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Excellent production

Author: Fred from Philadelpia
8 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I stumbled upon this movie on Lifetime channel while I was channel surfing. Why oh why had I never heard of this movie before? It was fantastic!!

John Ritter did a wonderful job as Mr. Benson, and Hal Linden did a magnificent job as the head of the colony.

The deeper meaning of this movie is that Big Brother is watching you. The scene in which the control booth can use cameras to look in individual bedrooms may not be far from reality.

Scary, eh? Reminds me of the Rockwell/Jackson song: I always feel like, somebody's watching me.

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Three's Company meets Barney Miller meets WKRP in Cincinnati

Author: G Dog from United States
24 October 2009

Three's Company meets Barney Miller meets WKRP in Cincinnati. Hey it's a 70's sit com re-union! Jack Tripper, Barney Miller and Herb Tarlick meet in the creepy Stepford like Southern California community of "The Colony". This was a great movie. Anything with Jon Ritter is totally worth watching. He is such a warm and heartfelt actor. Since his passing, it is comforting to be able to watch him again and feel closer to the good old days of one of the greatest shows of all time, Three's Company. Hey, it's not a big budget Hollywood Blockbuster, but you already knew that. So get the popcorn ready and sit back and enjoy a thoroughly entertaining movie.

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The Ficus Benjamina is especially nice. Made from the finest silkscreen polyester.

Author: sol from Brooklyn NY USA
3 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(There are Spoilers) "The Colony" is a place where everything is wonderful with crime non-existent and the education system at the top 2% in the nation. Life is as good as it can get for the big bucks that people spend, after being accepted by the Colony's board of directors, to be living there.

It's after electronic security expert Nick Knowlton, John Ritter, and his wife Leslie, Mary Page Keller, were carjacked and almost killed by a pair of masked muggers that they were given the opportunity by the Colony's founder multi-billionaire Philip Denig, Hal Lindin, to live there. Earlier in the film Nick was contracted by Denig to install the Colony's new security system and the fact that he was so good at it Denig wanted him, and his family, to become a member of his exclusive condominium.

We already know that things at the Colony aren't exactly kosher with the Bensons, Vince Deadrick Jr & Stacy Courtney, being knocked out and juiced up, by having a bottle of bourbon shoved down Bob Benson's throat, by the Colony's top security man Doug Corwin, Marshall R. Teague. Putting the car that the Bob was driving into drive Corwin has it, with the Benson's unconscious in it, drive down a cliff were they were burned to a crisp. Benson had this DVD disk made that would expose everything that was really going on in the Colony and Denig wanted it bad. It turned out that the super careful Corwin screwed up by having Benson give him a fake disk and on top of all that having him juice Benson up with bourbon instead of the booze that he elusively drank gin!

Later Nick realizes that his stay at the Colony is like a stay at a maximum security prison with him forced to follow insane rules and regulations for everything he does. It's then that Nick and his wife Leslie together with his two children Danielle & Andy, Alexandera Pictto & Cody Dorkin, try to make a run for it to freedom.

The people living in the Colony are so brainwashed in how important they are that they don't realize that their being turned into a bunch of mindless zombies by Denig and his gang. Denig were told, by himself no less, has been obsessed with security matters since he was a little boy when his parents were victims of urban crime. It now comes out, through the revelation of the missing Benson disk, that Denig is not only a security freak but also in violation of a number of US privacy laws! Denig is gathering up, with his video security system, sensitive and very private information on all the people in the Colony and possibly, in order to keep them in line, blackmailing them with it!

In the end It's not Nick who gets the goods on Denig and his head goon security chief Corwin but his daughter Danelle. It was Danelle who found Benson's missing disk hidden in the basement of her parents home and broke it's security code thus being able to decipher it's contents. It turned out that the Benson's lived in the same place that Nick and his family are now staying at in the Colony!

A bit too paranoid to be believable "The Colony" has the very careful Denig blow his entire operation by murdering, through his henchman Corwin, those who like the Bensons were about to expose him. Whatever Denig got out of peeping into other peoples bedrooms in blackmailing them to stay at his place was nothing compared to what he'd get in having them murdered! The unbelievably ridicules regulations that Denig installed at his private condominium were only getting the people who lived there sick tired as well as rebellious. These draconian and mindless regulations, that filled what looked like an entire phone book, had the people in the Colony more then willing to both leave the place altogether and expose Denigs sleazy racket to he police.

In the end it was Denigs control freak-like methods that turned a peaceful and crime free environment like the Colony into a Nazi concentration camp or Soviet gulag. Denig's actions also forced the people there, like the Knowltons, to take matters into their own hands that lead to his downfall.

P.S It also turned out to both Denig's and Corwin's shock and surprise that Nick's brother Mike, Tod Jeffries,was the head detective in the local towns police department! Being put on the case to investigate the Benson's "accidenal" deaths gave Mike the opening that he needed to both expose and end Denig's crazy and deadly antics at his private "Colony".

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The Colony Is Fun To Watch

Author: dreamt_learnt ( from Iowa
18 November 2004

The Colony is a fun movie to watch. This is a movie that is great for whole families to watch.I think that teenagers would get a kick out of this movie.Hal Linden who played the owner of The Colony was very effective.I remember when he played the character of the cop in the 1970s made for television series Barney Miller.This is a very different character for him to play.June Lockhart as the head of the school in The Colony was sinister to say the least.I was thinking that I wouldn't want to have her for the head of any school that I went to.Remember June Lockhart in the television series in the 1960s called LostIn Space? She was a sweet mother in that role.John Ritter was very good as the concerned dad and husband.John Ritter was such a good actor.I really liked the character of the head of security at The Colony.That man was scary!This is one of television's fun movies.

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The Colony Warns US OIf What is Really Happening

Author: carriet-134-403376
8 December 2013

THE COLONY is one of those warning films that did a pretty good job of exposing the "communities" that are now popped up all over and prison is more accurate. And THE COLONY was mild compared to what is really happening now all over in these government controlled "communities". I have friends who are trapped in them and cannot get out ! THE COLONY tried to show as many events that happen as it could in a short less then two hour film. It did an excellent job. The victims are made to think everything is just wonderful - until all their money is gone and they are trapped inside and then the obedience and submission training begins. These 'homes' or apartment complexes are nothing more then prisons for training submission. And the 24/7 monitoring is true - inside as well as outside of the home cell ! Everything is controlled inside and outside of the home 'cell'. I could go into more details not covered in the film, but this film is a good warning to those who think they are 'safe' in these prisons. You're not ! You are nothing more then a controlled submissive robot ! And the water is totally a mind controlling chemical toxic concoction that the DC govt has put all over to keep the people passive and under control, which is why America is the ONLY country that has not had a people rebellion against their tyranny govt.These "communities" are mini cities of submission training just as the whole nation is, on the larger scale. THE COLONY NEEDS TO BE SHOWN ON TV EVERY FEW MONTHS AT LEAST. it is a great film. And the actors in their characters were good in their roles. This film is mild compared to what is really happening out here ! It gives you a view of it all and the future. But the homes are not as luxurious as shown in the film.

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Great John Ritter Film!

Author: whpratt1 from United States
1 November 2004

I thought that I had seen all of John Ritter's TV films and movies and this film took me by surprise. It was great seeing John looking so healthy and very sad knowing that he passed on to a stage in HEAVEN and a higher level of experience. John Ritter,(Rick Knowlton),"Manhood",'03, was a successful business man and wanted to better himself and his wife in a larger home in a crime free neighborhood. Hal Linden,(Philip Denig),"Barney Miller",'75 TV Series, managed to make Rick's dream home become a reality and things were working out just fantastic. June Lockhart,(Mrs. Billingsley),"Lassie",'54 TV Series, helped Ricks children get situated in their new school programs. This is truly a great film with veteran actors and a very interesting and entertaining story.

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Eden as Seen by Dick Cheney

Author: lord woodburry ( from The Society NY
8 June 2005

Welcome to the Colony. It's very sleek, effete, modern and totally upper middle classish. Externally it's a well constructed paradise replete with its own efficient private security enforcing the C&R, the fine print covenant and restrictions which govern life, but what lies behind the pleasantries and the security screens?

Colony featured excellent performances by Hal Linden as the evil genius who created the colony and John Ritter the neophyte who allowed to enter the circuit walls engirding the Colony is drawn into discovery of the hidden secret.

I never liked John Ritter's personal philosophy of endemic liberalism but it is strange to watch this 1980s made for TV movie and witness its eerie prophesy for life in a nearly paranoid state.

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Not the best I´ve seen.

Author: bubbelbjornen from Andreas Sweden
5 February 2001

I saw this film 2001 and didn´t like it too much.

John Ritter is a security agent who´s given the opportunity to move to a totally crimeless society outside the town. He moves to this place with his family, and in the beginning everything seems like heaven. But after a while he and his family begins to think that everything is not right.The man (Hal Linden) who´s running the place is a very excentric old man with a lot of strange ideas... Pretty good idea (but I´ve seen it before....)

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Not bad for a snowy Sat. afternoon.

Author: Slyjack2003 from United States
17 June 2006

I thumbed through the channels and came up with " The Colony " After watching for awhile and thinking it might turn out to be a good wet Saturday movie, I realized it was just like living in a gated community here in Boynton Beach, Florida. Fortunatly we can leave whenever we wish. However, there are associations who tell you what color your homes should be painted, what kinds of plants are acceptable, who is entitled to play on the tennis courts,who can swim in the pool etc,etc. We have our own COPS core. CITIZENS ON PATROL.They patrol the streets in an official police car. They do not carry guns, cannot issue traffic tickets. I am thankful to have this type of security. As far as the movie, It was better than expected.

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Nice try...

Author: JoeyDVDZ from New Jersey, USA
24 March 2002

This could have been a good movie, except it was too tame. Not enough menace in the menace, if you know what I mean. If you want to at least read it done right, read a novel called The Association, by Bentley Little. It's almost the exact same concept, but it actually makes you fear the big boogey man.

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