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Though Christine Taylor plays the older sister, she is actually younger than Jennifer Elise Cox who plays the middle sister.
After 'Jan' runs away from home, she is seen walking a dark city street with provocative music playing in the background. This is an in-joke reference to the original Jan Brady, Eve Plumb. Plumb famously portrayed a runaway-turned-prostitute in the TV-movie "Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway".
Ann B. Davis (Alice from the original The Brady Bunch (1969)) appears as a truck driver named Schultzy. Schultzy was the name of the character that she played on the old The Bob Cummings Show (1955), "Love That Bob."
Florence Henderson, who played Carol in the original The Brady Bunch (1969), appears as Grandma.
In one school scene, the Patridge Family's bus passes in front of the camera. (The Partridge Family (1970))
The producers had unsuccessfully sought to use the original house that was used for exterior shots from the original Brady Bunch series, but the owners of the home in Studio City, California refused due to many years of seeking fans who've trespassed. Instead, they found a similar home in nearby Encino, and erected a facade, and actually filmed scenes in the front yard.
As he heads off to his business meeting, Carol Brady tells her husband, Mike, to "Go get 'em, Tiger", and then wonders to herself "Tiger, Tiger: what ever happened to that dog?" Tiger was the name of the Bradys' dog in the TV series. But, after the first two seasons, the dog was never seen again, even though his dog house was still out back. The movie is supposed to take place in the later seasons. So, that line is an inside joke to the show.
Christopher Daniel Barnes, who plays Greg Brady here, was among the cast of the NBC TV series Day by Day (1988), as Ross Harper. In a memorable 1989 episode, Ross Harper falls asleep and dreams he is Chuck Brady, the "lost" Brady, in a very clever "Brady Bunch" reunion, with much of the original cast appearing.
Peter does not utter his most famous catchphrase, "Pork Chops And Applesauce," but the phrase does appear on the kitchen's blackboard menu.
A lot of scenes shown in trailers were cut at the last minute due to objection from producer Sherwood Schwartz. These included a grunge band scene in the garage with Greg and Eric, and a seduction scene between Mrs. Dittmeyer and Peter.
Scenes featuring Mike Lookinland as Cop #3 Susan Olsen as a reporter for "The Daily Tattler", and Maureen McCormick as the Lemonade Lady were filmed but cut.
Mrs. Whitfield, the teacher whom safety monitor Bobby shakes down for stealing school supplies, was the name of a teacher from The Brady Bunch (1969).
Christopher Knight's part was severely shortened, originally running four minutes.
The role originally offered to Florence Henderson caused her to publicly oppose the film until a rewrite occurred and a much better part was offered.
With The Brady Bunch Movie, Florence Henderson has played Carol Brady, Carol's mother, and Carol's grandmother, Connie Hutchins, in The Brady Bunch: You're Never Too Old (1973) (season 4, episode 21).
Roseanne Barr turned down a cameo as a neighbor.
Florence Henderson initially turned down her cameo, as she didn't like the scene she was to appear in. After test screenings criticized the absence of Henderson, the producers convinced her to appear under the condition that she would have some certain control over her scene. At that point, Henderson accepted.
Prior to the movie, Gary Cole starred on the TV series Midnight Caller. The supporting cast during the show's final season included Lisa Eilbacher, who guest starred in the Brady Bunch episode The Subject Is Noses, which was partly spoofed in the film.
In the series Florence Henderson plays Carol Brady and in the film 'Shelly Long (I)' plays the role. Both of them are from Indiana.
Gary Cole, playing Mike Brady, went on to play Vice President Bob Russell in The West Wing (1999). Interestingly, the man pretending to be Carol Brady's first husband in A Very Brady Sequel (1996), Tim Matheson, also went on to play the Vice President John Hoynes in "The West Wing".
Dayna Price was considered for the role of "Jan".


Florence Henderson:  The original Carol Brady plays Grandma Brady.
Barry Williams:  The music producer who Greg tries to convince to give him a chance.
Ann B. Davis:  The truck driver (Shultzy) who picks up Jan.
Christopher Knight:  The gym coach who stops Eric Dittmeyer from picking on Peter.

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