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  • Graham McVeigh has had it with his ne'er-do-well brother Teddy who is a degenerate gambler and is in serious debt to his bookie Bruno Romano. He develops an elaborate plan to eliminate both of them by first having Teddy suffer a large loss at the track - Graham drugs his own horse, a sure winner, so it loses - and then framing Bruno for his Teddy's murder. He then arranges for Bruno to come to his house, ostensibly to collect Teddy's losses. He then kills Bruno and claims self defense. Lt. Colombo begins to find a number of anomalies that he simply cannot explained including mice in a restaurant bathroom. He's pretty certain Graham is responsible for both murders but he will need some assistance in order to get a confession out of him.

  • When Graham McVeigh kills his brother and frames a mob bookie for the crime, then kills the bookie and claims self-defense, he finds himself facing trouble from both Columbo and the bookie's superior in the mob.


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  • Why was Colombo acting with the Rod Steiger character when they were both in on the scam to catch the Wendt character? After even the two goons that faked kidnapped Colombo were both cops. Who were they play acting for? Wendt was not around. The last Colombo episode and it jumped the shark.

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