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Years later, Sigourney Weaver would state that she was most proud of her work in this film. She worked hard to portray the mindset of an agoraphobic, and has regretted that the movie was lost in a shuffle of thrillers at the time and is not better remembered.
Harry Connick Jr. was asked by Amiel to come up with a slang term for ladies' panties, which ended up as "squirrel covers," an expression he had heard his brother-in-law use.
Sigourney Weaver is almost a foot taller than Holly Hunter, thus for many scenes Weaver would be sitting down to make their heights appear more equal.
To research her role, Sigourney Weaver consulted with leading forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz, who had interviewed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
The climactic bathroom scene took 8 days to film.
Harry Connick Jr. spent weeks watching documentaries on serial killers in preparation for his role.
In the German dubbed version, the line "Heil Hitler" was replaced with "Yes boss".
James Newton Howard was approached to score the film, but turned it down to work on Waterworld (1995) instead. Christopher Young replaced him, and Jon Amiel was so happy with the result, he renewed his collaboration with Young on several other films.
Holly Hunter hung about with several homicide detectives in downtown L.A. to help her get into her character.
In earlier versions of the script, the character of M.J. Monahan was written as a man and a romance would develop between Monahan and Helen Hudson.
Sigourney Weaver and J.E. Freeman later appeared together in Alien Resurrection (1997).
The captain says to MJ that he had worked the Zodiac case. Dermot Mulroney (Reuben) played a captain in the movie Zodiac.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In climactic bathroom reenactment scene, Sigourney Weaver actually spat in William McNamara's face without his prior knowledge from rehearsals. The reaction of anger and shock in his face is quite real due to his surprise.
Serial killer Peter Foley, although not yet identified to the audience, appears in two early scenes in the film. He's sitting in Dr. Hudson's lecture audience and is also in the police station after the "Boston Strangler" murder and says "Hi!" to Nicoletti.
Sigourney Weaver's stuntwoman had her nose broken in the fight scene with William McNamara.
In one scene, serial killer Peter Foley uses the name "Peter Kurten". This is also a copycat reference to the so-called "Vampire of Dusseldorf", on whose activities Fritz Lang's M (1931) was based.
A scene shedding light on Peter's childhood was originally shot and filmed but cut out of the final film. On the end credits, the child actor who played Peter as a child is still listed in the cast.
In 1995, due to the recent attack on two girls; of which one died, Copycat was banned in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada cinemas - many other lower mainland theaters followed suit. The similarities between the films Peter Foley and the real life "Abbotsford Killer," Terry Driver were enough for local law enforcement to grow concerned about fueling Driver, or panicking the public.
An early version of the script had a vastly different finale. Peter Foley would capture Helen and hold her in the University. He would reveal that he was a disgruntled former student of Helen. The final scene would take place in an auditorium where Peter Foley would give a lecture to Helen (complete with a slide projector) therefore reciprocating the opening sequence. This ending was meant to give more personal motives for Peter to specifically target Helen. The script was rewritten and the ending was changed. Although the climax in the auditorium was scrapped there is still a trace of this abandoned subplot. In the beginning of the film Helen needs some young volunteers for her lecture to stand up for the audience to see. Peter Foley appears among the crowd, hinting that he could possibly be a former student of the lecturer.
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An original ending was shot and shown to test audiences where Inspector M.J. Monahan (Holly Hunter) was kidnapped instead of Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) by Peter Foley (William McNamara), and taken to the school for Helen to rescue. This didn't play well for test audiences given Helen's severe case of agoraphobia.
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