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Fine B-Actioner
wolfhell887 August 2002
A mad warden kills his prisoners with heroin he mixed with rat poison. Undercover Agent Nick Slater was smuggled in that prison to stop him. Tough guys, hard fights, good action and the usual suspects: Wings Hauser plays the mad warden, Joe Estevez is a good Agent called Dillon and Robert Donovan plays the prison guard Bailey. For B-movie fans a must.
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Wings Hauser plays "Mr. Blonde" ..........
merklekranz30 August 2013
Wings Hauser looking albino like plays a prison warden who's all about profit and killing undesirables. He rewards those who aid his business with drugs, prostitutes, and other perks. Of course all this illegal stuff doesn't go unnoticed by the Feds, so they plant a no nonsense tough guy cop inside to bring down Wings operation. The usual prison stereotypes are on parade, and the story is oh so familiar, yet for Wings fans this is a curiosity worth seeing, not only for his "blondeness", but because he always plays a "good" bad guy. Fistfights, nudity, and Wings smoking at least a bunch of fine cigars, all wrapped up in a low budget prison film. What's not to like? ........ - MERK
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