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The result is not a movie that is very good, exactly, but it's entertaining and funny.
This is easily the worst filmed version of anything penned by the prolific author.
This glib, overheated film about vicious primates delivers little suspense, nor are there signs of the 65 cited volumes and articles that turned Mr. Crichton's book into such a learning experience.
Even with these high-end artists on the team, though, the movie seems thin.
As if aware that Congo is the least interesting adventure ever filmed, screenwriter John Patrick Shanley (who once wrote a funny movie called "Moonstruck") tries to inoculate the activities with humor.
But Congo leads to nothing but a fierce battle with the gray gorillas, a kind of guns vs. fangs scene; and a convenient and incongruous volcano eruption that looks as artificial as a video game.
In stupidity, this movie ranks up there among the greats.
Christian Science Monitor
One thing is certain: It's a bomb trying to be a hit, and at that it'll never succeed.
Chicago Reader
I don't know the novel, but judging from the script by Crichton and John Patrick Shanley, this must be scraping the bottom of the Crichton barrel.
Jawdroppingly bad, this adaptation of Michael Crichton's 1980 novel about a talking ape named Amy and a fabled lost city deep in the jungles of central Africa is as sophisticated in execution as a Jungle Jim movie.

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