by PM, PM was a company that specialized in cheap-jack action flicks (like this) which had tons of explosions, little story and overall nothing but mean edged action. Some of these titles have been (mildly) enjoyable (Last Man Standing and The Sweeper) however Cyber Tracker 2 is stuck with the casting of the charisma-less Don Wilson. When comparing the protagonists of similar PM efforts both Jeff Wincott and C. Thomas Howell are Oscar nominees when compared to Don Wilson. Another telling sign is that this was directed by Richard Pepin who has none of the flair Joseph Merhi seems to have in crafting action sequences that feel much more expensive than their budgets. Then again though both C. Thomas and Wincott are probably more expensive to obtain. Cyber Tracker 2 is a rip off with a capitol R, there are so many steals from better movies (Robocop, Terminator, Universal Soldier to even Halloween III!) that it's almost as if Richard Pepin is trying to infuse a sense of identity to the pedestrian material yet without the intelligent ideas or at least the mindless zip of great action, Cyber Tracker 2 falls flat. There is literally no good idea that isn't borrowed from a better movie and the supporting cast overact. The only exception comes from Tony Burton who is miles better than the material. Also Stacie Foster looks like she could be better with far better material. However Cyber Tracker 2 comes off mainly as noisy, bland and lackluster as its leading man, however with no real martial arts sequences to fall back on, all there is, is lots of cars tipping over and that alone is no substitute for the bankruptcy of ambition expressed here.

*1/2 out of 4-(Poor)

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"People like us, we never forget being squeezed"

Author: The_Phantom_Projectionist from United States
3 September 2015

CYBER TRACKER 2 is not a great sci-fi film, but it is notably better than its underwhelming precursor. The rating I give it is somewhat generous, but for both action fans and Don Wilson devotees, this energetic robot schlock is not among the worst movies you could rent.

The story: The returning Eric (Wilson) and Connie (Stacie Foster) are framed for murder by robot lookalikes controlled by an evil arms dealer (Anthony De Longis).

Compared to the original film, this movie's best attribute is that it actually does something with its premise of assassin robots, which have been made into more interesting killing machines and are definitely utilized more creatively. One of them (Jim Maniaci) even has something of a personality, and Don makes a pretty good TERMINATOR knockoff. However, there is no DOUBLE IMPACT moment wherein Don is fighting himself, and to build on this, the movie's worst attribute is that missed opportunities like this pile up: characters are underutilized (e.g. non-fighting karate prodigy Eboni Adams), fights are often over before they begin (e.g. the Super Tracker showdown), and the examination of civil rights from the first film is lost on this one.

Most of the film's action content is in the form of shootouts, which are almost unanimously overlong and unimaginative. This has the surprising effect of making Don Wilson's questionable fights seem a little better than usual, at least as the movie progresses. Anthony De Longis, who had that cool swordfight with Jet Li in FEARLESS, is presented as a suit but then shows off some surprisingly mighty martial arts and makes for a surprisingly formidable opponent against Don in the finale. Enforcer Athena Massey has only one fight, but it's not terrible.

While the level of energy slackens at times, the bright setting and occasionally fun special effects help keep the film alive to the end. I'm not heartbroken that this series has apparently ended, but it's heartening to be reminded of what a difference that small improvements can make.

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A completely original film

Author: Bezenby from United Kingdom
4 February 2014

(Following a bribe from PM Entertainment, makers of Cyber Tracker 2, the following review has been heavily edited to omit references to films Cyber Tracker 2 may have a resemblance to) Agnes 3000, the talking house, is back! So is some footage from the first film! Don "Billy Drago" Wilson returns as bodyguard (now cop) Phillips, now married to the newsreader chick from the first film and working in conjunction with Cyber Trackers to rid the world of evil (even though at the end of the first film they said they weren't going to use Cyber Trackers in the police force). Jared, the newsreader's sidekick, is also back, although I'm fairly sure he died in the first film because I just watched that a couple of days ago.

The trouble this time is that some evil guys are using Cyber Tracker technology for some reason and to do that they have a Cyber Tracker who looks like the newsreader kill some guy in public and the next thing you know the police have a Cyber Tracker out hunting for the newsreader. In a direct steal from (On Golden Pond), the Cyber Tracker grabs a truck just like (Henry Fonda) did in that film and chases our heroic couple through L.A.'s storm drain system. Things get worse when a Cyber Tracker turns up looking like Don "Man in drag" Wilson at a police station and starts wasting scores of policeman, just exactly like (that scene in Kramer Vs Kramer where the kid gets fed up choosing a parent and goes and kills loads of cops in a police station).

So the real newsreader, the real Don "The Serpent" Wilson, Jared and some other guy have to deal with loads of Cyber Trackers, corrupt businessmen using cyborgs to their advantage, just like (Mac and Me), the cops being on their trail, and robots with their own faces trying to kill them. Luckily, the robot newsreader gets covered in liquid nitrogen and then shot, just like (that bit in the Greatest Story Ever Told when John Wayne's character covers Jesus in liquid nitrogen and shoots him, causing Jesus to break into loads of little pieces, taking three days to pull himself back together again).

In a highly original film like this, they pull a 360 turn around and have one cyber tracker reprogrammed to help out the good guys, just like (that bit in Forrest when a re-programmed Bubba comes back from the dead to help Tom Hanks and wins the Vietnam war single handedly). I enjoyed this more than the first one for some reason, probably as it reminded me of better films like (Steel Magnolias springs immediately to mind).

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A hilarious - and blatant - rip-off

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
25 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

CYBER TRACKER 2 is a hilarious cheese-fuelled sequel from PM Entertainment. Don "The Dragon" Wilson returns to high-kick his way through a plot which endlessly copies sequences from THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2. It's the kind of film where you literally go through ticking off all of the 'inspired' sequences on display: the storm drain truck chase, the liquid nitrogen freezing and shooting, the corridor fight, the police station attack. I've always found blatant rip-offs highly amusing to watch and so it proves here.

Richard Norton might not be back for the sequel but the material is so cheesy that this ends up the superior film. Wilson is on autopilot although he does have fun playing a dual role. I had to wonder why cyborgs would blink when firing their weapons. Watch out for ROCKY franchise actor Tony Burton playing a key ally. CYBER TRACKER 2 might be dumb but it sure is entertaining.

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Long live PM!

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
18 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fan favorite Don "The Dragon" Wilson is back cybertracking once again for the explosive sequel which is classic PM and classic 90's. This time around, Eric Phillips (Don), a Secret Service agent in an L.A. of the near future, has his hands full when a super-evil baddie named Morgan (De Longis) creates "Kill-Trackers" in his underground lair (judging by other PM movies such as Executive Target, PM really loves baddies with underground lairs). Morgan has twisted cyber-tracker technology for his own evil ends. He even goes so far as to make Kill-Trackers that are doppelgangers of Eric and his wife Connie (Foster), who proceed to rampage around the city killing everyone in sight, including plenty of cops. The husband-and-wife duo is now on the run and fighting for their lives, so they team up with the loopy Tripwire (Kassir), the solid Swain (Tony Burton) and awesome-dude Jared (Steve Burton, probably no relation to Tony). There's a good-guy 'Tracker named #9 (Maniaci) who looks nothing like Robocop. Will our heroes stop the chaos and destruction? Will Eric get home in time to finish his leftover Pizza Hut pizza? Find out today! Cyber-Tracker 2 is fast-paced fun and a near-constant stream of shooting, blow-ups, fights, and car chases. It's PM doing what PM does best. There are even multiple iterations of their trademark "car flipping over another flaming car and blowing up in the middle of the street" stunt which we all love and enjoy. And the movie wouldn't be complete without at least one exploding helicopter. It all starts with a great warehouse-set counterfeit-money-deal-gone-wrong which not only includes copious amounts of gun-blasting and explosions, but – because it's the future – LASERS as well. You know you're in for a treat when you see the lasers come out.

You also know you're in for something special when you see noted meathead Nils Allen Stewart and his hairstyle – completely bald except for a braided rattail. He then proceeds to get into a fight with Don and we're on our way to total entertainment. Don is as likable as ever, and De Longis as Morgan puts in a wonderfully scene-chewing performance as the over-the-top bad guy. Don even has some rather deep conversations with his wife, who, perhaps presciently, doesn't trust cyber technology. That causes conflict because not only does #9 save Don's life, their holographic maid (is that what she is?) from the first movie, Agnes (McIntaggart) returns, who makes their lives easier and better. Don even tutors a young girl in Martial Arts, who proceeds to strap on a VR helmet and kick the heads off of cyber-ninjas (or, to be precise, virtual ninjas). If this doesn't scream 90's, we don't know what does.

Naturally, this reminded us of Comeuppance Classic The Protector (1999), which also had a robotic female helper, in that case named Gertrude, and also featured VR ninjas. But Cyber-Tracker 2 has at least two things The Protector doesn't – exploding Mr. Potato heads (made of plastic explosive), complete with the yellow glasses, and an evil Kill-Tracker made in Morgan's lab that strongly resembles This Old House star Bob Vila. This fearsome creature can only be described as "CyberVila". Unfortunately, CyberVila doesn't get as much screen time as he so richly deserved. It's never too late for Cyber-Tracker 3, however. We think Lou Diamond Phillips could be involved.

When you get right down to it, movies like Cyber-Tracker 2 are what this site is all about – classic 90's DTV with explosions galore and a VR-infused 'gotta love the 90's' vibe. Long live Don "The Dragon" Wilson, long live real, non-CGI explosions, and long live PM! We remain your humble servants, and thank you for all the enjoyment you've provided over the years.

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Another unnecessary Don 'The Dragon' Wilson escapade.

Author: tippy_theoneliner_com from Scotland
12 September 2003

The first Cyber Tracker was a painful cinematic experience, one so atrocious it was impossible to even laugh at it. I quite literally bugged out on hearing that this follow up existed. I tried to ignore it, but morbid curiosity compelled me to witness it. While not by any stretch good, it outright steals so many scenes from other films that it ends up being bearable.

Watching Cyber Tracker 2 is almost like watching a homage to all previous action sci-fi, because there are so many scenes that have been stolen directly from other films and inserted into this script on a fraction of the budget. That said, they seem to have pushed the boat out for this film as no scenes look particularly awful indicating a reasonable amount of money has been spent on it.

The majority of the budget must have gone into the pyros. Pretty much everything explodes, whether it wants to or not. Even if there's no particular reason why a door should explode, it blows up. This is a movie that would have Michael Bay thinking, "Man, that's a lot of explosions". It's all so overblown that it becomes a lot of fun after a while. If you like stuff blowing up, rest assured you'll have to go no more than 5 minutes before something goes boom.

I was shocked to see that most of the leads have taken some time to learn to act a bit. Steve Burton's still a little wooden as Jared, but not too reprehensible, and everyone else takes their hackneyed roles quite well. While never stopping to mug at the camera, it's clear everyone knows this isn't high art and doesn't take it too seriously. This was another mis-step in the first effort, as everyone played it so straight it sucked all the life out of it, not having the skill or effects to pull off a serious approach.

Theoretically I ought to pan this for managing the unique feat of being far less original that the first, but if you're going to nick a film outright then Alien 3, Terminator 1 & 2 and Robocop are pretty good sources. As such the script seems more replicated than written, although the dialogue is still largely poor. Nothing like as bad as the last one though. Pepin's direction in unremarkable, but there aren't too many ways to motivate his main character, Mr. Explosion.

I'm generally not a big thievery supporter, but imagining the horrors that could have unfolded if they'd went their own way gives me a sense of dread that shakes me to the very core of my being. There are a few amusing moments, and the continual booms mean there's little time for a plot to drag or get in the way of the shooting. The movie moves along fairly logically, and displays an unexpected sense of continuity both internally and with the first film, although I would have disavowed all knowledge of that travesty if I were in charge.

Were I in the business of passing quantifiable judgements, I'd award this 2/5 TippyMarks.

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Nothing special.

Author: DigitalRevenantX7 from Australia
3 May 2008

Plot Synopsis: When his wife, a news reporter, is kidnapped & replaced with an android double, Secret Service agent Eric Phillips tracks her down & uncovers a plan by an arms dealer to create an army of invincible androids to assassinate world leaders.

I wasn't expecting much when I first saw this sequel to Richard Pepin's low-budget sci-fi / action hybrid "Cyber Tracker". That film was nothing special, not to mention a blatant rip-off of both "The Terminator" & "RoboCop". This sequel is the same as before, with an all-out action sequence opening the film. There are plenty of explosions, heavy gunfire & a huge bodycount, as well as some martial-arts moves courtesy of the film's star, Don "The Dragon" Wilson. The whole film seems like a series of action scenes strung together with minimal plot. On the acting front, Wilson is a bad actor. He really needs a personality transplant.

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