Crimson Tide (1995) Poster


Plot Keywords

order submarine
alabama radio
mutiny naval
u.s. navy naval officer
navy russia
1990s two word title
petty officer seaman
helmsman admiral
navy captain early retirement
protocol chain of command
lieutenant commander aircraft carrier
dog on bed pet dog
barking dog crawl space
threatening to shoot threaten to kill
hit on the head with a gun hit with a gun
disarming a person with a gun disarming someone
telling someone to shut up pump action shotgun
punched on the nose breaking someone's nose
reference to star trek butterfly stitch
character says thank you submarine captain
relieved of command winch
launch code battle station
sonar sonar operator
overweight shaving
ethnic slur scuffle
reference to the silver surfer ironing
punching bag jumping rope
mouth to mouth resuscitation cardiac arrest
shipmate combination lock
kitchen fire alarm
dog shit haircut
singing along with a record reference to george s. patton
reference to adolf hitler pacific ocean
beeper bugle
reference to cary grant reference to robert archibald shaw
reference to hardy kruger reference to curt jurgens
reference to robert mitchum wink
jack russell terrier reference to ulysses the novel
reference to harvard university cigar smoking
naval base submarine base
heavy rain pager
scene during opening credits scene before opening credits
cnn child's birthday party
camcorder mediterranean sea
reference to cuban missile crisis martial law
news report blockbuster
u.s. military ocean
terrorism terrorist
submarine movie moral dilemma
submersible cruiser submarine launched ballistic missile
american soldier u.s. soldier
wmd super power
underwater scene super powers
risk nuclear weapon
nuclear threat naval uniform
mishap danger
atomic weapons nuclear attack
delayed communication u boat
reporter military
explosion drill
dog torpedo
post cold war refusing to obey orders
independent film

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