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Light New Zealand comedy
David, Film Freak5 May 2001
A nice little New Zealand comedy about a high-school loser, who's family take on a beautiful exchange student from Canada.

Not very eye-catching or attention-grabbing, but OK to watch to by-pass a couple of hours.

It will probably mean a lot more to New Zealanders, however, as a lot of the cast are from Kiwi soap 'Shortland Street' - Dean O'Gorman, Angela Bloomfield, Sydney Jackson and Jay Saussey are just a few.

All-in-all, I'd give it about a 4/10. It gets a bit boring, but I love Angela Bloomfield, and she was worth the watch alone!
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Not The Worst Movie You'll Ever See
thedoctor9825 August 2000
The idea is pretty average, but at least it had potential. Imagine what could have been accomplished if they'd had a script that didn't appear to be written by a kindergarten student.

Seriously, the actors seem to go about the first half of the movie making things up as they go along. The second half of the movie attempts to put things right, but never gets going the way it should. Good actors would have trouble with a script this bad, so it's no wonder that actors of THIS quality come across as being completely c**p.

Surely not all New Zealand's writing and film making talent has gone overseas ... because if this is what it's left with, they're in big, big trouble.
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fubared125 August 1999
A mildly amusing coming-of-age movie from New Zealand, somewhat hampered by an excessively hyperactive performance from David O'Gorman. If only he had been a little less insufferably horny. Teenage boys may have one-track minds, but they don't necessarily make for good movies. Supporting performances are generally good if one-dimensional. Nothing much new here, but an amusing little time-killer.
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